A-Schmidt Graphic Design & Art (Issue 4, July)
Fluff Painting
ART SHOW: Why not come to an intimate, friendly art show on Thursday, July 30 (7pm–11pm) in the basement of my house at 81 Albion St, London Canada? It will be fun and you will be an honoured guest! Click here to see some abstract artwork, and here's a blog posting with some background. And this is my first hashtag!:  #basementGallery81
Can I see your driver's license please ma'am?
PROJECT CELEBRATION: Unusual project with a Los Angeles film director involving a California driver's license.
Some Serious Bread!
MAKE SOME SERIOUS DOUGH: As mentioned previously, A-Schmidt has an alternate life as a bread baker. After 5 months of fussing, here is the ultimate whole grain bread recipe for a healthy and joyful life!
News from A-Schmidt
NEW! A-Schmidt now has a YouTube Channel for  creative videos clips. Who knows what unusual tidbits might be found there?