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Credit: Zero Carbon Food via Flickr CC.

The Future of Food Is ... Underground?
Fueled by Kickstarter and some corporate sponsors, two designers are working with a community of supporters to turn an old trolley terminal under Manhattan’s Lower East Side into LowLine, an underground park where people can grow food and hang out. Experiments are being conducted now to grow pineapple, strawberries, mushrooms, and other fruits and vegetables. Creators hope to open the solar-powered space by 2020. Over in London, a World War II bomb shelter converted into an underground farm opened earlier this year. Food rolls out fresh from the shelter into nearby stores. In both New York and London, the underground spaces had stood vacant for decades. Advancements from experiments in both places can be replicated for any subterranean space – mines, old subway tunnels, below deserts. Urban farming supports local food movements, food security, and the eradication of food deserts. Urban farms also shrink the food transport carbon footprint. Today, 15 to 20 percent of the world’s food is now grown in cities, according to the UN. Urban farming connotes something that happens in vacant lots, on rooftops, or sometimes inside tall buildings. Turns out we can grow underground, too.
We Praise the Fast. So Let's Get Diversity Out of the Slow Lane

The stories of injustice that get the most attention are the most dramatic ones, but the ones that showcase more subtle, everyday, compounding discrimination can be the most troubling. Kudos to the companies that have started reporting what's really going on in their organizations, but the reports, such as this characteristic one from Facebook, ought to motivate organizations supposedly ruled by numbers to do better. Counting isn't enough. That's one of the many messages of Leslie Miley, an engineering leader who just left Twitter and has posted masterfully on why even the people charged with keeping businesses diverse find doing so difficult. And it's worth pointing out that these biases impact things as mundane as emoji. It's thrilling when someone well-known points out the obvious in a visible way, but even the most forward-looking companies have a long way to go before what we're doing lives up to what we say we want to do.

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Turning Ones and Zeros into Dollars and Sense

Manatt Digital Media is a division of Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP. We offer one-stop business advisory and legal services to companies of every size and stage—start-up, growth, and mature public—that seek to navigate the digital transformation that impacts all industries. We accelerate client growth via direct access to A-list industry players, identification of new opportunities, efficient navigation of complex issues, aggressive negotiating, recognized thought leadership and influence, and empowering venture capital.

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Action Item

Pitches for Hackers/Founders Co-op accelerators in Guadalajara, Mexico, and Silicon Valley are due Dec. 31. Perks include access to a global network of makers, business services, and fundraising support.

Action Item

Pitches for Hackers/Founders Co-op accelerators in Guadalajara, Mexico and Silicon Valley are due Dec. 31. Perks include access to a global network of makers, business services, and fundraising support.

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