Skippers Hill Preparatory School 27th November 2015
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It was a pleasure to welcome ten senior school heads and admissions teams to Skippers for our Future Schools Event this week, all of whom were delighted to share 13+ options for schooling. A broad spectrum of schools was represented: mixed or single sex; those with ambitious academic entry requirements as well as those catering for a broader range; small and large; boarding or day. Feedback from all involved was very positive - our visitors were hugely complimentary of the way our pupils conducted themselves, asking sensible and meaningful questions.


Focus of the Fortnight

    As we move into the carolling season I encourage you all to find your voices and enjoy the uplifting effect that singing can bring. The children will be enjoying a singing assembly on Monday and many performances in the coming month: as singing schools are happy schools, everyone will be singing at some point in the coming weeks!

Mark Hammond
Sing! Eastbourne College
Kindergarten deciding on parts for their Nativity play


Sunshine Coast it most certainly was not.  However, whatever the weather, we received a warm welcome from Eastbourne College and the choice of music chosen for the day did not disappoint.
After a snack and drink – it’s hard work sitting in a mini bus for half an hour and energy levels had obviously dipped – it was straight into rehearsal.  


Today, we are being donkeys.
We begin our preparations for Christmas very early in Kindergarten. After all, we have two kilos of glitter to get through and a very complicated story to learn. Our nativity is based upon a re-telling of the Christmas story in the children’s own words, and there are numerous misunderstandings to clear up. 


See what goes on in the Upper School
Juniors go Dinosaur Hunting  


Watch our short video for both current and prospective parents, for an insight into a day in the life of our Year 7 & 8 pupils:

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Year One and Two have had a busy time packed with a range of activities across the curriculum with our Dinosaur Topic and gaining an understanding of what life was life millions of years ago in Prehistoric times.
Everyone participated with enthusiasm in the Dinosaur hunt which led us nicely into various sorting activities according to different criteria, 

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Is my shoe longer than yours?
Reception measure their feet!
Fabulous Performance from Year 3


I had the pleasure of helping out in Reception last week and was able to join in the fun they were having in Maths.
The children were using cubes to first measure how long their shoes were and then comparing them with their neighbours' to see who had the longer feet and who had the shorter feet. I was very impressed with both how well they listened to the instructions and how well they listened to and worked with each other.
Thank you Reception!

Frances Plummer

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On Tuesday it was Year 3's turn to present Assembly and they really rose to the occasion.
World War 2 has been their topic for the term and they began by sharing examples of their super work including stories, pictures, posters and even a model of an Anderson Shelter.
A play about evacuation followed and some slick acting was punctuated with enthusiastic renditions of some songs from that time.
Well done indeed, Year 3!

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 Ex- Skippers pupils reunite at Netball Tournament
It was a pleasure to see so many of our ex - pupils representing and furthermore being part of the winning schools of the diferent age groups at the Sussex County Netball Tournament in Brighton on Saturday. 

(Pictured: Gabby Leach, Sophie Plummer, Gabby Mack and Jemima Beagley)
Lost Property gone Walkabout!
 Another talented young cricketer!


Please could all parents check the names inside their children's clothing, including shoes this weekend. Several parents have approached us regarding missing items of clothing and shoes. Some of these have been missing for a number of weeks. 
Gary and the Sports Department have been working hard to help the children to become more organised with their kit. 
The Lost Property bins can now be found in the corridor outside the changing rooms.

Thank you.

Congratulations Adam!

Adam Howard (Y5) has been attending Eastern Eagles County trials on Saturday mornings in Hastings (Sussex Cricket ).  A few weeks ago he was selected to trial for Western Rhino's (Kent Cricket). 
Normally the Kent trials are held over three sessions, but Adam was accepted after only one. Adam also attends Kent academy cricket  in addition to net sessions at The Schools at Somerhill.

Well done Adam!

Star of the week
 Celebration Assembly 17.11.15

Year 1 Oliver Erridge for creating a great ‘Superfriend.’
Year 3 Sarah Davies for writing interesting and imaginative limericks
Freddie Russell for working so hard in his Maths lessons
Year 4  Tilly Chapman for consistent hard work in all subjects
Theo Walker for writing a good newspaper article.
Harriet Walker for excellent work on times tables: 144 questions in one afternoon.
Year 5  Felina Gorringe for outstanding work in Geography
Year 6  Sarah Grose for being especially kind and helpful.
Year 8  Jerome Convert, Wesley Mason and Jamila Nasseraldeen for a superb presentation in Drake’s House meeting.



Sports Person of the Week  Daisy Gibb (Year 5) for being selected for the Sussex Girls Cricket squad.
Special Maths Awards  Ruby Hall and Lizzie Sturgess (Year 6) for perseverance and independent study.

Other Celebrations

Isaac Harding (Year 2) for reaching the semi-final of the tournament for Crowborough RFC

Hollie-Mae Olivant (Year 2) for her trampolining trophy.


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