A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 7, November)
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Text Mode Art Preservation
COMPUTER ART FROM THE '90s: In celebration of 21 years of his collective Mistigris' obscure exploration of computer art (aka text / ASCII art), Rowan Lipkovits has put together a digital "art pack" of close to 100  works, kindly including some of mine (see above, titled Today the World is Square). Thanks Rowan! – your patience and ability to bring artists together is inspiring!
Mail from the DMV
IN THE MAILBOX: Back in July I snail mailed the California Department of Motor Vehicles to find out more about the California Driver's license. And what do you know? – they wrote me back
"Intersections" Shadow Sculpture
ANILA QUAYYUM AGHA: I am captivated by this artist's sculpture (on view at the Rice Gallery in Houston Texas until Dec. 6), which casts incredible symmetric shadows, turning the gallery into a space of contemplative beauty. "The beauty of these spaces caused Agha to reflect upon her childhood in Lahore, Pakistan where culture dictated that women were excluded from the mosque, a place of creativity and community, and instead prayed at home . . .  Agha translated these contradictory feelings into her installation, Intersections, by creating a contemplative space of her own making that is open to all."