April 21, 2021
Third Week of Easter

Hail Mary! It is solely by the grace of God that I am here! Our God has worked through many of you since 2016 ensuring the path. An invite, a smile, a gift of the Flame of Love Rosary, patience, gentle guidance, laughs and prayers from many of you, all brings us to today. Thank you so much!!

Several years ago, I had the pleasure and delight to work closely with Tony Mullen and Christine Donovan. After a couple year hiatus from the national team, I recently received a call asking to start another adventure and help in the North East.


Our Lady’s Flame of Love is spreading! We have been endowed with the humbling honor to share Her Flame with at least one other person. Our Blessed Mother tells us that She will authenticate Her Flame in people’s hearts. All we have to do is speak. We can even share our social media tools too. See the graphic below and connect with us and share our page!

Recently, we stared an Instagram account for youth , so tag that special young person in your life. You can also follow us on Instagram @flame_of_love_ihm.

Please don’t hesitate to connect with me. I’ll do my best to assist and support.

My prayer is that the Flame of Love will ignite in hearts wherever we go!

Victoria Palmer 

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Third Week of Easter 
May Our Hands Gather In Unity
This week, we continue our exploration of Jesus’ Unity Prayer in the hope that our deepening union with Jesus will prepare us to go out into the world to spread the Flame of Love in whatever way our Lord and Lady put before us. In fact, as I understand it,  in Hungary they call this prayer “The Prayer of Union with The Lord”.  The more completely we are united to our Lord, the more fully we show His face to a world that so desperately needs to see what He truly looks like.

Last week, we saw how this prayer does not ask Jesus to journey with us in our lives but rather is Jesus asking us to forsake our lives and join Him on His journey to Calvary.  So what does He mean by the next phrase, “May our hands gather in unity. "  As with “May our feet journey together,” Jesus explains “May our hands gather in unity” elsewhere in the Diary:

Jesus: “You know that you must always gather with Me. Now, here in this silence, you can gather with Me; also, in the quiet of the night, while you are watching. I teach you so you learn and teach others how to gather souls. The will of the soul is love, and love can do everything. You must just desire with all your strength. May our thoughts be always in unison – to save souls from eternal damnation. Only in this way can you lessen My cruel sorrow. Let that not be boring to you. I have repeated it to you over and over: Suffer with Me.” The Spiritual Diary (first edition); Elizabeth Kindelmann; p. 82

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Dear Readers,
This week I ask you all to take a moment or two and dwell on the image of Our Lady,  Flame of Love.

She is so beautiful - look at her heart - what do you see?  
Our Mother Mary is pouring forth the Flame of Love of her Immaculate Heart. The Flame of Love is so great that it is bursting forth from her Heart with great force.
Her desire is to save souls  - because each of us are her little child - she loves us,  each of us,  very much.
The late Fr. Gabriel Rona, S.J. said:
"Our Lady confronts satan (her eternal enemy), who wants to ruin souls. She reveals that she obtained from the heavenly Father, by the merits of the Passion of her Most Holy Son, “an outpouring of graces so great that they have not existed since the Word became Flesh.”
This is her Flame of Love bursting forth from her Immaculate Heart by which she will blind Satan."

Miserable and evil - satan causes division and confusion - he is a liar -  and his power in our times is unprecedented. However, the force of the Flame of Love is much more powerful. It blinds satan allowing the soul to see truth,  goodness,  and beauty. 

The Flame of Love is Jesus Christ Himself!

God Bless you,
Eileen Piergiovanni

US National Director

Watch the video below about the incredible power of praying the Flame of Love rosary, which blinds satan and helps save souls.
Flame of Love Talk Show: Episode 1, Guest : Cynthia Decamara
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