Skippers Hill Preparatory School  February 12th 2016
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Last week I was delighted to welcome a team of senior leaders and teachers from other schools in the Bellevue group to carry out a learning review at Skippers. For three days the school was abuzz with lesson observations, book scrutinies and analysis of our systems and procedures!
For the school, such peer to peer collaboration is invigorating, affirming and very informative in identifying areas for further development. For the visiting team it is equally rewarding as they take back many new ideas and reflect upon their own practice and schools.
Our feedback was excellent, .....


Focus of the Fortnight

    During assembly on Monday I talked to the children about the key quality of ‘resilience’ - how important it is to persevere, to show commitment and to grow stronger from the challenges presented in daily life. Being resilient is a defining quality of successful learners, something that our review team identified as a strength of our children at Skippers!

Mark Hammond
Year 1 take part in Chopstick Challenge
Damsels in distress and brave knights in Kindergarten


Year One have had a fun-filled week learning about Chinese New Year.
They learnt all about China and how people celebrate Chinese New Year. 
They enjoyed acting out the Chinese Story, The Great Race and performing it for our Kindergarten children.  They loved learning how each new year got to be named after an animal. They learnt that this year was the year of the monkey. They also loved finding out what animal year they were born in.
Year One would like to thank Suzie and Tilly in Year 3 who ...... 

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Many of the Kindergarten are very interested in pursuit, capture and rescue at the moment. This is not a reflection of our teaching methods I hope, but it is the theme of many of their favourite stories. Young children need to explore their fears and seek empowerment through stories and role play, which we have seen in Kindergarten recently. Some of the traditional tales we explore feature giants, dragons, princesses and knights. So when we asked the children what they would like to make for our display board, the answer was clear; a fearsome dragon, damsels in distress and brave knights! 


Rain doesn't stop play after all!
Years 6 and 8 bring poetry alive!



Lots of long faces including my own filled the lunchtime dining room at Skippers as the matches were cancelled one by one due to a  very wet and windy Wednesday!
Not to be deterred, the dining room was quickly converted into a sporting venue.... 

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Over the last week, Years 6 & 8 have been exploring poetry: reading; discussing; analysing; sometimes writing, and performing.Today we decided to share some of what we have been doing with the rest of the school in a Poetry Assembly.
Year 6 performed their version of John Agard’s ‘Poetry Jump Up!’

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French Cafe at Open Morning
Roman Invasion at Skippers


Thank you to Everyone who came to our Open Morning on Saturday. We hope that it was an interesting and informative opportunity for the children to show their families their school. There was a wealth of activities on offer to provide a snapshot of life at Skippers.
Visitors commented on the confidence, manners and maturity of our Year 7&8 guides who were wonderful ambassadors for Skippers and on the happy atmosphere evident throughout.
The bustling French Cafe created a vibrant ambience at the heart of the School.  The Year 6 children showcased their French and provided excellent service as waiters and waitresses.
We are grateful too to Madame Harvey and her team of parent helpers for the delicious cakes and pastries they provided.

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The school was in a state of great excitement on Friday morning as centurions, gladiators, senators and even an archaeologist all poured into the school.  Children (and parents - thank you!) had clearly put a lot of effort into their costumes and the day got off to a great start.  Throughout the day, we enjoyed a range of activities: sand tray archaeology, discovering and analysing artefacts; creating a unique Skippers mosaic; attempting to make Roman-style bread; and trying Roman Maths and games.

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A warm welcome to Laura
Over £1000 raised at Quiz night.



We are delighted to welcome Laura Collins to the Skippers team. If you haven't had the chance to meet her please make sure you say hello. We asked Laura to write a few words to introduce herself:
I have been teaching for 12 years, in both the maintained and independent sectors. For the last 4 years, I have been a Maths ....


On Friday 29th January, 80 eager participants gathered together in the Gym for the annual Jersey Tour Quiz Night. The nine assembled teams began pitting their brains against each other with a picture round on logos.  This was followed by some taxing questions on 2015 News and Current Affairs, History and Music. 


  Places filling up for Easter Sports Club   Wesley aims high!


Places are filling up fast for the Easter Club so if you are interested please contact the Office or click the link below.

Click here to download the booking form. 

Wesley is still currently the British Open Champion for his class until April 2016. 
The start of Wesley’s final year of karting will be at the end of March. He will mount a campaign for the Number 1 seed in the Super One British Nationals.

Good luck Wesley!

Star of the week

Date of assembly  -  9.02.16

Year 2 - Isaac Harding for a wonderful account of a busy week.

Freya Davis for her good focus and finishing her tasks on time.
Willoughby Gerada for using scientific words in our investigation of surfaces.
Year 3 - Alice Clay for finding out extra facts about Ancient Egypt.
Jac Haurie Pelleg for an excellent account of his trip to the British Museum.
Annabelle Groves-Gidney for an excellent account of her trip to the British Museum.
Year 4 - Suzie Dixon for challenging herself in Maths.
Year 6 - Anoushka Beardshaw for excellent attention to detail and focus throughout the week in Maths.
Lucie Morris for working extremely well on her direct speech punctuation.
Molly Holbrook for working extremely well on her direct speech punctuation.
Year 8 - Monty Hadow for dependability and responsibility.



Other Celebrations

Artist of the Week  - Lizzie Sturgess (Y6) and Molly Holbrook for their Venetian masks
Baylee Hall for creating some lovely stained glass paintings.

  Outside School

Tabatha Collier for amazing knowledge of electrical safety in the Switched On Kids Quiz.

Sarah Grose for taking over 9 seconds off her PB in the 50m butterfly.








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