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"Congratulations Y8"

Despite all the wonderful achievements, events and activities this term represented in  our newsletter, the Year 8s have without doubt stolen the show. Many, many congratulations to all of our leavers on successfully securing places at their first choice of senior school. Hard work, perseverance and excellent teaching have all paid off and the children thoroughly deserve the congratulations of all in our school community.


Focus of the Fortnight

    The children have been reflecting upon the real importance of true participation in swimming galas, sports day, athletics events and matches. Taking part, representing your House and your school, and supporting your teammates are all of huge importance to all at Skippers and in helping the children to develop into well-rounded individuals.

Mark Hammond
KG journey to infinity and beyond!
Watch our Summer Sports at Skippers video


There are certain circumstances in which a young child’s learning will go further, reach deeper and stay longer. A rich environment and supportive adults are important, as are activities which stretch and challenge young minds. In Reception and Kindergarten we are always in the watch, taking note of those subjects which spark the children’s interest and inspire them to ask questions and explore.


Sport forms a major part of life here at Skippers, with a wide range of sports available for pupils of all abilities to partake in. During the Summer months, pupils enjoy specialist Sports lessons in Rounders, Cricket, Athletics and Swimming. Watch our short video about Summer Sports at Skippers.
Click here to watch video 

  Year 6 Go Mad in Dorset!   Some of our medal winners!  


On Monday 16th May, Year 6 set off, with Mr O’C and Miss Alexander in tow, for four fabulous days in Dorset. This was the first residential trip for a Year 6 class at Skippers and we were heading for Swanage.
The reason we chose south Dorset was because of the exceptional geomorphological features of its coastline, and the wonderful ruins of Corfe Castle - a Norman motte and bailey castle built by William the Conqueror. 

Click here to see photos

Congratulations to:

Rosa Brown (Y1) for receiving a medal for excellent effort and enthusiasm at the Premier Sport Camp at half term.
Sarah Grose (Y6) for winning the team gold at Beacon Swimming Club tournament.
Zeal Adelaja  Taekwon-Do Easter Camp. For achieving the most amount of turning kicks in one minute.
Zuriel Adelaja Taekwon-Do Easter Boot Camp Achievement Award.

  County record broken at Skippers Pentathlon   Parents take on their children at  Cricket and Rounders!  


On one of the rare beautiful sunny afternoons this term we hosted our 7th Pentathlon with Ardingly Prep and St Ronan's.
The five Athletic events were 100m, 800m, Long jump, Shot and throwing the cricket/rounders ball. 

Click here to see the photos

Plenty of fun was had by all who came on Saturday to participate in the Parents vs children matches. 
Below is an account by Mrs Convert.

'Thank you to all those mothers, fathers and sisters who turned up on Saturday to give the girls a run for their money on the Rounders pitch.  With big teams of 13 a side,  the gaps between fielders were rather few and far between making it difficult for batters to avoid the eager army of participants on the field.  

  Say hello to our new librarians!   Who says no-one sends Post cards any more!  


Daisy-Mae, Martha, Ruby, and Millie are our new librarians and have already been busy helping to organise and label books, as well as keeping the library tidy for you.
Their first task was to hide 'Golden Tickets' amongst the books.  If you are lucky enough to find one of these tickets you might win a prize! But... be prepared to answer a few questions about the book.

Year 2 have been concentrating on writing letters and postcards. Over Half Term they were asked to write a postcard saying what they had been doing  and then post it to the class.  They have all been eagerly awaiting their arrival in the Office and then reading them out to the class and sharing their news.

Click here to see samples of their work.

  U11 Rounders vs Claremont   Years 7&8 reproduce Pop Art   


It was a pleasure to umpire the U11 Rounders Team vs Claremont and watch the girls work with such excellent and skilled team-work particularly in their fielding. There were some impressive moments when deep hits from the opposition were tackled with fearsome power and precision into second post by our fielders.



The pupils in the Senior School have been studying the work of Pop Artists such as Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein.
We have looked at some of the iconic images they created in the 1960’s - bold colours, favoring the comic strip as an inspiration.


  Successful Skippers Show jumpers   Y3 groove on down Bollywood Style!  


Skippers pupils had a highly successful day at the NSEA show jumping!
Martha, Martha, Meg and Jack won the 40cm class, with individual platings of Martha LC 3rd, Martha H 5th and Jack 6th.
Martha, Martha and Jack were 2nd as a team in the 50cm.
Martha, Martha and Ruby were 4th as a team in the 60cm.
Ruby was 2nd as an individual in the 70cms.

Congratulations to you all!

In keeping with their topic on India Year 3 enjoyed a Bollywood  dance workshop given by Natalie "Noodle" from Dance 'n' Studios.  Even the initially more reluctant dancers couldn't resist joining in with the exciting music. As well as learning new dance moves, unlike any they had done before they soon realised it was an excellent workout.
Our thanks to Natalie for a super workshop, she may soon find some new recruits in her classes as many pupils were keen to do more.

Click here to watch videos of them in action!

Click here to see the photos

    Lucy Guest talks to Year 3 about her work in India

Last week Year 3 as part of their project on India welcomed Lucy Guest who came to talk to them about the work she has been doing in India over the past 15 years. She has invested not only her total life savings but her entire life to bettering the lives of impoverished children in Varanasi, she takes nothing for herself, everything is poured into the school.  She is also Vice chairman of WOSY (world organisation of Students and Youth). 
The children were able to give Lucy a donation of £80 for her charity from the money collected after the Performing Arts Evening.
For more information about Lucy's work click here to look at her website.
Star of the week

Celebration Assembly 14.06.16

Sophia Colley for her fantastic Solar System homework.
Lulu Hewitt for her fantastic Solar System homework.
Year 1 Matilda Stock for excellent understanding of days of the week and months of the year.
Chace Marten for his excellent ‘jaguar’ artwork.
Year 2  Hermione Compton for excellent focus in lessons.
Megan Lillicrap for beautiful handwriting.
Elizabeth Kirby for being knowledgeable about the United Kingdom
Year 3 Freddie Russell for great behaviour and super participation in lessons
Sophie Hare for increased confidence and super results in Maths
Mia Graham for being a kind and helpful member of the class.
Year 4 Eleanor Graham for excellent participation in guided reading sessions
Daisy-Mae Clarke for her very positive attitude to learning in Maths.
Year 5 Elysia Brookes for her constantly excellent application in Geography and History.
Year 6  Ruby Hall for being kind, helpful and polite at all times.

Artist of the Week Isabella Pharaoh for beautiful observational drawings of primroses.



Other Celebrations

UK Junior Mathematical Challenge
Bronze Certificate - Thomas Frost
Silver Certificate -  Wesley Mason             Jerome Convert
Best in Year -  Jerome Convert
Best in School  -  Jerome Convert

Outside School

Rosa Brown (Y1) for receiving a medal for excellent effort and enthusiasm at the Premier Sport Camp at half term.
Zeal Adelaja (Y3) Taekwon-Do Easter Camp. For achieving the most amount of turning kicks in one minute.
Muriel Adelaja (KG) Taekwon-Do Easter Boot Camp Achievement Award.
Sarah Grose (Y6) for winning the team gold at Beacon Swimming Club tournament.

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