So long "winter" if that is your real name.
Every year is different weather wise and this winter proved to be no exception.  This winter's two Boreal Snowshoe Expeditions were run in conditions ranging from 45 and rain to -30 and snow, which allowed us to hone our winter camping and living skills all types of conditions.  Life on trail in the winter is all about being able to adapt to changing weather, snowpack, and ice, so while we didn't get alot of time to break in our snowshoes, we got a good dose of real world experience.    

New Websites

We've been busy in the office working on simplifying our web presence. First, we split up our field school and folk school programs into separate web sites. Then we started from scratch and built them from the ground up. Check out the changes at:
Field School -
Folk School -

New JMB Wilderness Bushcraft Semester Scholarship

This year we began offering 1 $5100 scholarship per semester available to any currently enrolled college student pursuing an outdoor or environmental education degree to be used for either the spring or fall Wilderness Bushcraft Semester.  

There are many great outdoor and environmental ed. programs out there, but oftentimes they don't provide their students with the skills, knowledge and experience it takes to be a competent and capable outdoors person which leads to a more competent and capable  guide, instructor or leader.  The WBS will compliment any outdoor skill set weather you guide  mountaineering, white water kayaking, hunting and fishing or if you are a field instructor, interpreter or youth trip leader making you more competitive and qualified in a tough job market.

Application process and more info at

Our Spring Semester Scholarship Winner:
Christopher Russell

You'll be hearing more about Christopher in coming newsletters, but we're excited to have him!
Shots from last fall's WBS
Photo: Fresh caught and cooked crayfish
Photo: Bow drill practice
Photo: Show and tell time at camp
Choosing a bushcraft school part 2

3.  Compare the costs.  A low priced course may seem like a good deal while a similar course with a high price tag may not, but just like anything in life you get what you pay for.  Schools that cost more will oftentimes have more to offer in terms of gear, resources (books, digital data, online offerings), and also little things like up to date medical training, insurance and other certifications for their staff. 
Just like when considering a 
traditional college, be a savvy shopper for your educational experience but also we willing to pay for quality.  

4.  Talk to someone before signing up. Get a feel for the school and the people involved by talking to someone on the phone or better yet, set up a date to tour the school and meet the instructors.  These schools and courses are oftentimes one-off ideas and are run as such so it is important to see how you'll be living, how current students interact with each other and the staff and how the school is run on a day-to-day basis.     

Upcoming Courses
Bushcraft Fundamentals
4/9 - 4 Spots Available
Spring Wilderness Bushcraft Semester
4/17-6/17- Full
Summer Woodsman Course
7/17-7/22- 3 Spots Available

For the complete list and available openings visit:
 Field School Calendar - Maine
Folk School Calendar - NH

New Yearlong Immersion Program For 2017

We're redesigning our yearlong immersion program for 2017. It's still in the early stages, but we should have more information when you hear from us next.