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May 2020
With the COVID-19 pandemic, The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has closed buildings to the general public and moved all classes to remote learning. This includes classes being held on Nebraska Innovation Campus. Faculty, staff, and students have put in much work as the changes necessary are made to meet obligations. At this time only activities and functions of the Department and the Center that have been deemed mission-critical are up and running for day-to-day operations. We are expecting to be working remotely until at least June. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at or 402-472-2831.
Congratulations to all of our Spring 2020 graduating students! This has definitely been a semester to remember!
Graduating Seniors:
Asumi Abutani
Kiera Balentine
Xingyu Bao
Ziting Cai
Jingru Chen
Xiaoyang Cheng
Trace Chrisman
Chloe Christensen
Lucas Culbertson
Zehao Duan
Xiangjie Feng
Quan Gan
Ziqian Gao
Huizi Guo
Yifei He
Yiming He
Xueyan Hu
Liqing Huang
Yixiao Huang
Jessica Humphrey
Jinzhou Jiang
Baorui Kang
Haosheng Li
Jianuo Li
Jixuan Li
Xingzhi Li
Wenhui Liang
Zheheng Liang
Jixing Liu
Yih Chyuan Looi
Tze Chuan Low
Yuchu Ma
Junru Pan
Quanwei Pei
Ziqi Qi
Arena Ezzati See
Xu Shi
Benjamin Sidner
Huan Sun
Yingqi Sun
Yao Suo
Cade Svoboda
Zhoutai Teng
Justin Tran
Junhong Tu
Fengsen Wang
Hao Wang
Jiamin Wang
Ziyan Wang
Vanessa Whitmore
Liyuan Wu
Yifan Wu
Minghao Xie
Ce Xu
Huidong Xu
Yichuan Xue
Yuchen Yan
Yuan Yao
Hongfei Yu
Yun Yuan
Zhenxi Yuan
Qingyue Zeng
Liuxin Zhang
Kexin Zhou
Xun Zhou
Morganne Schmidt
Mohamed Abdelmoteleb
Soon Kiat Lau
Rafael Segura Munoz
Esteban Valverde Bogantes
Several news outlets have featured the Food Processing Center and it's collaborative efforts to produce much-needed hand sanitizer during the COVID-19 pandemic. KVRN featured the FPC pilot plants and Executive Director Terry Howell in its coverage of the operation.
Dr. Andreia Bianchini and Graduate Research Assistant Rodrigo Mendoza authored an article for Agrilinks titled, "Building Laboratory Capacity Abroad: Lessons Learned." The article discusses the collaboration with Kansas State University, through the Feed the Future Innovation Lab for the Reduction of Post-Harvest Loss (PHLIL) and offers insights into advancing laboratory capacity abroad to increase food safety and security. You can read the article at
Here's a few photos submitted by faculty and staff while they work remotely! (Left to right, top to bottom) Dr. Mei Lu, Dr. Heather Hallen-Adams, Dr. Mark Wilkins, Sharisa Heier, Dr. Rossana Villa-Rojas, Chris Ebbers)
Revised Safe Operating Procedures  

Biological Decontamination of Lab Equipment
Revised to clarify some of the wording in the existing guidance, update reference information and provide for use of various disinfectants by referencing the manufacturer’s instructions instead of specifying a set contact time for decontamination.
Biosafety Containment Levels
Updated to clarify that the guidance in the document is consistent with guidance found in both the Biosafety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories and the NIH Guidelines and other regulatory and guidance documents, but also reflects enhancements that have been implemented at UNL such as the requirement for a biosafety manual at all containment levels.  The guidance related to containment of plants and plant-associated micro- and macro-organisms has been revised to provide clarification about implementation of the described practices and procedures.

Disposing of Biohazardous Materials, Including Recombinant Nucleic Acids
Revised to remove redundant information also provided in the EHS SOP Autoclave Operation and Use and clarify the methods of biohazardous waste disposal available on campus.  Additionally, new guidance has been added to specify that waste that has been subjected to an unsuccessful autoclave treatment must not be disposed of, but re-autoclaved until a successful run is achieved. Finally, the guidance related to autoclaving animal carcasses has been updated as well as guidance for labeling and disposing of biohazardous sharps that are not infectious to humans.
Upcoming Events

May 18
Pre-Session Classes Begin

May 25
Memorial Day
(Student and Staff Holiday-UNL offices closed)
Upcoming Workshops
June 24-25, 2020
Better Process Control School for Acidified Foods - Online

Sept 22-24, 2020
Better Process Control School

Recent Publications

Carlos Bolanos-Carriel, Stephen N. Wegulo, P. Stephen Baenziger, Kent M. Eskridge, Deanna Funnell-Harris, Niki Mcmaster, David G. Schmale III & Heather E. Hallen-Adams (2020) Tri5 gene expression analysis during postharvest storage of wheat grain from field plots treated with a triazole and a strobilurin fungicide, Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, DOI: 10.1080/07060661.2019.1700169

Carlos Bolanos-Carriel, Stephen N. Wegulo, Heather Hallen-Adams, P. Stephen Baenziger, Kent M. Eskridge, Deanna Funnell-Harris, Niki Mcmaster, & David G. Schmale III  (2020) Effects of field-applied fungicides, grain moisture, and time on deoxynivalenol during postharvest storage of winter wheat grain, Canadian Journal of Plant Science, DOI: 10.1139/cjps-2019-0075
Esteban Valverde-Bogantes, Andreia Bianchini, Joshua R. Herr, Devin J. Rose, Stephen N. Wegulo & Heather E. Hallen-Adams (2019) Recent population changes of Fusarium head blight pathogens: drivers and implications, Canadian Journal of Plant Pathology, DOI: 10.1080/07060661.2019.1680442

Long H. Nguyen, Wenjie Ma, Dong D. Wang , Yin Cao, Himel Mallick, Teklu Gerbaba, Jason Lloyd-Price, Galeb Abu-Ali, A. Brantley Hall , Daniel Sikavi, David A.Drew, Raaj S. Mehta, Cesar Arze, Amit D. Joshi, Yan Yan, Tobyn Branck, Casey DuLong, Kerry Ivey, Shuji Ogino, Eric B. Rimm EB, Mingyang Song, Wendy S. Garrett, Jacques Izard, Curtis Huttenhower, Andre T. Chan
Gastroenterology (2020) vol. 158 (5) pp. 1313-1325
Esteban Valverde-Bogantes, Carlos Bolanos-Carriel, Heather E. Hallen-Adams, Niki Mcmaster, David G. Schmale III & Stephen N. Wegulo (2020) Aggressiveness and deoxynivalenol production of Nebraska isolates of Fusarium boothii and F. graminearum, Plant Health Progress, DOI: 10.1094/PHP-01-20-0001-RS

Yi H, Huang L, Yang B, Zhang H, Yin Y (2020) AcrFinder: genome mining anti-CRISPR operons in prokaryotes and their viruses, Nucleic Acids Research, doi: doi:10.1093/nar/gkaa351

Recent Awards

Dr. Devin Rose (Lead Dr. Peter Baenziger), NE Wheat Board, Improving Winter Wheat Varieties for Nebraska, $120,000.

Dr. Devin Rose (Dr. Lan Xu), NE Wheat Board, Developing High Quality Nebraska Wheat for Domestic and International Markets, $40,000.

Dr. Devin Rose (Dr. Lan Xu), NE Wheat Board, Developing High Quality Nebraska Wheat for Domestic and International Markets, $8,442.

Haowen (Max) Qiu Outstanding Research & Creative Activities Award

Scholarships and Fellowships

2020-21 National Sorghum Foundation Scholarships – You can find scholarship applications on the following website:  Deadline to submit applications is June 1, 2020.

Internships and Jobs

Lab Animal Care Assistant 
Gnotobiotic Mouse Facility
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lincoln, NE

Working with mice in sterile environments; preparing the food, water, and bedding for the mice and maintaining the sterile conditions of the isolators using aseptic techniques. Performing periodic microbiological quality-control checks and assisting lab personnel with various mouse-related tasks. The position is for Fall 2017 and possibly longer. Find more details here.

To apply, contact Dr. Amanda Ramer-Tait ( Please send (1) cover letter, (2) resume, (3) schedule of available days/times to work, and (4) if you are eligible for work study. All four items must be included in your application email.

Student Research Project

Dr. Bryon Chaves, a faculty member in the Food Science & Technology Department, has a project for a student to complete through the IANR ARD Undergraduate Research Program (see above). He is seeking a student with at least one more full year left, so someone who plans to graduate in spring or summer 2021. If you are interested in this project and meet the qualifications, please email Dr. Chaves at

Assistant Professor - Immunology-Immune Signaling
Department of Biochemistry
University of Nebraska-Lincoln

The Immunologist holds an academic-year appointment as assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry (or Food Science and Technology, Nutrition and Health Sciences, or School of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences) in the Institute of Agriculture and Natural Resources (IANR). The incumbent will conduct a research and teaching program in immune signaling that addresses the sequence of intracellular signaling events activated in individual cells following the association of cell surface molecules during cell-cell contact, and the relationships to the detection of soluble molecules of either host or pathogen origin.

To apply please visit:


Postdoctoral Scholar
Department of Food Science and Technology
UC Davis

A postdoctoral research scholar position is available in Dr. Luxin Wang’s microbial food safety lab in the
Department of Food Science and Technology at the University of California Davis. The primary
responsibility of this position will be to conduct studies that will increase our knowledge on the effects of
antibiotic treatments on the microbiota present in aquaculture systems and the stress responses of common
foodborne pathogens using next-generation  sequencing technologies.

Candidates should provide a C.V., which includes a list of three professional references, to Luxin Wang at The position will remain open until filled, but to ensure consideration applications
should be received by August 1, 2020.

Principal Scientist

MGP, Atchison, KS

 Provide research, applications and technical support to grow and enhance MGPI’s portfolio of specialty starches and proteins; Conducts bench-top scientific research on carbohydrates (starch, dietary fiber, hydrocolloids), proteins, and lipids; Provides expertise in operational improvements related to the production of those ingredients

To apply contact Ody Maningat at

For more news please visit:
Facebook - Food Science and Technology
Twitter - Food Science and Technology
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