A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 4, August)
The baby lemon tree goes to...
AND THE OPPOSITE OF DANGER TURNS OUT TO BE...  Thank you for coming to our art show last month. It was a happening, and a success. If you are sad you missed it, contact me to arrange a private viewing over the next few weeks. Click here for some photos/blog post relating to the show. And... the winner of the baby lemon tree is Debbie! – Congratulations
Margot Phillips Ariss: "Words" (1974)
APPRECIATING LIFE IN LONDON CANADA: Every day I find more to appreciate in the town where I live, London Canada. Here is a story about an exciting day when I unexpectedly stumbled across some artistic treasure in an unlikely place.
Shout Out!
SHOUT OUT TO EK3!: August finds me happily freelancing with a hard working team at London-Canada based EK3 / Cineplex Digital Networks. I really like them, and they do excellent work in the realm of digital signage.
Let's Make Art!
ART CHALLENGE: Would you like to join me during the month of September by challenging yourself to create a work of art, working on it a little bit everyday (or as often as is reasonable), and photographing it as it evolves? If so, yay! Let me know and we can celebrate and share our experience.