Hi everyone!
Hope you all survived July! Don't you just love summer? Instead of complaining about the heat, get out there and photograph some of south Florida's beautiful sunrises and sunsets. Storms are picking up too. Lots of nighttime lightning. Safety first though. Remember what Robert says... "if you can hear thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning."

I'd like to thank everyone who participated in the Scavenger Hunt. Fun was had by all! I'm assuming most of us now are in processing mode. Folders were created on Dropbox for all participants to upload your images. So if you participated but didn't get the email, please let me know. Images need to be uploaded by Aug. 27th, judging will commence right after, and the winners will be announced at the September meeting.


This month, Hugh Hudson will be explaining long exposure techniques and how to use filters to achieve the slow-motion affect you want in bright(er) light. We'll even get a hands-on opportunity to photograph a man-made falls. So bring your camera, tripod/platy-pod, cable release, and filters (ND or polarizing or both) to the meeting. Click the heading above to link to our event page on our website.
We'll also quickly discuss the upcoming field trip to view the Perseid meteor show and other night photography opportunities. 

Every year we make an attempt to go out and photograph the Perseid meteor shower. Each year we end up with some difficult situation. This year will be no exception. In years past we've dealt with too many clouds, late night storms, and the moon. Well, we will definitely have the moon to contend with this year. Unfortunately, I can't tell the moon and stars what to do, so we'll need to work with the conditions we have.

So yes, the full moon is just a few days away from our field trip. Which means we'll have a pretty bright moon on that day. And that means we won't be able to see many of the smaller meteors. Which, if you think about it, don't make for good photos anyway. The larger, burning meteors will still be visible and hopefully will make their way into our field of view!  Now, on the plus side, having a near-full moon will brighten up our foreground. Yay! So perhaps this near-full moon isn't such a hindrance after all, hmm?

As always, I am asking that those who are planning on attending to RSVP so we know how many to plan for. The more people that come, the more room we need to spread out and that will affect the location we shoot. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated. Click HERE to send us an email, and click the header above to visit the event page on our website.

What:     Stiltsville Photography Workshop with Sandra Ramos
When:    Saturday, August 24th, 2019
Time:      9am till 3pm
Cost:      $159.00
Where:   Boat departs from the Dante Fascell Visitor's Center (Biscayne National Park), arriving at the Baldwin-Sessions House - Stiltsville

This event is a special event put on by the Biscayne National Park Institute in conjunction with a photo display by Sandra Ramos, which kicks off the next day, Sunday, August 25, 2019.

Please click on the image below for the Institute's website and to buy tickets.

Do you know where to find the latest info for meetings and field trips? Our WEBSITE! Our website is I like to keep a shortcut linked on my computer's desktop, and my phone, so I can easily connect when I need fast info. 

For last minute updates on field trips and weekend away,
and to communicate with each other, I use our private Facebook Group or messenger. Sometimes text or smoke signals if necessary. Whatever it takes. This is why we like people to RSVP. In case of a last minute change and no access to email, this is how we get our messages across. So... hint hint… make sure you RSVP when you plan on going on a field trip. 

We have a gallery tab on our website, and it's full of images. If you go to the website and click on the Galleries tab, you'll find images from our previous trips, weekends away, our Facebook challenges, and other various events.

Recently added photos include the June field trip to Fakahatchee and the end of  May/beginning of June Okeechobee weekend. So be sure to visit and enjoy each other's photos. As soon as judging is up, I'll post everyone's Scavenger Hunt photos as well.

Going forward, during each field trip and weekend away, we're taking an attendance of participants. After the event is over, we'll email you all separately to ask to submit a photo or two for the website. We're asking this so we can document the trip and show people who stumble onto our website that we are an active and viable club, worthy of membership! So please, try to remember to send me an image or two.

If you're one who likes to keep his or her work for sales or gallery shows, by all means, keep it for those events, but please share something. Even if you have a good photo of the group shooting or having fun. Those are always welcome too.


Took me long enough, but I finally logged into our IG account and posted some images. Tagging your personal images with #sfnpcc no longer displays on our website. Squarespace is no longer supporting that type of sharing and will only display from our own accounts. 

So what I'm doing is from now going forth, I'll be uploading images from our trips and weekends just like the gallery on our website. I am giving credit to the individual photographer so if you're on IG, please submit your user name and I'll 'tag' you in the post. To find us on Instagram, search for our group name or click here sfnpcc_club. If you prefer me to NOT share on social media, please just say so and I'll leave it off.

Facebook Page & Group
For our new members, the club has 2 official Facebook groups. One is a Facebook public "page", and the other is a private "group".

The public page is just that, it's for the general public; everyone can see and participate. And if you're on Facebook, you can find it by typing in the search bar the full name of the club, spelled out. Or click here PUBLIC PAGE.

Our private group is for members only. To join the group, do a search for SFNPCC Members and click "JOIN" to request. If you're a current member of the club, I'll accept you.

Feel free to share club photos, ask for critiques, ask photography related questions here. This is also where I create our field trip "events" (in addition to our website, of course).

We created this private Facebook account to keep the general public out of our group business. To find it type in SFNPCC Members or click here PRIVATE GROUP.
So that's all I have for August. Hope to see you at our events. Have a great month! 

Barbara Livieri
Secretary - SFNPCC


For further information on our meetings, field trips and workshops, please visit our website at

Members:  Please feel free to invite a friend to our meetings and help us grow.  If you would like to participate in the field trips or workshops, please RSVP by sending an e-mail to

Non-Members:  You are welcome to attend the first meeting as our guest.  Please click on the JOIN SFNPCC button below for further membership information.  If you would like to participate in our field trips, there is a $10 fee to attend each field trip. Also, if you would like to participate in our workshops, the workshop fee is posted on our website. Please RSVP by sending an e-mail to and payment is accepted through our website at

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