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Thursday, October 15, 2015
                                                   THIS WEEK'S BUZZ

Dear Event Industry Insiders,

The Kagency is excited to announce Penn Plaza Pavilion has now joined our venue roster! 
DJ Evalicious (Eve Salvail) performs at Tag Heuer's new watch unveiling and Mr Hudson drops a new track, hot off his collaboration with Duran Duran.

"Live From New York" the Saturday Night Live documentary debuts in the United Kingdom with Kagency DJ Thomas Dolby spinning at the after party.
Get to know Tyler Lyne, Executive Chef and Partner of Cloud Catering.


The Kagency



Penn Plaza Pavilion is a multi-use exhibit hall in Midtown Manhattan with 42,000 total SF of usable space. The first floor has 5,700 SF of useable space and the second floor, or main space has 35,000 SF.  Adjacent to Madison Square Garden and Penn Station, the Pavilion is perfectly situated for events looking for an expansive locale with access to high foot traffic and proximity to area attractions, hotels and transportation.

The Pavilion is easily accessible from any point in the city. It offers three entrances, one on Seventh Avenue between 32nd and 33rd Streets, a direct entrance from the Hotel Pennsylvania lobby (for hotel-related events) and a dedicated freight entrance on 32nd Street

The first floor features over 5,700 SF primed for a storefront, event activation, or trade show registration. Double escalators move guests to the second floor where the main space offers 35,000 SF. The second level's open floor plan allows for flexible design and access to electricity is readily available in the floor ports, columns, overhead, and walls. 

As for extending event exposure beyond the venue's walls, branding opportunities exist on the multiple second floor windows facing Seventh Avenue and Madison Square Garden for an additional fee. 

The Pavilion’s prime location and versatility make it the perfect choice for a myriad of events. From product launches to fashion shows, from trade shows to seminars, Penn Plaza Pavilion can host them all.


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This week TAG Heuer hosted a launch event for their new Carrera watch and The Kagency's own cover girl, now notable DJ, Eve Salvail, dropped some righteous beats for the occasion. Guests danced to some of Eve's original tracks as well, while the brand's new ambassador, Tom Brady, mingled and tossed around signed footballs for charity. Model and author Molly Sims emceed the event, adding even more cachet to the star studded affair.
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Hot off his collaboration with Duran Duran, The Kagency's own Mr Hudson releases his latest single, entitled "Dancing Thru It.” Working as a producer for the band on their recent album Paper Gods, inspired Hudson and this fresh perspective is evidenced on his latest track. "Dancing Thru It," is achingly beautiful with 3-minutes of bass-heavy bliss. Upon release, it had 20,000 SoundCloud plays in under 48 hours. Hudson describes it himself as, “a balancing act between knowing who you are muscially and trying new things.

Decide for yourself and give it a listen here. Be on the lookout for his upcoming tracks, he promises he has a few more “bangers” in the works.
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"Live From New York!" pulls a Land Shark and jumps the pond for its UK debut. Our friend and the film's producer, JL Pomeroy of Behind The Line, along several of her filmmaking team, premiered the passion project on the cultural impact of Saturday Night Live at Cineworld Haymarket, then celebrated its international release at Groucho Club with Kagency DJ Thomas Dolby on the ones and twos.

The SNL documentary feature film marks the first time an outside production company has been given access to the inner sanctum of Studio 8H and with full approval from the show's creators. The film premiered as the opening night selection of the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival and features 50 interviews with the people who helped make SNL a cultural phenomenon over the years, including creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels, members of the cast and crew, writers, hosts, musical guests, journalists, and more. Check out the trailer hereand the film is now streaming on Hulu

Pictured below: Helen Mirren as the third Blues Brother and JL Pomeroy (left) with Thomas Dolby
Photos by Alan Chapman, Getty Images



Tell us about the origins of Cloud Catering as it is today.
My friend introduced me to Will Keh (the owner) right after I left La Esquina. I was pretty battle-hardened from working in restaurants so I can only imagine what it was like talking to me during my interview—that no nonsense chef mentality. Will told me about the kitchen at Cloud and what direction he wanted to go. I was sold. We launched a three-year long endeavor to change the face of Cloud—we wanted to influence others with our approach toward food and hospitality. In order to do that, we had to spark some change with a sense of urgency. To put it in the words of Thomas Keller, we wanted to “be the bacon.”
How has the catering industry evolved in New York since you began?
Expectations have risen based on the popularity of food these days. It’s all customer based. Food, as a general topic, evolves based on customers. The average consumer today has a much higher food IQ.  The industry is also expanding exponentially. The biggest factor is the economy. Parties are a luxury so when the economy is bad, parties are the first to go. Since the economy has been better, parties and catering has picked up a lot. As a whole, the catering industry is definitely improving. It has become more competitive than ever.
How is Cloud Catering differentiated from other catering companies?
We are not just caterers. If everybody else is boxing, we are doing mixed martial arts. Cloud was at the forefront of bringing restaurant quality product to the catering industry. We give the appearance of being in a restaurant without being in a restaurant. The wealth of knowledge in the Cloud kitchen and the caliber of cooks we bring in here set us apart. I can’t speak about what other catering companies—but that is what we do.
What is the most exciting thing about today's catering/event production landscape?
The people. We put a lot into the training of our staff and developing our talent. We have the same equipment as anyone else, but our team is always coming up with creative, innovative solutions on sight—whether it’s in our kitchen or at an outdoor party for five hundred people. There’s no ceiling. Everything is a variable. There is never a day that doesn’t present challenges and we know our staff will always rise to the occasion.
What are the three most important things every event must have?
As someone who caters, my immediate answer is: organization, communication and a plan that prepares you for whatever is thrown at you because it will happen. Nothing else matters without a plan and a trained staff to turn the plan into action.
What motivates your work life daily?
The Japanese philosophy of kai·zen [ˈkīzən].  Technically it means “changing for the better” At Cloud, we are in a constant state of improvement. We’re motivated by success and always pushing to become better and to never settle but for anything but perfection.
What is one thing you love about working at Cloud?
Our staff meal. It’s a matter of pride and a time for everyone at Cloud to sit around a table and enjoy a delicious meal. It’s also the most important meal of the day because you’re cooking for your toughest critics. It’s how we approach all of our cooking and service. We always want to bring our A-game. 



The Kagency was founded in 2004 by Karrie Goldberg and began as a venue marketing and booking agency for every event type imaginable. The agency that launched as a trusted resource for event producers and location scouts, quickly grew to include project management, talent representation and event-related media buying.

With access to over 300+ traditional and non-traditional event spaces across the U.S. and an ever-expanding roster of DJs, musicians, and artists,The Kagency is a seamless resource and a not-so-secret weapon for the event industry.


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