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Team Building and Equipping
The Africa Region Education Committee met in Johannesburg from March 9-10. We were blessed to have Prof. Leah Marangu and Gift Mtukwa (Africa Nazarene University - ANU), Asst. Prof. Winnie Nhlengethwa and Collen Magagula (Southern Africa Nazarene University - SANU), Antero Fontes (Nazarene Theological Institute/    Institut Théologique Nazaréen - NTI/ITN), Adolfo Tembe (Seminário Nazareno em Moçambique - SMN), Gastão Correia (Seminário Nazareno de Cabo Verde - SNCV), Cathy Lebese (Nazarene Theological College - SA - NTC-SA), Elijah King'ori (Nazarene Bible College of East Africa - NBCEA), and Chinyama Lilema (Nazarene Theological College of Central Africa - NTCCA). Phil Rodebush was on home assignment and unable to represent the Creative Leadership Institute (CLI).

The meetings focused on practical aspects of leading a theological school. These leaders enjoyed encouraging. advising and praying for each other. Among other activities, David Allen, Africa Regional Finance Coordinator, led a session on "All Things Financial" and Rev. Samantha Chambo lead a concert of prayer to close the meeting.
All institutional libraries received new reference books. They were donated through a collaboration of NPH, IBOE, and Africa Education and Clergy Development. (Collen Magagula and  Winnie Nhlengethwa from SANU)

Several members of the Africa Think Tank lead workshops at the Africa Regional Conference - 2015  - Johannesburg. (right - Dawie De Koker - Small Groups, the Key to Effective Large Groups)
The heads of institutions were thrilled to divvy up more than 100 hoods donated through the work of Sharon Bull (Northwest Chapter). Sharon found, inspected, washed, and folded them. We are thankful! (Chinyama Lilema from  NTCCA)
David Johnson thanks the Christian Literature for Africa chapter for donating a risograph. Although originally intended for the Horn of Africa, circumstances prevented its use there. It is now happily  being used by educators in Burundi. This picture (left) was taken during the training for usage of the machine.
For more pictures and the full story from the NTC -SA graduation read the Out of Africa, here.
The rally cry for Africa Education is "Everyone Up One Level." Paul Martin (NTI/ITN - Africa West Field education coordinator for English-speaking countries) edits a newsletter, "Next Level." The following report from Oladele Oguntola was in the most recent issue:

"Eleven students were graduated with the NTI Diploma in Theology. The convocation
ceremony was preceded a day before with the inaugural NTI Nigeria
theological conference with the theme "living theologically through discipleship".
This is becoming an annual event as a follow-upto keep in touch with our graduates,
and to be relevant to educational and spiritual development of the Church of the
Nazarene in Nigeria in the context of our Wesleyan heritage.

"Thank you for giving us ministerial education that has prepared our pastors with more knowledge, skill, and spirituality to help them engage the world for Christ."

Note: We congratulate Oladele for going up one level himself. He recently graduated with a Master of Arts in Theological Studies from West Africa Theological Seminary (WATS).

If you would like to receive this newsletter, contact Paul Martin at
From the EDUF President,
Peter Kenneth Walker

"All plans are go, preparations have been made and all are anxiously awaiting departure to Southern Africa Nazarene University (SANU) on a WW event sponsored by the Indiana Chapter of EDUF.  Sixteen will be leaving on May 7 to work on the library at the School of Theology in Siteki, Swaziland.  While most team members (10) are from Indiana other EDUF members come from Florida, Alaska, Illinois, Alabama and New England.  Look for a full report in the next newsletter.  Thanks for your prayers."

People will be able to follow the team here:
NW NEWS. (from Margaret Scott) Seven members Northwest Chapter of EDUF Meeting met on 26 February 2015 in Nampa, ID, to celebrate the new format and flexibility of EDUF chapters, paving the way for a vigorous future! The group focused on the the REC’s project, the French Endowment for African Teachers (F.E.A.T.), a scholarship fund designed to assist French-speaking Nazarene theological educators in Africa to upgrade their qualifications through further theological studies. Brainstorming ensued around fund-raising and recruitment of other and younger members to be continued by Skype next time.*:) happy
Doctor of Ministry 1st Cohort
African leaders are also seeing the need to go up one level. The D.Min. cohort at Africa Nazarene University includes field strategy coordinators, regional leaders and others who want to be better
prepared to transform the world.
The program director is Joseph Kisoi from ANU.

Students (above) in the course "Wesleyan-Holiness Practical Christianity"  led
by Dr Doug Hardy (Nazarene Theological Seminary) and Dr. Greg Crofford
(Africa Regional Education Coordinator) met in late February on the NTC-SA
campus leading to rich interaction between the D.Min students and the
on-campus diploma students.
Amy Crofford (Admin Asst for Education and Clergy Development for Africa) edits a monthly newsletter for educational leaders. The ELM is scheduled to run for 24 issues. The third issue was sent out in April. Each issue contains three articles and a devotional. The newsletter focuses on Nazarene education in Africa, but at the request of the global education and clergy development office, it is sent to all the regional education coordinators.

Educational leaders from around the Africa region have signed up to write articles and devotionals, but there are several articles over the next two years that have not been claimed.
Would you be willing to share your experience and knowledge?
If you would like to be added to the ELM mailing list OR be sent a list of available article topics,
contact Amy.

Request - peace in Kenya in light of the recent university attack
Praise - All law students accepted into law school
Request - continued growth and a broadening of courses offered
Praise - Asst Prof. Nhlengethwa was asked to serve on the Swaziland Council for Higher Education

Request - location of good Wesleyan-holiness resources in French
Praise - NTI leaders are able to teach even more classes because of the Ebola (although a return to normalcy would be welcome)

Request - closer ties between the extension programs and the main campus in Maputo
Praise - emerging stronger from the year of transition

Request -continued recovery from the volcano and continued expansion for education throughout the islands
Praise - 11 graduates in March
Request - more on-campus students for the diploma
Praise - Many faculty almost completed the MA program through NTC- Manchester

Request - many still growing into positions after leadership change
Praise - graduates recognized as having a high quality of education

Request - younger people to be called and come to the school
Praise -  2 graduations in the last year

Request - Peace and calm in the area so classes can continue
Praise - Phil and Katy Rodebush are married and coming back soon

Request and Praise - Home assignment -
See our schedule, here
If we will be near you, let's get together!

Samantha Chambo
Request and Praise - accepted into the PhD program at NTC- Manchester
Pray for balance for duties as a mom, wife, student and leader of women clergy
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