A-Schmidt Art & Design (Issue 1)
Keto•Genesis Cookbook
PROJECT CELEBRATION #! Hot off the press – an astonishing new cookbook – Keto•Genesis by Alicia Tobin & Chris Gursche (cover & interior design, layout & editorial input by A-Schmidt Design!) – outlining 30 days of ketogenic eating (a way of eating that helps the body use fats instead of carbohydrates for fuel). More to come.
MOVIE REVIEW: Recently I watched an inspiring movie called Cutie & the Boxer about two artists who happen to be married. A feast for the eyes, ears and heart... (read the rest on my blog)
DIGITAL ART: This animation was created using a Glow Book toy which I "borrowed" from Velvet (thank you Auntie Cindy!), and Photoshop CC. It is called Bicycling Downhill at Night. I will publish a new one every month (roughly until my obsession ends). With credit, please feel free to use the animations for your own projects (if you like)!
SPRING ART SHOW!: Do you like abstract art? Please pop by the Starbucks on Central & Richmond (London Ontario) during the month of April to visit & buy some of my new paintings! Organized by the Visual Fringe, I hear the venue for this series will soon be changed. Some of my work will also be shown in a juried show for Sarnia's ArtWalk in June.
The Turning Point by Gregg Braden
THE MEANING(S) OF LIFE: "In a world of increasingly impersonal and digital relationships, community fulfills our need for personal connection through knowing our neighbors and being aware of their lives and needs." – Gregg Braden, The Turning Point

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I Heart Kefir
KEFIR?: Speaking of community, my neighbour Grace gave me some "kefir" grains, as they are called (although it looks more like wet cheese curds): 1) put it in a jar 2) pour milk over top of it 3) leave it out on the counter to ferment for approximately 24 hours. Voilà! Kefir – it makes great probiotic smoothies and popsicles! It grows fairly quickly so . . . Do you want some? Let me know  (perhaps via one of the nifty social buttons below). Thanks Grace!
DESIGN & ARTIST STATEMENT: Andrea believes... hey wait, why is there a tree growing out of her head? Or is there? The photo is so darn small. Andrea is a full time professional graphic designer (which means she can transform your word documents (& ideas) into beautiful and effective communications materials for print or web (e.g., newsletters, books, posters, logos, newsletters)) & abstract artist – available for deliriously collaborative projects that will thrill you and make you even more famous.
MOTHER'S DAY: Reminder! It's Mother's day next month – Sun. May 10. Hugs to all our favourite Mom(s).
Dear Universe: Are you wealthy & want to support my dream of a work studio in which to paint & design? Who am i to stop you (*crowd funding alert*)?