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Thursday, September 4, 2015
                                                   THIS WEEK'S BUZZ

Dear Event Industry Insiders,
Ray-Ban is true blue at their "Speak the Truth" event and New York University rings in the school year at (Le) Poisson Rouge.

DJ Alex Merrell takes on Los Angeles, and MICK drops some new beats with a musical collaboration with Leon Bridges

Learn more about Mara Medoff, Founder of Medoff Inc. as she gives us insight into her company's success. 


The Kagency
Ray-Ban | Speak the Truth Event
This week we had the pleasure of working Bagavagabonds who produced the inspiring Ray-Ban nd Vice Media “Speak the Truth event. Guests typed a personal confession upon their arrival that was projected on the walls as part of Ray-Ban's overarching "Never Hide" campaign. Party-goers enjoyed delightful bites from our friends at Cloud Catering and the evening highlight was a highly anticipated performance by SBTRKT. This #campaign4change was a memorable night for Ray-Ban and Vice Media as they celebrated living your truth and this event was no exception!

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New York University Tisch School | Le Poisson Rouge
(Le) Poisson Rouge hosted New York University's incoming freshman to the Tisch School. The students mingled and enjoyed musical performances by N’Harmonics, NYU's Acapella Group, as well as Del Water Gap. It was the perfect choice for the group given its prime Bleecker Street/NoHo location and turnkey staging and AV capabilities. We look forward to hosting them again next semester. 

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Alex Merrell | NYX, Patima, and Covergirl's VMA Event 

Alex Merrell, one of our bi-coastal beauties, has been busy closing out the summer with a bang! She made a splash in Los Angeles this week with her epic beats poolside at the NYX Event at The LINE Hotel, followed by a performance at Downtown LA hotspot Patina, and topping off the week with a star studded Covergirl VMA pre-party at LURE. She just keeps going and going...!

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MICK| New Music with with Leon Bridges 

Our man on fire MICK just released his latest music project - a  collaboration with Leon Bridges, entitled Coming Home to Texas. MICK said of the project, "Leon Bridges is an underground king who made a classic album with a timeless sound. I wondered what would happen if I remix that with timeless classics from his home state of Texas? This is the result."

We can't help but think this pair is a match made in heaven… or at least Texas! Check out these soulful beats for yourself. 


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Mara Medoff | Founder, Medoff Inc. 

Tell us about your company's origins?
When I moved to New York in 1992, I worked  as an assistant stylist by day and a bartender by night. In between, I freelanced for anyone who was hiring. Film, TV, Production, Catering. I did it all . Took me some time to realize what I wanted to do. At the first event that I produced on my own, the bartender didn’t show and I ended up jumping behind the bar myself. It was a fortuitous mishap, because the CEO of a large company ordered a drink and asked the $100,000 question, “What do you want to do with your life?” After a brief exchange, he gave me his card. I called him the next day— just for advice. As a thank you for his time,  I delivered the same drink he ordered from me at the event. He called me 2 days later, offered me a position the next day, started at a new job with him as my mentor. Within 3 years I produced  well over 200  events, multiple tours and stuffed a lot of gift bags.  From there,  I launched my own experiential marketing and production agency, with an early specialization in Award Shows (e.g. The Andy Awards and the Gotham Awards). Today, Medoff Inc. continues to work with A-list clients, creating one-of-a kind brand experiences, solid operations and seamless execution. 
How has the events industry evolved since you began?
When I first started, Sponsorship meant a company’s logo on a banner, but we knew there could be more. We slowly started to build programs with “legs,” or stepping stones to a bigger story.  Events became “happenings” and not just about people standing around a bar. We created more business, sold larger sponsorships and allowed ourselves to be more creative. 
How is your company differentiated from others? 
The core difference is, we do the work. This means if someone hires Medoff Inc. we produce it. We do not seed out business, just to get more business. We like being involved and guiding the conversation and outcome.
What is the most exciting thing about today's experiential landscape?
Today’s market as a whole is exciting. Consumers are more involved and engaged than ever. This allows clients to take more risks. I spoke at a lecture last year and the instructor asked me, “Why would a client believe an experience would change their brand? Who says? Is it all about money?” I was taken aback, but gave it some thought. I simply replied, “Because we tell them to.” We teach people what they need to know and learn about an experience. We try to tell the most compelling, meaningful story in the most interesting, engaging way. We don’t necessarily follow any pattern and trends are just that - fleeting. This is why ROI is challenging. But if you can give someone a feeling that provokes action or even better, a change in their purchasing habits, then that is a success.
What are the 3 most important things every event must have? 
1. Simplicity – From idea to execution
2. A sharp, creative presentation
3. Trust and support from Partners
What motivates your work life daily?
When a client says, “Thank you…”  and “We trust you.” 
What is your passion outside of the office?
I love to read — pretty much anything and everything. I’m not leaning in or anything, but I also love my family and am so lucky to have them. It’s a balance, but my family life enhances my work life.  


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