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Industry News

Put a Little Love Into It

By Linda Bishop

Heather was returning to her office from the customer service department when she heard a loud celebratory hoot coming from down the hall. Turns out that her colleague, Bob, had sold one of the company’s most sought after customers, ToughCo.

“Wow. Congratulations. Everyone, including me, has tried to sell them. How did you do it?” Heather asked. (Read the full article here.)

Finding Skilled Workers as Veteran Printers Retire, Shortage of Trainees Looms

By Joe Polanco

If you were to walk into the production areas of several printers anywhere in North America, you would undoubtedly observe something they all have in common. No, it’s not the equipment. Nor is it the facility design. It’s the average age of their employees. Look at the press operators. The skilled bindery technicians and, yes, even the prepress techs. Odds are you won’t see many people under 30, or for that matter under 45. (Read the full article here.)

How Making Chocolate Chip Cookies Is Like A Direct Mail Campaign

By Jennifer Grace

Like anything else, but especially baking, print marketing requires the perfect mixture of ingredients and skill. You may get the ingredients perfect, but if you do not have the right temperature on your oven, the cookies will be no good. Sending out direct mail is much the same way. Why go through the steps to get a perfect piece, only to flop on your mail list, or your paper choice. There are so many variables to get a direct mail campaign perfect. (Read the full article here.)

Unstoppable Strategies That Win More Work

From Fujifilm's Energy Magazine

In today's ever changing printing services industry, customer expectations are becoming more demanding, with introduction of faster and better ways of doing things. And with competition more aggressive than ever, the key to the sales process is to respond, adapt and accommodate the unique needs of your clients. In order to win more work, you need to differentiate your offer to the client, add more value, and show how your solution best meets their needs. (Read the full article here.)

Tips, Tutorials and Free Stuff

8 Best Ways To Streamline The Design Flow In Your Workplace

By Janie Kliever

Does collaborating on design projects at work sometimes make you a little crazy?

We understand.

Collaboration is supposed to be about things like teamwork, cooperation, and productivity. But in real life, collaboration isn’t always easy. When you have supervisors, marketing staff, creative team members, clients, and others all weighing in on the same project, things can get a little chaotic. (Read the full article here.)

The Flat Superheroes & Villains Icon Set

From Speckyboy Design Magazine

We have another freebie for you guys this week, courtesy of our good friends over at, we have a huge collection of flat-styled superheroes icons, entitled ‘Superheroes & Villains!’

In total there are over 100 icons included in the set, and all are available in both coloured & basic styles and come in both PNG & SVG formats. Some the included ‘heroes’ and ‘Villains’ are Batman, Superman, The Hulk, Captain America, Deadpool, Loki, Thor, Wolverine, and many, many more. And as always, you’re free to use these files in both personal and commercial projects. (Get them here.)

How to Set Up Your Documents So That Your Printer Won’t Hate You

By James Wamser

I work for a large commercial printing company (see my bio below for details) and I see a huge number of documents from a wide variety of designers, hobbyists, agencies, and more. Fortunately, just about everyone knows that embracing a PDF workflow can streamline the printing process, eliminating potential problems like missing fonts and images. But  before you even think about making a PDF, you need to remember: success starts with laying out your InDesign document properly.

So I want to share with you some of the most common problems we see, in hopes that you’ll avoid them when you’re sending documents to your printer. (Read the full article here.)

Need help with setting up your files for printing? Follow our simple guidelines and step-by-step instructions to avoid any delay in production due to file issues.

TypeTalk: The Ins and Outs of F-ligatures

By Ilene Strizver

F-ligatures are special characters found in just about every professional font. A ligature is two or more characters that are combined to form a single glyph. Ligatures fall into two categories: standard and discretionary. Standard ligatures are designed to solve the problem of neighboring characters that either collide or combine in unattractive ways. Discretionary ligatures are more decorative in nature and are intended to be used at one’s discretion, thus the term discretionary. F-ligatures usually fall into the first category; they are considered to be desirable in most typesetting usages, and are therefore “turned on” by default in nearly all design software. (Read the full article here.)

Just for Fun

Colorful Language

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