Zach Even-Esh says, "Strong hands, strong man."
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Zach Even-Esh says, "Strong hands, strong man."

I couldn't agree more!
I have followed Zach's training for over a decade and know this is true.
If you can't hold it, you can't lift it.
Many people like to use lifting straps, and they do have their place, but unless you are going for an extremely heavy single or maybe a double, don't use them. Don't become dependent on lifting straps, just build your hand and forearm strength. When I mention hand strength, also think forearm strength, since they go together.
Here are 3 different types of hand strength--
  • grip
  • hang
  • pinch
They all make your hands stronger and all should be included in your training.
Grip strength is most well known. Anyone who does heavy farmers walks, deadlifts, or Olympic lifts knows the value of grip strength.
Hang strength relies mainly on your fingers without the thumb being involved.
Pinch strength  is when there are no handles or ridges to apply full  grip strength to the load.
There are a few videos below to show you some exercises to develop your hand strength.
Coach D
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