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Blue Haven Public School case study and resources
We have recently released a suite of resources about the effective practices of Blue Haven Public School.
With their focus on instructional leadership, explicit teaching, student wellbeing and other evidence-based practices, the school has achieved rapid and substantial improvements in student academic performance. The department’s strategic goals can be seen in action at Blue Haven: every student, every teacher, every leader is improving every year, and every student is known, valued and cared for.
Paul McDermott, Principal of Blue Haven Public School, shares some of the key elements of the school’s evidence-based approach to teaching and learning.
General capabilities: A perspective from cognitive science
Our latest publication on general capabilities explores the best ways to support students to develop key capabilities such as critical and creative thinking.
The publication outlines research indicating that developing capabilities such as critical thinking is dependent on having content knowledge – the ability to think critically depends on content knowledge and practice. The publication complements the findings from the department's Education for a changing world report: How to teach critical thinking by Professor Daniel T Willingham.
Our general capabilities paper has also been added to our audio library, alongside 12 other audio versions of CESE publications. 
In case you missed it
Revisiting gifted education
Research shows that many gifted students, especially those from disadvantaged backgrounds, underachieve at school. The Revisiting gifted education literature review explores the best available research evidence on the education of gifted and high potential students. It also provides guidance on how schools and teachers can best ensure that all learners, regardless of their background, have the greatest opportunity to reach their educational potential.
Want more on cognitive load theory?
CESE's Jessica Hodgens and Daniel French recently presented to department staff about cognitive load theory and its implications for teaching and learning. 
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