A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 2, May)
PROJECT CELEBRATION: Congratulations to Radha Sehgal for applying her talents to a new business venture called Avadra Laser Studio, and for her sparkling new logo and identity by A-Schmidt! Do go visit her in Davisville Toronto where she will zap, polish, beautify you – and make you laugh uproariously all at the same time!
DIGITAL ART: Here is the second animated gif (this one called Everyday Beauty) which you can freely use in your own projects! Although each animation in this series is made using one of V's "borrowed" toys, here is a brief tutorial from my blog on how to create your own compelling animated gifs using your smartphone & Photoshop.
Keto•Genesis Cookbook, Breakfast Flatbread
THE MEANING(S) OF LIFE: Try saying this phrase to yourself every day as an experiment: Everyday I am expanding in Love, Creativity & Success. Let me know what happens! This idea comes from a book called The Big Leap that blew me away, briefly summarized here.
Butterfly Angel I
CONGRATULATIONS VICKI BURBANK: You are today's winner of either an original abstract painting or 2 hours of graphic design service! You had a 1 in 76 chance of winning and your number (#30) came up using an online random number generator, clicked on & witnessed by Greg.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you, to all–for participating in my humble marketing efforts, and for graciously accepting monthly emails including fun & beauty from A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art.
HELP? My spouse Greg seeks an Electrician Apprenticeship. He just spent a year studying some terrifying math and electrical code Fanshawe College learning foundations of Electricity. Do you know any people or businesses that may need a helper in the London Ontario area? You can email him here.
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EXCLUSIVE INVITATION TO BASEMENT GALLERY 81: Apparently in both Italy and Halifax, it's quite common to put together a little art exhibit in your own home – for fun as much as anything else. Stay tuned for details about a charming little July 2015 art show to be held in our 127-year old basement in the historic Blackfriars neighbourhood of London Ontario (perhaps taking regionalism to new lows). Partly because the stairs to get to the basement are steep, the working theme for the show: Danger & Its Opposites.
A-Schmidt, Early Works
COLOUR OF HAPPY: An up-and-coming art gallery in Sarnia, Ontario called the Colour of Happy will be representing some of my artwork in a juried show during the Sarnia ArtWalk on Sat. June 6 /  Sun. June 7, 2015. Thank you to Erin Ivey for your efforts!
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SHOUT OUTS: Happy Birthday Lili Wexu, human being extraordinaire! And happy upcoming Father's Day to all Dads out there – keep up the great work. And a huge thank you to Tracey Bentein who has been life coaching me with grace, kindness and compassion for the last 3 months!
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A-SCHMIDT GRAPHIC DESIGN & ART: Andrea Schmidt lives and works in London, Ontario Canada. She helps people self-publish their print & web projects with integrity & beauty. Contact her via any of the cute icons below.