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Thursday, October 22, 2015
                                                   THIS WEEK'S BUZZ

Dear Event Industry Insiders,

The Kagency is excited to announce the long awaited opening of Miami sensation, El Tucán

H&M and Balmain's epic launch that whipped up New York and the social media world into a frenzy.
DJ Mad Marj brings the party to Ike Kligerman Barkley Architects and DJ Lola Langusta shines in the desert with Google

Chic gluten-free treats by WOOPS! for Halloween gift giving.
Get to know Aaron Levinthal, Director of Production at MAS Event + Designs. 


The Kagency



At last, the long awaited opening of Miami's newest dining destination has come to fruition. Now you too can experience El Tucán!  

El Tucán, is a modern day cabaret in Miami’s bustling Financial District. Located in Brickell, El Tucán is elegantly reinvigorating the lavish dinner and show concepts popularized by Havana, Cuba in its heyday. Michelin-Pedigree Chef, Jean Paul Lourdes offers an exotic menu of luxurious libations and Peruvian-inspired small plates. Dinner guests will dine on the exquisite fare while enjoying the effervescent sounds of the resident 12-piece orchestra, curated by Grammy award-winning pianist, composer and producer, Marlow Rosado. After dinner guests will be treated to the ultimate nightlife experience and a mix of musical styles, spanning from Afro-Latin to Parisian Pop, as well as international DJs and emerging acts. 

El Tucán is the new destination in Miami for distinguished guests looking for a sophiscticated experience, set a part from the rest. This 6,000 SF venue is purpose-built to accommodate groups from 15 to 400 guests within its sumptuous setting. 

Be one of the firsts to host a celebrated event at this new classic venue. Reserve an evening at El Tucán while dates are still available.

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The star studded debut of Balmain x H&M in Manhattan's Financial District on Tuesday set the Internet and fashion world ablaze and the embers are still smoking hot. The question on everyone's lips? "Who wasn't there?!" The runway hosted every It-Girl, including show opener Kendall JennerGigi and Bella Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Jourdan Dunn, and Alessandra Ambrosio.

After the positively electric runway show designed by Balmain's
Olivier Rousteing, H&M kicked up the watts with a surprise performance by Backstreet Boys. Models and famous fans alike swooned to Backstreet's '90's hits, including Diane KrugerAlexa Chung, Ellie Goulding and Kylie Jenner, to name a few.

KCD Worldwide produced the show and performance on behalf of H&M and drew inspiration for the event from the ad campaign shot by Mario Sorrenti in a futuristic subway car. KCD also built a majestic staircase to connect the upper and lower floors of the former bank, which served as the main focal point for the runway show, as well as the band's stage.

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This week DJ Mad Marj welcomed guests with her characteristic spirited sounds at Ike Kligerman Barkley's celebration of their new book, The New Shingled House, held in the renowned design firm's recently renovated New York City headquarters. The overflowing crowd of top design talent, media executives and clients of the prestigious AD100 firm enjoyed cocktails, canapés and the city skyline while the firm's partners autographed copies of their new book against the backdrop of personalized tracks by the effervescent Mad Marj. We caught up with Mad Marj at the event who said, "There is such great energy and so much excitement here for the launch of their new book. It's a pleasure to be here and be apart of it."


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This week Lola Langusta performed at Google's Zeitgeist event in Scottsdale, Arizona. The event is a series of intimate talks hosted by some of the world's top thought leaders. Held in the desert, Lola set the mood for the tech savvy group, then pumped up the crowd for a highly anticipated performance by Aloe Blacc
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Looking to elevate your Halloween gifting experience? There's nothing spooky about these chic Muerte de Dios macarons from our friends at Woops! These beautiful and delicious bite size treats are a welcome addition to the witches, ghosts and goblins found at your local bakery. Plan ahead and take these gluten-free beauties to your office or Halloween masquerade. Woops! also crafts custom macarons with an image or logo of your choice. Contact Ariela for custom expressions.


Aaron Levinthal |Director of Production, MAS Event + Design

Tell us about your company's origins?
MAS Event + Design was started by Mia Choi and Sneha Bhatia, who worked together at another agency. Having seen both the best and worst of event production, they decided to start their own agency with the focus on producing the best events with the most beautiful designs. I worked for them previously as a freelance production manager and transitioned naturally once they started MAS. My background was in concerts and festivals as I started touring with bands when I was 19 years old. Mia and Sneha taught me about corporate events and I began to learn about a whole new world with different goals and aesthetics. When they asked me two years ago to join the team full time, I jumped at the opportunity. I have really enjoyed the transition and consider it to be one of the best business decisions I have ever made.
How has the events industry evolved since you began?
I think the technology boom in the last 10 years has not only made the experiences people have at events more unique, but also set an ever rising bar of standing out from every other event. I think it used to be a question of which event is the prettiest or the best catered. Now it's, which event did you experience something you have never experienced before? Were you able to share that experience through social media? I hear the same thing at every new event meeting, “What can we do that hasn’t been done before?” It is very exciting.
How is your company differentiated from others?
I am sure everyone answers this question the same way. The team at MAS just cares about the outcome of the event more than any other team I have ever worked with before. (See, I told you.) I have been in this industry for 25 years now. Many of those years spent as a freelancer for big companies. A lot of them with my own production company, hired by big name agencies. I very rarely saw the focus as clear as I have with MAS. The event MUST be visually and experientially unique, and MUST be produced flawlessly. Anything less is failure and unacceptable. The standards are very high here and while that is stressful because you can never say, close enough, it has stimulated my love for this career. Any idea we come up with, I know we can pull off. That is just fun!
What is the most exciting thing about today's experiential landscape?
Coming from the world of concerts where it is dollar driven and I started getting questions like, “How much more money can we make if we have 10 less bathrooms over the course of the festival?” Events are driven by experiences. The clients say “We are spending all this money, so what is the takeaway?” The return is the experience and that opens up a great client, producer, end user experience. We all have the same goal, make sure the attendee walks away impressed. With that focus, we get to do a lot of exciting things.
What are the three most important things every event must have?
1. Good crowd flow. If they can’t get easily to every part of the event, it might as well not exist.
2. Great catering. People go to a million of these things, so they know right away if the food and drinks are quality.
3. A WOW moment. Again, people go to a lot of these events. If there isn’t some part of the experience that really stands out, it gets lost in the sea of events. People have to be talking about this event at least a week after they go, or it was a miss.
What motivates your work life daily?
I love my team! I love coming into the office and seeing the people here. It is fun. I get to watch the younger members grow into great producers and I get to think about some really interesting ideas. Nothing is too far-fetched and that makes brainstorming a lot of fun. At the events, I love to look back at the finished product and know that not every team out there could pull this off. 
What is your passion outside of the office? 
Golf. My wife was a ranked tennis player when she was younger so playing tennis together was just frustrating. We both took up golf five years ago and we play every day we can with each other.


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With access to over 300+ traditional and non-traditional event spaces across the U.S. and an ever-expanding roster of DJs, musicians, and artists,The Kagency is a seamless resource and a not-so-secret weapon for the event industry.


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