A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 6, September)
Murmur, 2015
ART CHALLENGE: Last month I suggested we undertake a September Art Challenge. Here are the results of my efforts! Let me know if you did it too. And I would like to hear from you about art – please email me or post the answer to the following question at the A-Schmidt FB page). Can you please tell me about a time when art impacted you strongly?
The London Courthouse again
COURTHOUSE - ART? (PART II): Did you know that the word "selfie" officially entered into the Mirriam Webster dictionary last year? Here's another blog installation about art at the London Courthouse in which I accidentally take selfies...
Original motorcycle line drawings by Greg
GREG'S MOTORCYCLE: This month's animated banner (above) was created using line drawings by Greg of his motorcycle. The images were then colorized and animated by me (as described here). 
The Dog Days are Over
SHARING BEAUTY: I love it when someone shares a beautiful song with me. Here's a link to a beautiful song by Florence + the Machine. The first time I heard it I was driving with V and we were both moved by it.