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May 2021
Most of the functions of the Department and the Center continue while following University and local health department directed health measures. When on campus, all unvaccinated members of the university community — students, faculty, staff and visitors — are expected to wear facial coverings when indoors and when social distancing cannot be observed outside. For more information please visit  

Congratulations to all of our 2020-2021 Graduates!

(All receiving B.S. in Food Science and Technology)

Xiaofang Bai
Xinyi Chen
Yi Chen
Jiyu Cheng
Xu Cheng
Lizhi Deng
Wensheng Ding
Yuhang Du
Shengyi Fei
Zitian Feng
Ting Gong
Yuxin Gu
Xinyu Guo
Xinyi Han
Zengyue Han
Kaiyu He
Zhengnan He
Julia Hernandez
Yunsheng Hu
Teegan Jordan
Tyler Lenz
Beifang Li
Bijun Li
Da Li
Jiayi Li
Xinyang Li
Yuntong Li
Fan Lin
Chang Liu
Jiawei Liu
Yuxi Liu
Jacqueline Manchester
Zeqin Mei
Zihan Meng
Zhengdao Pan
Kyle Raymond
Yuwei Ren
Joshken Sanny
Runfan Shen
Yixuan Shen
Kaiyu Shi
Haiming Sun
Ruiwen Sun
Shiyao Wang
Xin Wang
Yichen Wang
Yingyue Wang
Yuan Wang
Yufei Wang
Yuxuan Wang
Zijian Wang
Zixuan Wang
Xinyue Wu
Yixin Wu
Huaxin Xu
Fan Yang
Yanjing Yang
Yushu Yang
Yue Yin
Qiyu Zhang
Shanbo Zhang
Xinpeng Zhang
Yanjie Zhang
Yuning Zhang
Bingshan Zhao
Yuanping Zhong
Jiaying Zhou
Tianyu Zhou
Bingjun Zhu
Graduate Students

Constanza Avello Lefno, M.S., advised by Dr. Wang
Onay Dogan, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Wang
ShuEn Leow, M.S., advised by Dr. Rose
Lee Palmer, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Johnson
Tushar Verma, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Howell
Xinyao Wei, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Danao
Junsi Yang, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Ciftci
Hefei Zhao, Ph.D., advised by Dr. Xu
Haowen Qiu, Ph.D. in Nutrition, advised by Dr. Schlegel
On May 10th, the Department celebrated the promotions of faculty members, Bing Wang (also awarded tenure), Joseph Baumert, Devin Rose, Heather Hallen-Adams, Changmou Xu, and Jayne Stratton. Snacks were served on the Food Innovation Center 2nd floor deck as part of the celebration.
FPC Executive Director, Terry Howell and Undergraduate Program Coordinator Sara Roberts led viewers through a virtual field trip of the Food Processing Center as part of the 4-H Virtual Field Trip series. You can view the tour along many others at
On Wednesday, April 28, 2021, the Department held a Spring Potato Fest to recognize scholarship and fellowship awardees among undergraduate and graduate students over 2020-2021 semester.
Baked potatoes and ice cream were served. Drs. Curt Weller and Bob Hutkins spoke briefly along with CASNR Dean Tiffany Heng-Moss who congratulated everyone make making it through a challenging year.
Undergraduate FDST/FTCA Scholarships
Andre Chavez – Susan Hefle Scholarship, Oak Smith Scholarship
Julie Hernandez – Dr. Morrison and Genevieve Loewenstein Scholarship
Alisa Holst – Steve and Susan Taylor Scholarship, Oak B. Smith Scholarship (FDST), Samuel and Martha McKelvie Scholarship
April Johnson – Maxcy Food Science and Technology Scholarship, Milton Mohr Scholarship
Emma Kiffmeyer – Oak Smith Scholarship
Olivia Kinne – Ava M. Petersen Scholarship
Zoe Kraus – Edward Cornish Scholarship
Jacqueline Manchester – Maxcy Food Science Scholarship
Joel Parker – William and Linda Racicot Scholarship
Gaurav Rajeev – Edward Cornish Scholarship
Kyle Raymond – Dr. Morrison and Genevieve Loewenstein Scholarship
Katja Roberts - Oak Smith Scholarship, L.K. Crowe Kiwanis Scholarship, Maxcy Food Science Scholarship, Student Ambassador for Department
Joshken Sanny – Oak Smith Scholarship, Student Ambassador for Department
Ellenor Sell – Kenneth and Vera Ash Memorial Scholarship
Katelynn The – Kenneth and Vera Ash Memorial Scholarship
Dorothy Thai – Kenneth and Vera Ash Memorial Scholarship
Emma Williams – Nestle Purina Petcare Scholarship
Levi Sorgenfrei – Nestle Purina Petcare Scholarship
Graduate Awards
Patricia Reyes – Feed Tomorrow Travel Scholarship from IFT
Snigdha Guha – Oak B. Smith Travel award, 1st Position in poster presentation at Molecular Mechanisms of Disease Annual Symposium
Elizabeth Drey – UNL Food Science Club Scholarship, Chancellor Fellowship
Xinyao Wei – Twila Herman Claybaugh Fellowship Award, Milton E. Mohr Fellowship
Car Reen Kok - Twila Herman Claybaugh Fellowship Award
Carmen Cano – Henningsen Fellowship Award
Shimin Chen – AOAC/Eurofins Foundation Student Award “Testing for Life”, presented at the ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics.
Ashley Newton – Oak B. Smith Travel Award
FST Undergraduates James Benson and April Johnson are the winners of the 2021 Battle of the Food Scientists. TheirJames and April winning creation was Thai Pineapple Hibiscus Hot Sauce. This year's event challenged student teams to create a unique fermented food. You can see a video of them making their recipe at:
Graduate students, Bowen Yang (left) and Junsi Yang (right) both won $400 travel grant awards from the Office of Graduate Studies. They were awarded for their presentations during virtual Student Research Days, a week-long celebration of student research and creative work. Bowen's presentation was titled, "Two Bioinformatic Tools developed for the Identification and research of Anti-CRISPRs." Junsi's presentation was titled, "Developing a Green Biorefinery Approach for Rural Processing of High-Value Camelina and Sorghum Co-Products." Links to both can be found at
Upcoming Events

May 31
Memorial Day
(Offices Closed)
Upcoming Workshops

Jun 5
Recipe to Reality


Recent Publications

Rebecca M. Bruce, Griffiths G. Atungulu, Sammy Sadaka, and Deandrae Smith. Impact of specific energy input of a 915 MHz microwave dryer on quality, functional, and physicochemical properties of different rice cultivars .Cereal Chemistry: Vol 98, No 3. 

Guha, S.; Alvarez, S.; Majumder, K. (2021) Transport of Dietary Anti-Inflammatory Peptide, γ-Glutamyl Valine (γ-EV), across the Intestinal Caco-2 Monolayer. Nutrients, 13 (5), 1448.

Koppelman, S. J., A. L. Lardizabal, L. Niemann, S. L. Hefle, J. L. Baumert, and S. L. Taylor.  2021.  
Development of a sandwich enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay for detection and quantification of clam
residues in food products.  Biomed. Res. Int. 6685575, 9  pp.

Peterson D^, Li T^, Calvo AM, Yin Y# (2021) Categorization of orthologous gene clusters in 92 Ascomycota genomes reveals functions important for phytopathogenicity, Journal of Fungi, 2021, 7(5), 337;

Wei, Xinyao, "Microbial Challenge Studies of Radio Frequency Heating for Dairy Powders and Gaseous Technologies for Spices" (2021). Dissertations, Theses, & Student Research in Food Science and Technology. 118.
Shi Z, Zhang H, Jin C, Quan X, Yin Y (2021) A representation learning model based on variational inference and graph autoencoder for predicting lncRNA-disease associations. BMC Bioinformatics. 2021 Mar 21;22(1):136. doi: 10.1186/s12859-021-04073-z.
Zheng J^, Meinhardt L, Goenaga R, Zhang D, Yin Y# (2021) The chromosome-level genome of dragon fruit reveals whole genome duplication and chromosomal co-localization of betacyanin biosynthetic genes, Horticulture Research, 8, 63 (2021).

Taylor, S. L., G. F. Houben, W. M. Blom, J. Westerhout, B. C. Remington, R. W. R. Crevel, S. Brooke-
Taylor, and J. L. Baumert.  2021.  The population threshold for soy as an allergenic food.  Why did the 
Reference Dose decrease in VITAL 3.0?  Trends Food Sci. Technol. 112:99-108.

Recent Awards

Snigdha Guha, AOCS Oral Presentation Award, First place in the Protein and Co-Products Division Graduate student oral competition.

Snigdha Guha, AOCS ePoster Presentation Award, First place in the ePoster competition in the Health & Nutrition Division

Emerson Nolasco, 2021-2022 Milton E. Mohr Fellowship

Bing Wang, from Foundation for Meat & Poultry Research & Education, Evidence-Based, Quantitative Risk Assessment to Control Salmonellosis Attributable to Ground Beef: Evaluating and Mitigating the Contribution of Lymph Nodes to Salmonella Contamination, $51,476

Yanbin Yin, 2021-2025 NIH R01 award, Carbohydrate enzyme gene clusters in human gut microbiome, $1,208,480

Yanbin Yin, DHHS-National Institute of General Medical Sciences, Carbohydrate enzyme gene clusters in human gut microbiome, $302,120

Internships and Jobs

Assistant Professor - Food Packaging
Virginia Tech

This is a 9-month tenure track position at the rank of Assistant Professor with responsibilities in research (70%) and teaching (30%). The successful candidate will be expected to develop an impactful research and teaching program focused on food packaging. The individual will develop a nationally and internationally recognized research program supported by extramural funding, with an emphasis on development and application of packaging technologies in food systems.

To apply:


North Carolina University

This position will be expected to update and instruct once per year, three 3 credit courses related to fermentation science and technology. These courses include; BBS 325 (Introduction to Brewing Science and Technology) course during the Spring semester, BBS 326 (Brewing Practices and Analyses) course and lab during the Fall semester, and BBS 427 (Brewing Equipment, Controls and Operations) course during the Spring Semester. The Lecturer will provide insight, as well as instruction and guidance to the students through in-class lectures, quizzes, question and answer forums, as well as a final exam.

Apply at

ARL Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellowship

Army Research Lab

This fellowship provides recipients the opportunity to pursue independent research while working alongside some of the nation's best scientists and engineers. Applicants must display extraordinary ability in scientific research and show clear promise of becoming outstanding leaders. Successful candidates will have already tackled a major scientific or engineering problem or will have provided a new approach or insight, evidenced by a recognized impact in their field.

To apply:

Food Safety Quality Technician

Petsource by Scoular, Seward, NE

The Food Safety & Quality (FSQ) Technician works in coordination with the rest of the FSQ team to ensure safe and high-quality food is produced in the manufacturing facility. This individual will have a direct impact on building and maintaining positive food safety and quality culture throughout the company. This is a broad position that includes various levels of product testing, employee and facility auditing, document verification, and continuous improvement initiatives. This person should have high attention to detail, be an effective communicator, and be a team player.

Apply at,8_IS792_KO9,21.htm


Microbiology Lab Analyst - Experienced

Midwest Laboratories, Omaha, NE

The Microbiology Laboratory is adding to its team. Our lab serves a critical function in the food safety chain. We test food/pet food ingredients and finished foods/feeds for the presence of harmful pathogens like Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli O157:H7 as well as determine the quantity of spoilage organisms like aerobic bacteria and yeasts and molds that affect shelf life. In addition, we enumerate probiotic organisms in foods, feeds and soils, and we test potable and process water samples for the presence of potentially harmful microorganisms, and we test composts/biosolids for the presence of potentially harmful bacteria. 

Apply at

For more news please visit:

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