A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 3, June)
Fluff Painting
SAVE THE DATE: You are invited to a small summertime art show / party! On Thursday, July 30 (7pm–11pm) please join us in the basement / backyard at 81 Albion St, London Canada. The show is called The Opposite of Danger. Just imagine . . . Fun. Marshmallows. Fire. Sticks. Beer. Abstract artworks. I am excited to show you some new work, and possibly some work by other artists!
Toronto Tunnel
INSPIRING STORY: I was so moved by the Macleans story about Elton McDonald, 22-year builder of the "Toronto tunnel" – that I feel like sharing it. Originally, the media told the public of a "mystery tunnel found near the Pan Am Games" in Toronto, Canada – using ominous and unsettling language – and now, beauty and inspiration are emerging. If only someone had thought to save the tunnel and turn it into something special.
News from A-Schmidt
NEWS FROM ASCHMIDT: As of July, I will be working for myself full time! That means that my availability – to join you on your creative team to help with your communication projects (e.g., an electronic newsletter for yourself or your organization) – is expanded! I wish my friends and colleagues at the London Small Business Centre the very best, and look forward to a continuing relationship.
Old East Village Poster
SOMETIMES MAGIC HAPPENS: Pop Quiz! Do you know who designed this iconic Old East Village (London Canada) poster? Answer here : )
The Colour of Wind
SHOUT OUTS: Thank you and congratulations to Colin Fitchett of the Stuart Fitchett Group for recently purchasing "The  Colour of Wind" for his wife. And also, my appreciation to Lili Wexu, Cindy Karam, Maria Karam, Gerda Wirick, Radha Sehgal, and Greg Karam for your encouragement and support! x