A couple of weeks ago, we finished our second annual camp at our local community college. 40 Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons descended onto the soccer field and with the help of three volunteer coaches, we had an incredible week. I was excited and honored to be helping out with camp as it's a very real reminder of why we do the hard work of Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons.  And after almost TEN years (what???) of doing this work - I saw with new eyes the power of our curriculum, activities, and the time kids get in our program. As Oprah says, "The greatest gift you can give yourself, is time". I see that in our program. Kids need time, they need time to think and to play and to dream. And they need safe places to be messy, to be a hero, to fail, to rise again and to feel the POWER of crossing a finish line.

As the week began at camp, I was overwhelmed on the first day with the understanding of how unique each child is that comes to Mini Mermaids or Young Tritons. Whether they come from scarcity or affluence....they have their own stories. Some - have a life where they are loved and nurtured, where they are thriving. Some come from a life where attention is scarce, where the struggle to survive overshadows any ability to nurture. Economics aside - children from all backgrounds come to us with trauma, heartache, joy, and sorrow and as I greeted some of our campers - I was overcome with emotion seeing for what seemed like the first time - the layers of their stories and knowing that for the time we would be with them - we could help them feel safe, loved, seen, and strong. In short...Mini Mermaids & Young Tritons aren't just about running, it's about living. It's about thriving. It's about connecting. 

I wasn't sure what to title the photo above of three Mini Mermaids from camp.

"Free from Fear"


"Life is messy - mine and yours, let's take turns holding each other through it."


"You too? I thought I was the only one."

They came from all different backgrounds and the diversity of their stories collided to hold each other up in a moment of mess.

These three mini mermaids had a pretty rough start to their day at camp. They were all tired and a little tough to keep engaged. The middle one had such sore legs - she couldn’t move at all. I was working with the other two when I noticed the little one (in the middle) off by herself. The two on either side really struggled to stay connected to the group. Each of them in their own way was disruptive and making it hard for the rest of the group to engage and have fun. I was a "floater coach" helping out our other coaches when any of the kiddos were having a hard time so I pulled to the two aside to walk around the track as we tried to sort out what was going on.  As we were walking, I noticed the middle one off by herself and not engaged with her team. I left the two alone for a moment and found out that she had such sore legs she couldn't participate. So I turned back to and asked the older girls if they could help me out. I told them the power of someone coming alongside and helping you when you’re feeling down. They were stoked for the task, all of a sudden, their own frustrations and complaints were gone. The walked tall and whisked the little one over the track with them. Right away - the three compared their sore running legs all agreeing that while their legs were sore, they felt powerful and strong.  The little one said, “I feel so much better knowing I’m not the only one”. Soon enough they were walking around the track. As I caught up with them I heard the little one say, “Thank you for taking such good care of me. No one has ever made me feel this way.” ❤️ .

These 3 Mini Mermaids all have their own junk just like the rest of us. Sometimes you just need a moment where you are the hero and your junk feels less messy somehow while you help another. 💯💥 Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons isn't just about running, it's about letting kids learn how to feel, how to process, how to hurt and get stronger through the hurt. 

We need you to keep this work going, will you consider donating?

Any amount helps - we rely on you and your generosity to reach more and more kids with a message of hope, of resilience, and of strength - from the inside out. 

You can donate HERE and even set up a monthly recurring donation. Thank you ahead of time for believing in us and the work we do. 

Keep reading below about our new Mini Mermaid Mexico teams and their incredible coordinator Patirica Medina. 

AND all registration for the fall is open. Wherever you can start a Mini Mermaids or Young Tritons. 

I'm thankful for each and every one of you and all you do...let's keep doing it. 

Heidi Boynton, CEO MMRC 

YES! It's happening. We are so excited to have not one...not two...but THREE different teams in Tijuana and the surrounding areas. 45 girls and their coaches have started their Mini Mermaid journey. The photo above is from the team in Vista Real and below is Patricia, in her happy place in the Fidel Velasquez neighborhood. Keep reading to hear from the amazing Patricia Medina, a long-time friend, and rockstar ambassador of Mini Mermaids. She is working hard to ensure Mini Mermaids is available to the girls in Mexico. It's not an easy task and I asked her why....why does it matter so much to her? Her answers surprised me and inspired me to keep pushing forward. The funding for Mini Mermaids in Mexico comes only from donations - if you're inspired by her as well, please consider donating as we need all the help we can get

1. Why do you think the message of Mini Mermaid is important for the girls in Tijuana, Mexico? 

"The girls in Tijuana Mexico need to feel that they have a voice and Mini Mermaid Club can help them speak out their fears and also can be happy girls once they let go of their fears."

2. What challenges do the girls in these communities face? 

"The girls face insecurity because of what they hear
in the news and around them, even if they live in the city they are afraid of being kidnapped or their parents killed." 

3. How do you think attending Mini Mermaids and running to train for a 5k helps them in everyday life? 

"Attending Mini Mermaid Running Club just in two days already makes them happy and want to extend the session times, girls in Mexico don't have the opportunity to do exercises only those who are upper class and can pay to belong in a club, swimming, dancing, martial arts etc, in school they only have PE once a week for 45 mins to 1 hour, the girls are already looking forward to the race and talking about the finish line and if they will make it. Once we do the race they will always remember they can do anything and that someone believes in them and that they can believe in themselves."

4. Why do you want to bring this program to the girls in your community and beyond in Mexico? 

"Because girls in the middle class and lower class communities don't have programs where they can express themselves, I don't know of any programs in Mexico that give girls the opportunity to let go of their fears and set goals for their happiness. Gracias!"

YES! Thank you, Patricia, for your time and dedication! We will be heading to Tijuana on August 24th for their graduation 5k, please email me if you'd like to join us! 
Registration for FALL is OPEN and we are stoked to have sessions all over the country already on deck. You can start Mini Mermaids and/or Young Tritons ANYWHERE. We will help you will all the details.

Don't miss out on your chance to get in on these sessions already set:


Oakland/North Bay Area:
Sessions begin the week of September 2 and end at East Bay 5k Sunday, October 13th, 2019
***Spots  limited, race fees covered in program registration

San Francisco 
Sessions begin the week of September 9th and end at Mermaid Series San Francisco Sunday, October 20th, 2019 
***Spots  limited, race fees covered in program registration

Redwood City/Penninsula
Sessions begin the week of September 23rd and end at Redwood City Oktober Run 5k  Sunday, October 27th. 
***Spots  limited, race fees covered in program registration

San Jose/Santa Clara County
Sessions begin the week of October 7th and end at Run Sweat Love 5k/1k San Jose Sunday, November 17th, 2019

San Diego 
Sessions begin the week of February 3, 2020, and end at Padres 5k on Sunday, March 15th. ***Spots  limited, race fees covered in program registration

Santa Cruz County 
Sessions begin the week of March 9th, 2020 and end at Run Sweat Love 5k/1k Santa Cruz, Saturday, April 25th. 

Who can coach Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons?? ANY adult over 18 who passes a background check and is stoked to help kids feel STRONG. 

Ready to get started? Email Allison Pfferkorn, our Program Coordinator by following this link.  For our returning schools, she will get you a new registration link and for our new Young Triton/Mini Mermaid family - she will help you with all the steps.
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