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" Obstacles are what you see when you take your eye off the goal."


Chris Burke



Hi B.I.C’s


We had the opportunity to chat with nurse and community advocate Michelle Smith about her life and what she’s up to now. 

Michelle Smith became a warrior for success at the age of 17 when she became a young mother.  Three months into what was supposed to be a joyous time for any woman, Michelle found herself a single mother balancing a newborn daughter and school.  At the age of twenty-three, Michelle was preparing to finish her nursing program when she found out she was pregnant again. Due to complications she was kicked out of nursing school and found herself and her two children living off of government assistance. It wasn’t until one day someone approached her and said, “You don’t look like you should be sitting here doing nothing,” that she found the motivation to continue to push herself.


Unfortunately, her registered nursing program transitioned into a degree program. Michelle was then again face with another obstacle but she was determined to figure out a way to push through. With the help of her sister she passed the Nursing Diploma exam. Shortly after she graduated her sister was diagnosed with cancer and passed away several weeks later. Michelle was devastated by her loss. She dedicated her life to helping others but she couldn’t save her sister. Lost in her disbelief, Michelle didn’t know where do go from there but even in her darkest hour, Michelle was determined to turn her grief into something positive.

Proudly, in 2011, she launched JA Smith Consulting and Nursing Services, with the pleasure of having her Children's initials be a part of my company (The J is for her daughter Jessica and the A is for her Son Anthony). The goal of JA Smith Consulting and Nursing Services is to increase the health and social literacy of individuals within the community and to ensure that people of all ages have healthcare awareness, resources and knowledge to navigate our healthcare and social system.

A proclaimed community advocate, Michelle’s program aims to empower all individuals, regardless of age, to fully access their health and social benefits. Her program provides information, education and assists groups in the community by intervening to resolve issues and produce results. She also participated in various health, social and mentoring initiatives within the community such as: Know; Your Rights 2014, with Chief Bill Blair, Bullying segment on G98.7fm, If I Ruled Toronto, and many others.

See where Michelle got her drive and motivation to continue to make moves in her community. Let’s get to know MICHELLE SMITH a little better.

If we’re sitting here a year from now celebrating what a great year it’s been for you, what did you achieve?

I would have  continued on my journey to create a platform for advocating with the goal to continue to change the face of knowledge. I would have created a comprehensive program within my city that recognizes that the role of a healthcare advocate is a much needed role. I t is my goal to make everyone  a part of my healthcare Shield program that will help increase the literacy for all involved. I would have touched and changed the lives of many as I have done within the last 13 years. That is what we would be celebrating.



Who is your role model, and why?

Too many to choose from but I mostly will say that my Mother fused determination into me. She said very early on that I have to remember two things" I AM BLACK AND I AM A WOMAN so I better take up my books". [Her encouragement] certainly made me push through to succeed.

Have you ever felt like quitting? If so, what made you push through it?

Yes, but I was a single mother of two. Quitting was not an option.  

What are the most important lessons you’ve learned in your life?

Never try to change a man and I should really try to wear my right shoe size (smile) you will get the same effects from both—pain.  But really, my biggest lesson is that I can do anything possible if I believe in myself.

When and how did you realize who you were born to be? Or have you even realized it?

I realized it in 2011 when I set out to register a business and call myself an Advocate leader and a mentor. I have always been told that I am defiant so to me that represented being a change maker— a rule breaker in a positive way.

What do you stand for and what is your mission?

I stand for changing the face of knowledge. I say this because too often a youth is told that they cannot be something and I would like to show them with a humble passion that it can be done. Work hard and everything is possible and my mission is to increase health and social literacy for people of all races.

B.I.C stands for beauty, intelligence and confidence. It is a movement that inspires, motivates, and empowers women to lead a well balanced life mentally, spiritually and physically. You were chosen because you’ve demonstrated that you posses those qualities in different aspects of your life. What do you believe makes you a BIC woman?

I AM A B.I.C WOMAN, because I am fierce in my step. I am a Black woman who has found her purpose in Life. I will not be defeated; I am motivated with the purpose instilled in me by God, for me to pursue my passion. I am full of laughter and Love and I will help change outcomes for all who crosses my path.


 Keep up with Michelle and the AMAZING work she is doing to promote health and social literacy for people of all races and background.

Blog check it OUT

I hope Michelle’s story motivated you to make a change within yourself and your community.

Not sure what gets you motivate? Read the tips below.

Motivation is what inspires you to act and or behave in a certain way. Earning an income motivates us to get up and go to work in the morning. Health concerns motivates us to eat right and exercise. So what clicks in your mind to inspire action? What is it that makes you want to get active? Most people lack success because there is no motivation behind their thoughts and actions. Sure, we say we want success but we can't seem to get started. If this sounds like you, I've got the tips that will surely get those ideas out of your head and in to action.
Ask why: The best motivation comes from something you love or something you need. If the doctor said, "If you don't fifty-pounds, you'll develop type 2 diabetes," most of us will return home clean out the refrigerator and start a exercise regime, while others go home and finish off that carton of ice cream feeling sorry for ourselves. What is the difference between the one's who get motivated and the one's who let their obstacles weigh them down? The difference is passion. Being pre-diagnosed with diabetes might not be the reason to get your engine roaring (tho, it should be), but looking great in a two-piece for your trip to Puerto Rico might be.   

Make a list: Okay, you've figured out the WHY. Now you have to figure out how to reach your goal. It can be draining to think of the end when you haven't even started. After you set your long-term goal, establish shot-term goals that will get you from point A to point B. For instance, that fifty-pounds seems like a lot of weight to lose but if you set 10 lbs or even 5 lbs goals at a time, it tricks your mind into thinking it's easier to accomplish.

Just get started: Starting is the hard part. Tell yourself you'll give at least five minutes a day conquering your goal. Once you get started you'll be surprised of how motivated you become.
For more tips:
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