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On Target

August 2016

On Target — your monthly peek behind the scenes at A&M Printing with industry news, resources, tips and more!
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Behind the Scenes at A&M Printing

Meet the Team - Litho Printing

l to r: Martin, Carlos & Jose

High-quality sheet-fed printing is the heart of A&M Printing's print process. Our Heidelberg CD presses, regarded as the best in class in the industry, deliver astonishing color run to G7 standard. We can also match printed sheets of other G7 certified printers from all over the world. With the ability to print both sides in a single pass, our perfecting press makes 2-color printing more efficient.

Our small format presses can make printing stationery, business cards, forms, invitations, and other small format projects affordable. Jobs from the small presses go through the same quality control process as our larger format presses.

Some of the many services we offer in our Litho Printing Department are Catalogs, Books, Brochures, Magazines, Presentation Folders, Wine Bottle Neckers, Marketing Collaterals, Packaging Items, Newsletters, Postcards, Direct Mailers, POP Displays, Posters, Calendars, Reports, Directories, Business Cards, Stationary, Labels, Invitations, Forms, Aqueous Coating and UV Coating.

Sales & Marketing

The Winning Hand – 7 easy tips to sell more

By Linda Bishop
Sometimes, reaching the next level of success is easier than you think. All you need is to tweak a tactic, make a small adjustment or try a new approach. Small actions can have a big impact, so find a tip that fits and start using it in the next 24 hours. Here are seven tips that can help get you going: (Read the full article here.)

Print Life

Print is a Lifestyle Choice, Part III

By Jennifer Grace
Print in the World of Marketing, Yesterday and Today
Here we have reached the last, yet probably most relevant, segment of Print as a Lifestyle Choice. Last month we talked about how print revolutionized the world. It’s true that Gutenberg changed the course of human civilization with his invention of the printing press. How print has affected humans over the years is so immense that it’s unquantifiable. From the writings on cave walls, to the first known story written on clay tablets 3,000 years ago, to Gutenberg’s printing press, to the printing presses of today, there is one thing about print that has remained constant throughout history: it’s influence on humans. (Read the full article here.)

Understanding Spot Colors (and their Role in Digital Printing)

From Mohawk
What are Spot Colors?

To understand what spot colors are, you must first understand what they are not.

CMYK (also known as process or four-color) printing involves tiny halftone dots of color (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black) being laid onto a substrate in combinations and formations that fools the human eye into perceiving continuous color. 

Spot (sometimes referred to as solid) colors differ in that there is no mixing of colors in the printing process. Instead, colors come as pre-mixed recipes. As an example, a specific shade of green may be achieved through process printing by mixing certain combinations of yellow and cyan inks. However, differences in printers, inks and calibration settings could lead to very different results. Meanwhile, that same shade of green can be achieved with spot colors through a precisely pre-mixed recipe.

With spot printing, the result is a uniform and consistent color – always the same, from job to job and printer to printer. (Read the full article here.)


Graphic Design Games For Having Fun While Learning

By Jake Rocheleau

Who says games can’t be educational? Though I’ll admit when I hear the concept of a design-centric game I rarely assume it’ll be fun. But after scouring the Internet for web games I’m surprised how many are out there, specifically with a focus on digital design concepts. (Play here.)

A Huge Compilation of 72 Free Illustrator Brushes, Part 1

From Freepik

Get them here.

Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

How to Create Pantone Colors in Your Designs

By Grace Fussell
Creating spot colors to use on your print designs needn’t be a headache. This quick tip will show you how to create Pantone swatches quickly and easily, and how to share your Pantone palettes with other Adobe programs. (Read the full article here.)

5 Visual Branding Mistakes Too Many Businesses Make

By Elly Whiley
All graphics are built on a brand identity. Or at least they should be.

There’s a lot to be said about standing out, but all designs must first and foremost reflect a well founded brand identity. That’s the only way it will resonate with and capture your intended audience — not to mention, it can save you a lot of work. (Read the full article here.)

Best Tips for Getting Estimates from Your Printer

Print customers should remember that print is customized manufacturing. Every print job is unique, so a printer can no more quote you a price for a direct mail campaign over the phone than a contractor can quote you a price for a new house on the spot.

If you want a good estimate, printers need details. These details are called “specs,” which is short for specifications, and it’s your job to supply them to the printer. (Read the full article here.)

By Roberto Blake
Why Photoshop Is Not a Logo Design Program
Logo Designers should not be using Photoshop to Design Logos. Logos need to be designed using a Vector based program like Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw because otherwise they are not scalable and usually have other issues such as color and formatting when it comes to print. (Watch the video here.)

Just for Fun

The Design Deck

Learn graphic design while playing poker!

The Design Deck is a deck of playing cards that doubles as a practical guide to graphic design.

Each of the 52 faces contains a useful piece of information about graphic design, including typography, colour theory, design techniques, history, and more, with beautiful visual examples. 

Printed in rich, full colour on high-quality Bicycle® stock with air-cushion finish. (Get it here.)
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