Hello Mini Mermaid and Young Triton Family!

What started ten years ago as a way to teach girls, at a low-income California school, to fall in love with movement and realize their fullest potential, has turned into a worldwide movement that creates a safe place for kids from all walks of life to feel valued, safe, and unstoppable. 

As we head into 2020 and celebrate all the growth and changes, we begin with a story that reflects our mission from the very start - to reach girls living in poor communities that can't afford afterschool programs. And by doing so, we teach them to lead a balanced life by listening to their inner voice, valuing their uniqueness, learning to love movement and discovering the finish line is just the beginning. 

We recently traveled to rural Alabama to catch up with two incredible coaches, both moms, AND teachers volunteering their time. They are using Mini Mermaids as a way to reach the poorest girls in their communities, help bridge racial divides, create a safe place, and help them work through life's tough moments. They are doing all of this by using movement, teamwork, connection, and belonging. I can't wait for you to meet them. I hope you'll see what I see- an investment of time, money, heart, and determination is well worth it and paying dividends in lives changed. Keep scrolling to see their video as well as ways you can help.  

It's because of you we can do this. Because of your donation, your time, your energy, and encouragement.

With you on our side, we're unstoppable. 

Thank you for getting us this far, now let's keep going. Commemorating ten years, we are asking for help to raise $10,000, you in? 


In gratitude - 

Heidi Boynton, CEO/Co-Founder, Mini Mermaids & Young Tritons

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Here are the ways you can help. 


1. Donate.
$5 or whatever you can. It all matters and it all adds up. 


2. Share this email.
To commemorate ten years, will you consider sending this email to TEN friends? We want to grow our community and we need your help to do it!


3. Share the video in this email and link to donate on social media.
This has a huge impact. Share why you believe in Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons. Or share what movement has meant to you and why you think any dollar amount given is a good investment. 




4. Cheer for us!
This really works. Asking for funding, appealing to the world for help is hard. We need all the encouragement we can get. Cheer for us and it will lift our spirits and fuel our work. 




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