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Here at Mini Mermaids & Young Tritons - we are sending you our gratitude and love as we remember all you've done this past year to help fuel our work. THANK YOU! 

We are excited to tell you all the ways we are thankful and how your support has made an incredible impact all over the world in the weeks to come. Keep scrolling to read about one of the things on our long list of things to be thankful for...Mini Mermaid Dance Club :) 

To you and your family and friends, Happy Thanksgiving! 


We have a LOT to be thankful for this year and one of those things is our VERY first Mini Mermaid Dance Club.

You heard that right. MINI MERMAID DANCE CLUB!!!! 

This is the truth about our curriculm - Mini Mermaid Running Club & Young Tritons Running Club are not just about running. They about increasing self-worth and utilzing movement to process the big feelings we all have in life.

When we were approached by Debbie Mark about launching Mini Mermaids AND using dance as the movement piece rather than running, we were 100% IN! This has been a dream of ours; to transform our curriculum for all groups to learn from. So whether you're a chess club, STEM club, debate club, soccer club, volleyball club, dance club, OR running club -  together, we can find ways for you and your group to move the best & most authentic way AND you can learn the truths within the message of Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons.

Those truths are:

You belong.
You matter.
You have the right to chase your dreams & goals.
You will fail and you will get back up again.
You will become reslient and find inner and outer strength as you grow and mature to live a full and beautiful life. 

The girls of Mini Mermaids dance club along with their three 16 year old coaches (with Debbie mentoring along the way) choreographed a dance routine for the Mini Mermaids to learn over their six week afterschool session. They then came to Run Sweat Love 5k/1k to perform in front of hundreds of Mini Mermaids, Young Tritons and Coaches from all over Santa Clara County.

Below is a recap from Heather, 16 year old Mini Mermaid Dance Club Coach.

"The best part of Mermaids was seeing the changes the girls went through. They’ve truly come so far from Week 1! All of the girls started out very shy, really only talking when they would answer a question directed at them. They were also hesitant to try the moves they were unfamiliar with. By the end, however, the coaches and I became a lot closer to the girls, and they all felt comfortable sharing stories and dancing with each other in a judgement free zone. All of the girls developed a closer bond with each other, and this allowed them to dive head-first into topics or exercises they were previously hesitant about. 

There were definitely plenty of struggles throughout this process, but one that sticks out is having enough confidence to perform. At the beginning, none of the girls felt comfortable dancing, especially when all of the coaches focused on one individual. As we went on, they used their lessons on confidence and blocking out Siren’s voice to actually perform solos in front of each other for peer critiques. It was helpful for everyone to get some advice from their friends, not just their coaches, but it takes a lot of courage to do something uncomfortable in front of your friends! We were all really proud of the girls; this was a huge step for them!

The thing I liked most about Mermaids Dancing Club is the way we could interact with our girls and teach them that through dancing, you can express yourself in a way you might not feel able to through words. Giving the girls a new outlet is really beneficial to help them later deal with things that could be bothering them. Even if they don’t continue dancing, all the girls were willing to try something new and be in an uncomfortable situation, which only helps you grow as a person.  

The most challenging part of the club was building a whole new program related to dance while still keeping to the curriculum. This was the first non-running club of the Mermaids, so we had to model most of the lessons on what we thought was most fitting. However, this did give the coaches and I a lot of creativity to modify games and think of new ways to fuse dance into the curriculum. 

I think the dancing club is something girls should experience because they learn the lessons of self-confidence and positivity through a different outlet. Although running is great for some people, it’s not for everyone, and having a dance class is a really fun way for young girls to learn these lessons while improving their skills and coordination. It also teaches them to be comfortable in front of others, and not let their negative subconscious hold them back from exciting things. 

Thanks!" - Heather Duckworth 

Huge thanks to her and the other coaches for all their hardwork, ingeninuity, and creativity it took to design this inaugural club! 
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