WOW, time goes fast, doesn't it?? This email is filled to the brim with great stuff from Mini Mermaid inpso to I Am More 2020 retreat registration to our 5k this weekend AND a report from our second team in Accra, Ghana so keep reading but first.......

As we are deep into race week for Run Sweat Love 5k/1k San Jose, this video came through & I wanted to share the feel-good feels. Watch what some Mini Mermaids themselves have to say about why they are willing to try hard things, to be brave, to charge ahead into life - even when it's a little scary. Click the link on the image below for a quick video with some of the fiercest Mini Mermaids you'll meet. When my days feel hard, or the responsibilities feel overwhelming, all I need sometimes is to see something like this video to keep me pushing forward. 

Wherever you are - I hope you're doing life as courageously as the Mini Mermaids in that video!!! 

Heidi, CEO MMRC 
It's time to break out your sneakers and come to support HUNDREDS of Mini Mermaid Running Club and Young Tritons Running Club Kiddos from Santa Clara County!!!

Whether you walk, run, jog, skip, or dance your way through we promise you this, you'll experience 3.1 miles of party, inspiration, and happiness.

IT'S THIS WEEKEND! And we can't do it without you. 100% of the profits go to support kids who can't afford afterschool programs - you in???

Don't forget to REGISTER soon and share the joy of crossing the Finish Line with your loved ones!
Run.Sweat.Love 5K-1K, Nov 17, 2019
Together we are redefining  
Girl's Night Out!
On the evening of
January 25th, 2020,
join us at 
Santa Cruz Seymour Marine Center.  

Invite your besties!
Surprise them and register them as a holiday gift?!?
Mermaids, we can't wait to hang with all of you again. This time we are switching things around our I am More Than What You Sea Workshop will be a nice and cozy evening event with candlelight yoga, (and a super cool amazing playlist that will make you feel all the mermaid feels), great wine, yummy food, and amazing speakers.

(Yes, Heidi is sharing the mic :)

Melissa McConville
Laura Segura
Sharon Fredrickson
Sandy Stec
PSSSTTTTT - we are MORE than 50% full so.......REGISTER HERE
Mini Mermaids are finding their INNER strength and building their OUTER strength in Ghana 
I'm excited to share with you some conversations back and forth with our amazing coach Sally-Anne. You may remember, Meredith Mills took Mini Mermaids to girls in   Ghana last spring at Happy Kids School in Accra. Before Meredith headed back to the US, she left the curriculum and the passion to carry on with Sally-Anne and friend Lucia. THIS is how we grow and continue to have an impact around the world - because people keep sharing the love. Read below for an account from our SECOND team of Mini Mermaids in Accra, Ghana - we can't wait to see how the teams grow AND Young Tritons comes to the boys there! 
From Coach Sally-Anne Pauw:
"Today our Mermaids finished their race. We stretched the course over a few extra weeks to accommodate the school schedule.  It was the hottest day we have had this semester and the girls were struggling. We decided to only do 3km as we were concerned they could not handle the heat at 1 pm on a very hot day.
They finished their run, some stronger than others, but it was great when the medals were handed out and the smiles on their faces was a huge reward for Lucia and I
The girls have learnt so much about themselves, their friends and the larger community. They have learnt that some days are harder (and hotter!) than others and that sometimes you need to dig deep. They have also learnt that they are privileged and that they have to reach out to those in need, both physically and emotionally. They have also learnt to pay attention to each other’s moods and feelings."

As soon as I read this, I reached back out to ask some questions about the challenges and highlights of running Mini Mermaids: 

Why have been the biggest challenges and most rewarding outcomes? 

Most challenging: 
  • There were days when some of the girls just really did not feel like running. It took a lot of patience from us all to get through those tough days. Negativity from one mermaid affected the whole group.
  • It was challenging running in the heat of the day
  • The roads in the area can be very busy and the roads are not at all geared toward pedestrians. We could not let the girls run outside of the schoolyard. So we had to improvise and create loops around the school and along the outdoor corridors. In the end, the corridors were the best routs because they were shaded. It was not very adventurous and I would have loved to be able to take them outside for a run. I have to add, it frustrated me but the girls seemed oblivious to the repetition and just ‘got on with it’!
  • Some of the girls did not see themselves as runners/active girls. But through the sessions, the group support and support from their families, they realized that they could run if they trained hard and set their minds to it.
Most rewarding:
  • Seeing their smiles when they had finished the race yesterday. They were so excited about the medals 😊
  • Seeing how serious they were about writing letters (pictures attached) to a girl to whom they will donate collected toiletries. They thought about the pictures, the words and the life that the girl leads. They considered just how privileged we are. 
  • Seeing the girls become a tribe, looking after each other and encouraging each other
  • Having fun and LAUGHING a lot! They loved the food group game. We had to play it three different times.
How did the girls receive the story of Mini Mermaid and Siren? 

We started the session talking about our own difficult moments (the coaches) and from there everyone joined in. They could definitely relate and each one of the mermaids joined in the conversation. They commented that sometimes they would rather not speak up, even when they see someone is being bullied. But they now know to be true to their inner Mermaid. And they can also count on their tribe to support them.
What was the best part for you about coaching Mini Mermaids? 

The honesty. Once these girls trusted the tribe, they opened up about difficult moments. I also faced some of my Siren thoughts and leant how to deal with these and how to be honest with myself. Its not something that comes naturally and we need to relearn kindness towards ourselves.
Thank you Sally-Anne and Coach Lucia for your time and dedication! 
Want to get involved? Donate? Bring Mini Mermaids or Young Tritons to your communities kiddos? Email and together - we can do big things. 

PS  - See below for a letter written by Mini Mermaids in Ghana that went along with a toiletry kit they put together for students that don't have these basic supplies. Every child in Mini Mermaids & Young Tritons designs and implements a community project. This was theirs in Accra! 
This photo of Mini Mermaids at PA Walsh in Morgan Hill, California warms our hearts for sure. Not only are these Mermaids amazing but those adults in the photos? They are teachers who coach AND their very own Principal Shannon Rafat is out their coaching too. 

Ready to get your Mini Mermaid or Young Triton journey started?
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And we can't thank you enough.

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We keep running because of you! 
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