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2nd October 2015
  Mr Hammond's Blog
You may (or may not!) have noticed that I was away from school for the first part of this week - my first annual iAPS headmasters’ conference was inspiring and thought-provoking. The theme? ‘In Good Heart - Developing Healthy Schools’: a series of prestigious speakers drawn from a variety of backgrounds presenting their thoughts, experiences and perspectives on education. Although we may not get everything right all the time, I came away feeling in very good heart myself as it is abundantly clear that Skippers is a very healthy school indeed: a balanced curriculum, strong pupil progress, happy and engaged children.


Focus of the Fortnight

    I have thoroughly enjoyed recent lunch times, encouraging all of your children to make sure that they eat their fruit and vegetables! Next week: the importance of supporting each other in all aspects of what we do.

Mark Hammond
 Rugby Power Pass Event
Meet our new Prefects


The children gathered in their houses and went down to the Astro to take part in the national IAPS Charity Power Pass Event which was happening across the country. The idea was for the children to stand in circles in their houses and pass a rugby ball around as many times as they could in 15 minutes. There was great excitement, bundles of team spirit along with loud chanting as seen in the video below. The competition between the houses was narrowly won by Livingstone. Between the 3 houses there was a total of 8,754 passes! Thank you to all those who have bought in their sponsorship money, which is currently in excess of £250 with hopefully still more trickling in!

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Click here to watch video clip

PREFECTS are decided on by all the teachers. Students who aspire to be prefects have to write a letter of application explaining why they feel they would be good at the job and the qualities they possess which would enable them to do the job effectively. Teachers have been closely monitoring the applicants over the course of the last few weeks and we are pleased to announce that Jerome Convert, Alfie Holbrook, Emily Nye, Monty Hadow and Ellen Duthie-Jackson, have all been appointed as prefects.

A taste of Africa
for Everyone
Year 3 build Anderson Shelters


One of the highlights of the term so far has to be our African themed lunch. Our kitchen staff kindly prepared an African menu for the whole School to enjoy last Tuesday. The photos show the Juniors tucking into a delicious Morrocan chicken & Apricot tagine served with cous cous. There was also mango & cucumber salad and mashed peas & potatoes with corn. For dessert you can see the children tasting Benne Wafers, a traditional African cookie. A particularly big thank you to our cook Wendy for organising this menu for the children and giving them a great African experience. Some of the children were asking Wendy afterwards if they could have African food every day!

Miss Bakewell

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The children in Year 3 have been making Anderson shelters as part of their topic lessons. They collected recycling material from home to use for their shelters. They had to work in a group and collaborate to design a shelter which would withstand wind (hair dryer!), rain (watering can), and bombs (tennis ball). One lesson was spent discussing, brainstorming and designing on paper before the real hands on work began. The children then started to build their shelters which they thoroughly enjoyed. I am not sure the cleaners enjoyed it so much - it looked like it had snowed inside! The shelters are almost all finished now and it will soon be time to put them to the test this week (weather permitting). You can see from the pictures that the children were engaged, creative and working well together.

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Watch a video of a day in Kindergarten
Summer Diary Challenge


Watch our short video for both current and prospective parents, for an insight into a day in the life of our youngest pupils. Follow the link and click on the ‘Welcome to Kindergarten’ button to view.

Click here to see photos of Reception and Kindergarten doing ballet.

So many of our Junior children took part in our Summer Diary Challenge over the holidays.
Years 1,2 and 3 were rewarded with certificates and prizes for their hard work in this week's Celebration Assembly.
There were some superb entries. 

 Leavers’ Destinations 2015
A Taste of Dahl


As a mixed ability private school, we are extremely proud of our record of academic results. 
The destination schools of our Year 8 leavers demonstrates Skippers Hill’s ability to prepare children for a range of entrance tests to a variety of schools.

View our leavers' destinations by clicking here:

''A Taste of Dahl'' is an introduction to Dahl's writing, by Anthony Pedley, a well-known RADA trained professional actor. It is at times serious, at times great fun - it is an entertainment, not a lecture!
The play is a “dip into Dahl’s life and books” using Dahl’s own words. Lots of gory details about life at boarding school, where sprouts and cabbage made for some revolting smells around the school, and the cane was the terrifying consequence of any wrongdoing.

Star of the week
Celebration Assembly 29.9.15
Year 3  
Ollie Hewitt and William Morley for their fantastic WWI propaganda posters.
Josh Hammond for having such a positive attitude to writing his WWI story.
Sophie Hare for trying so hard in all her lessons and achieving excellent results.    
Year 4  Suzie Dixon for showing enormous patience and perseverance.
Year 6  Sarah Grose and Ruby Hall for showing initiative and stepping in to write and present a Match Report.
Year 8  Ellen Duthie-Jackson for being a thoroughly positive and organised member of the school.
Sports Person of the Week   Mia Graham (Yr 3) for demonstrating excellent stroke technique
during our swimming lessons.
Other Celebrations
Alfie Holbrook (Yr 8) for passing his Grade 1 violin with Merit.
Emily Nye (Yr 8) and Jerome Convert (Yr 8) for passing Grade 3 and Grade 5 Singing, respectively.
Lizzie Price (Yr 3) for being awarded the Winter Cup by St John’s Ambulance.
Sarah Grose and Izzy Knight (yr 6) for taking 5th place overall in the 11-12 age group of the Hever Castle Triathlon.

Watch the website for a bigger article on this event!

Diary Dates

Wednesday 7th October 
v. St. Andrew’s Soccer 2nd XI (A) Colts B VII & U10 B VI (H)
v. Beechwood Netball U13 VII (A)                                    
v. St. Michael’s Girls’ Hockey U11B VII (H)

Thursday 8th October         
National Poetry Day
Rosie Hill Book Fair in the Music Room
Year 8 Parent Consultations
v. Beechwood Netball U9 VII (H)   14.45
Friday 9th October
Rosie Hill Book Fair in the Music Room
Bede’s U10 Girls’ 7-a-side Hockey Tournament 13.45

Saturday 10th October
Years 7 & 8 Day Trip to France
Wednesday 14th October

Harvest Festival  08.45
v. Vinehall Soccer U13 VII (A) Colts VII (H)
U13 Girls’ Hockey Tournament with Bede’s, Cottesmore, Rose Hill & Bethany (H)
v. Tavistock & Summerhill Netball U11(A)
v. Bricklehurst Netball U10 VII (A)

Thursday 15th October
v. Tavistock & Summerhill  Soccer U9 VII (A)
v. Rose Hill Girls’ Hockey U9 VII (A) U8 VII coaching match (H)                                               
Year 6 to the Towner Gallery and Ceramics Workshop at Eastbourne College                                     Years 1 & 2 Parents’ Consultations

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