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July - August, 2015

Call for CASSH News Submissions! 

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From the Dean's Desk ...

Possibly you’ve read this quote from John Shaar:

“The future is not some place we are going, but one we are creating. The paths

are not to be found, but made. And the activity of making them changes both

the maker and the destination.”

I found a later expansion of Schaar’s quote, suggesting that the future is created first in the mind, then in the will and ultimately in our actions. 

The important understanding here is that the development of a future is dependent initially upon the mind, upon our ability to establish, refine and retain a vision. In our first year as a new college, we have done much in CASSH to develop this sort of vision. But it must be an ongoing process, and in that regard I will continue to ask your assistance and your guidance. Mindless activity for the sake of activity alone, or because it is simply consistent with past practice does little to help us create a dynamic, useful future.  Goals and objectives must be rooted in a firm understanding of who we are as a college and what our role must be.  Seneca taught us centuries ago that:  “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.”

I will continue to be grateful for your help and wisdom as we work together to further hone our vision and more firmly establish our foundation.

Dr. Steve Brown, Dean
CASSH Dean's Office looks forward to faculty and students coming back from summer break, ready for the upcoming academic year.  We've been wrapping up annual reporting of last year's accomplishments and gearing up for the wonderful opportunities in store for us all this year.  You will note in this edition of CASSH News a recap of our CASSH Staff Bash; a link to our inaugural CASSH Year in Review; and a rundown of faculty, staff, and student brags.
We would love your feedback on our communications effort and your submissions for the next edition of CASSH News!

Dr. Jocelyn Evans, CASSH Associate Dean 

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We Proudly Present CASSH 2014-2015

In case you've missed it,we are proud to present our CASSH 2014-2015 Year in Review. This report features the students, faculty, staff and donors who have played an integral role in making CASSH the successful and competitive college it is today. We hope you take pride in the great work you've accomplished this year! 



Celebrating Our Office Administrators

Mahalo nui loa na ho'olaule'a me la (Thank you for celebrating with us)!

On Wednesday, July 22, office administrators from each CASSH Department met with the Dean’s office staff for a day of training mixed with food and fun set to a Hawaiian theme. 

Shaun Boren kicked off the day in the Argo Club with his bag of team building activities. The day continued with training on all things CASSH, sweet talk among the staff, quiz competitions, open discussions on departmental processes and door prizes for the lucky ones. All enjoyed delicious, Hawaiian themed food, and the day ended with an ice cream social.

Thank you, CASSH Office Administrators, for always giving your best to provide the necessary support to our students and faculty. You are greatly appreciated.

A special thanks to Dean Brown and Associate Dean Evans for their continued support of our staff.

Pictured Above: 

CASSH office administrators back row (left to right): Annette Simmons, Art; Karen Haworth, English; Gabbi Grosse, History; Cindi Jackson, Anthropology and Archaeology; Jamie Phelps, Philosophy; Karen Mims, Archaeology Institute; Juliette Moore, Anthropology and Archaeology

Front row (left to right): Sheila Freeman, Government; Bernita Bryant, Communication Arts; Mary Bakhoum, CASSH Dean's office; Cheryl Phelps, FPAN; Yvonne LeBrun, Theatre; Hannah Denaro, Music  

Faculty Feature

Dale Castellucci, Department of Art instructor, completes her residency work in preparation for the August 24th installment of Manifestations of the Torso at TAG. Photo is courtesy of Jane Hatcher. 


Manifestations of Movement 

Since June, Castellucci, former UWF alumna and current Department of Art instructor since 2011, has been exploring and discovering the idea of movement from the body’s powerhouse. Castellucci has morphed the Department of Art's wood shop into an open studio, while completing her art residency work.

Castellucci’s art explores the idea that the body’s manifestation of movement through space begins with the torso. She explains that as the powerhouse, she sees the torso as the body’s center from which all movement extends into space. She is interested in exploring this movement and fluidity.

Those interested in witnessing her creative process ... read more.

In the Classroom 

Students from the UWF Catalyst Program traveled with Dr. Greg Tomso for their summer study.  Here, students are in Berlin, standing in front of the Brandenburg Gate.  


Europe Underground 

Transforming the great urban centers of Europe into classrooms for UWF students, Dr. Greg Tomso, chair of the Department of English, led his summer program of study, The Sexual Undergrounds of Modern Europe. Tomso conducted the course in partnership with the UWF Catalyst Program. 

From June 4- July 2, students participated in nearly 30 site visits in London, Paris, Berlin and Prague. The class' objective was to look at the role that sexuality has played in the political and social upheavals of modern Europe. Additionally, the class explored how historical events and cultural norms have shaped the views of sexuality in Europe. 

CASSH Brags - Have you Heard? 

Faculty and Staff Brags    

Student Brags 

Audrey Naffe, violist and UWF alumna, gave her Going to the Cleveland Institute Farewell Recital on July 14. Other performers included Dr. Leonid Yanovskiy, Naffe's former teacher and concertmaster of the Pensacola Symphony Orchestra; Barbara Gabriel, principal cellist with PSO; Mareanna Naffe, assistant principal second violin; and Victor Andzulis, pianist.

Graduating Music Education majors Daniel Campbell, Ashley Penrod, Christina Swift, Kristian Keicher and Garrett Lambert completed their double student teaching experiences. Each student passed all three of the State of Florida teacher competency tests, making them eligible for full certification upon employment. According to past achievements, the Department of Music anticipates a 100% placement for graduates in music education careers. Professor Rick Glaze and Dr. Larry Reed are our Music Education leadership faculty. 

Congratulations to recent Music Education graduates Christina Swift, hired as a full- time strings teacher, and James McAllister, hired as band director. Both graduates will be serving at Earnest Ward Middle School in the Escambia County. 

Congratulations to the following students for receiving the Faculty-Sponsored Merit Scholarship for the fall term. Recipients have at least a 3.5 GPA, were nominated by their department and selected by the college councils. Each student will receive $1,000 in scholarship funds. 

Darian Feysa, Government 
Rebekah Pyle, Music 
Catherine Stainback, Communication Arts 
Jennifer Waters, Anthropology 

Faculty Brags 

Congratulations to Amy Bowman, whose course, Western Survey II: Baroque to Contemporary, received a Quality Matters national certification for her work on the fully-online course. View this and the other UWF achievements with Quality Matters. 

Jonathan Fink, UWF Director of Creative Writing, recently published a collection of poetry with Dzanc Books. Natasha Trethewey, US Poet Laureate and a Pulitzer-Prize winner in poetry, wrote the introduction. The Dead, one of Fink's poems, was recently featured in the New York Times Magazine

This summer, in Chicago, Dr. Leonid Yanovskiy participated in the Northwestern University's Summer Violin Institute, Chicago. He observed five workshops and 77 masterclasses conducted  by leading violin teachers: Gerardo Ribeiro (Northwestern), Paul Kantor (Rice), Lucie Mauricio Fuks (Indiana University) and others.

Have You Read?

The Studer Community Institute recently interviewed Dr. Jocelyn Evans regarding her students' research on public park spaces.  


Searching for the Best Park  

In an  interview published by the Studer Community Institute, Dr. Jocelyn Evans answers questions regarding research her students recently conducted.

The 2015 Spring Honors Core II class, in the Department of Government, evaluated 53 Pensacola city parks for safety, inclusiveness, meaningful activities, comfort and pleasurability. The class partnered with UWF's Geographic Information Systems to present the information. 

Read Dr. Evans' interview and view the Public Spaces Index


The Dead

They stroll in a field with no bounds
or rein, their traceless steps
in luxuriant grass. There are no harps

or wings, no cauldrons or flames.
Each guest rises equal from a bed
of reeds. One leans back on a tree,

luminous cloak against counterfeit bark.
Another lounges in the perpetual breeze,
arm outstretched, as if trailing his fingers,

adrift at sea. Somewhere behind
they relinquished their pasts.
The boy climbing from bough

to bough couldn’t say from where
he came. Cleansed of will, see how even
your mother appears, weaving a flower

in a young girl’s hair, your father
passing in considerable stride through
the song she hums with no words or name.


"The Dead" by Jonathan Fink. 
Poem and following copy courtesy of the New York Times online, July 17, 2015. 

Poem selected by Natasha Trethewey, poet laureate of the United States from 
2012 to 2014. She is a professor at Emory University. Jonathan Fink’s debut collection of poetry, The Crossing, was published this spring by Dzanc Books.


CASSH in the News 

In case you've missed the headlines,  check out CASSH's news mentions for the month of July! 


Calling for Submissions...

Florida Humanities Council Community Project Grants
Deadline: Sept. 1


Community Project grants provide support for the planning and implementation of public humanities programs and resources that meet the needs and interests of local communities. Projects may include lecture series and panel discussions, reading and discussion groups, film series, oral history projects, exhibitions and the development of cultural resources that complement public programming. View the 2014-2015 Community Project Grant Application Guidelines for more information. 

Feminist Spaces Accepting Submissions  
Deadline: Oct. 1 


Feminist Spaces is currently accepting submissions for its November edition. The upcoming issue will explore the the Supreme Court’s recent ruling regarding same-sex marriage equality and the media's growing interest in feminist intersectionality with regard to the LGBTQ+ movement. Submissions are due by October first

To submit entries, or for more information, email
Mark Your Calendars ...

Here's What's Coming Up in CASSH! 

Have an event you'd like to feature on the UWF or CASSH News calendar?          
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Feminist Theory Reading Group
Friday, August 14, 2015 6pm 
Open Books Bookstore

New Student Convocation 
Friday, August 21, 2015 3:30pm - 5:30pm
UWF Pensacola Campus - Field House

UWF Night at the Wahoos 
Saturday, August 22, 2015 6:30pm - 10:00pm
Maritime Community Park

For more information

First Day of Classes, Fall Term
Monday, August 24

Manifestations of the Torso, Dale Castelluci Exhibit 
August 24- September 3
Closing Reception and Artist Talk - September 3; 4-7pm 

By These Hands: Archaeology Public Workshops 
September 17-19
Closing Reception and Artist Talk - September 3; 4-7pm 
Visit FPAN for more information. 


UWF Art Faculty Exhibition
September 17 - October 24
Opening Reception - September 17, 5-7pm

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