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On Target

September 2016

On Target — your monthly peek behind the scenes at A&M Printing with industry news, resources, tips and more!
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Holiday Notice

Our offices will be closed Monday, September 5 in observance of Labor Day.

Behind the Scenes at A&M Printing

Meet the Team: Finishing

Meet the Team: Finishing
A&M Printing's comprehensive finishing department can handle all of your bindery needs. From simple trimming to the most creative book binding our experienced staff will handle all your jobs quickly and efficiently.

Every job goes through a stringent quality control inspection before shipping. We train our staff to pay ultra attention to details and to deliver your jobs on time every time!

Some of the many services our in-house Finishing Department offers are Folding, Perforation, Scoring, Saddle Stitching, Perfect Binding, Wire-O and Coil Binding, Gluing, Padding, Transfer Tape Application, Collating, Inserting, Lamination, Easeling, Eyeletting, Grommeting, Shrink Wrapping and more.

Sales & Marketing

Sales Superstars: How to Make Mere Mortals Great

By Mike Jacoutot
Sales SuperstarsWhy is Mary so good and Bill so mediocre? The difference between the successful salesperson and the unsuccessful salesperson is this: the successful salesperson is in the habit of doing things the unsuccessful salesperson doesn’t do. Those three little words: in the habit. Here is the deal: we are all in sales. Whether you are an HR Manager selling your boss on why he should promote you or you’re a salesperson selling a multi-million dollar opportunity, you should understand the habits of successful sales. The best companies make the right habits an integral part of their training to ensure their salespeople have mastered the following: (Read the full article here.)

Sales Clinic: Try Selling vs Telling Millennials

By Joe Rickard
Millennials are a major force in the use and acquisition of printing. Though it is hard to generalize about an entire generation, it is important to know how they are influenced. Just as generations past, they are described in unflattering terms. They are smart and want to succeed like everyone else. We still run into print providers who stereotype this generation as difficult to work with and miss important selling opportunities. (Read the full article here.)

Print Life

Ink: What's It Made Of?

By Heidelberg USA
Ink: What Is It Made Of
Ever wonder what ink is made of?
Find out how each component of ink aids your printing process.

The Type (In)Spector: A Conversation with Fiona O’Leary

By Extensis
Type (In)SpectorIf you follow typography news, you’re probably aware of the hubbub surrounding the designer Fiona O’Leary and her new gadget, Spector. A hand-held device that recognizes text and colors in the real world, and converts them in real-time to the exact typeface, size, leading, kerning, and Pantone code, Spector has been covered in every design publication from DesignBoom to Wired to The Verge, and elsewhere. Fiona graciously took the time to answer a few questions for us. (Read the full article here.)

Color Accuracy and Consistency: A Balancing Act

By inkondapaper

When all of final production packaging comes together on the store shelf, it’s a brand’s moment of truth. Do the stand-up pouches, overwraps, and corrugated POP displays match? How close is the color to its standard?

We know you spend so much time and money designing, proofing, sampling, printing, and shipping… so where does the color go wrong? Is it an issue with color accuracy, consistency, or both?
(Read the full article here.)


Premium Free Fonts

Did somebody say Free Fonts? Yes that was us and you did hear correctly. are well known for saving customers bundles of cash but we have gone one step further with our hugely successful free font of the week. Available to download instantly as soon as you have signed up for an account.

This section of the website helps introduce first time customers to our products with free font downloads. Also available for regular customers who already have an account.
(Get them here.)

A Huge Compilation of 62 Free Illustrator Brushes, Part 2

By FreePik

Get them here.

Tutorials, Tips & Tricks

Simple Design Tips & Tools for Non-Designers

By Michael Georgiou
Just because you’re not a professional designer doesn’t mean you don’t have the capacity and the ability to make your media look better. What it takes is some time and effort to learn, mixed in with a healthy dash of bravery to believe in your ability. (Read the full article here.)

Tips and Techniques for Adjusting Type in InDesign

By Natalie Boyd
Tactfully kerning letters to the appropriate places and ensuring that the lines of text are at the perfect leading size for easy legibility are tasks that we typography nerds revel in and get lost in. We obsess over the microscopic details of alignment and placement. Fortunately for us, InDesign has useful features to make the type adjustment process faster. (Read the full article here.)

Using InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop Together: Moving Vectors

By Sandee Cohen
Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesignVectors (aka paths) are very powerful items. Unlike pixel art that can look lousy when scaled beyond a certain point, vectors are mathematical objects that can be scaled up and down with no loss of information.

Most designers use Illustrator to create their vector graphics. But there are vector tools in InDesign and Photoshop as well. Someday you may find that you need the vector shapes created in one program in another. That’s where the ability to move vectors becomes important. (Read the full article here.)

How to make any photo look better in seconds in Photoshop

By Colin Smith
This easy Photoshop tutorial shows you how to make a photo look better in a few simple clicks. It works on portrait, landscape, or any type of photo. Its a little trick I discovered and have used for years, I call it the euro tint effect for lack of a better name. (Read the full article here.)

Just for Fun


A-Holes: The Pun That Inspired a Clever Typography Book (Read the full article here.)
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