The last few weeks, I've been out canvassing the streets in California spreading Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons messages of courage, bravery, hope, and resilience in the hope that more kids will be able to participate and each time I go out - I wear a shirt that says, "I'm Cheering For You!". I love that shirt, not only does it make those I greet smile but every time I look at it myself, I feel it.

And you know what, I need it! Don't you?? 
Here is the thing, we are ALL trying - we are all "doing our best" as Brene Brown taught us in "Rising Strong". Doing our best looks pretty amazing sometimes, we are crushing our to-do list, we are dominating the work/life balance, and then other's not so pretty. "Doing our best" looks like making it through the day without making too many mistakes, getting into bed and pulling the covers over our heads. Both are human...are normal...and we NEED to cheer each other on for the days we are crushing all the things AND for the days where we are barely getting through & the best we can say at the end is, "I tried". It's not uncommon to think we are the only one that is trying and falling short. Or that we are the only ones carrying the weight on our shoulders and in our hearts that no one else can see. But that's not true! We are not the only ones!!! 
We are ALL trying our best at any given moment and what we need most from each other is to know we are all cheering for one another.

This summer, I was in Texas getting my dad settled and was at Walmart for what seemed like the 1 millionth time buying more depends and all that goes along with it. As I headed to the check out line, I saw a woman about my age, walking with her dad at a snail's pace, she seemed tired, worn out and overwhelmed with what is required to care for an aging parent. I wanted to scream out loud, "I SEE YOU TRYING TODAY. I SEE YOU, SISTER. AND, I'M CHEERING FOR YOU!!!". I kept it inside and said it to her as she passed me by. I said it for her, and, I said it for me. 

The world demands a lot of us, we are all trying so hard to do it ALL and to succeed at it ALL. It can be confusing for our kids to see that in us, for their sake and for ours, let's admit it's all tough sometimes! It takes resilience to respect ourselves and others enough to admit, we tried! And tomorrow is another day. I'm always struck by how much pressure kids as young as 7 years old carry around with them. It's like they are miniature adults with their asana checklist, slacking all their friends/playdates/extracurricular activities with the fervor of a year-end board report presentation! They see who we are - they see how we are in the world and how we work through life's every day inherent challenges AND successes.

Let's model for our kids attributes that will help them grow into whole, honest, vulnerable adults that can admit that they're trying and cheer for themselves and others. Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons learn this from early on in our program - that trying is where we start. And while you may not be perfect, you try anyway. Wherever you are, whatever your trying do today with your best ability, I'm cheering for you. 

Below is an "I'm cheering for you" graphic, share it - send it to people in your world that need to hear it. Send it to yourself. Let's spread the word to our kids, our friends, our families, and our communities that we are cheering for each other to do the very best we can. 


P.S. One way you can cheer for us is with your donations, click below to help us bring Mini Mermaid & Young Tritons message of hope and joy to kids all over the world.

Schools IN! 

Thanks, to our teachers all across the country for all you do every day! We are grateful for your commitment, dedication, and sacrifice to teach our children. We know you do A LOT with sometimes very little. 

MMRC Family - did you know that:

 1 in 6 teachers has a second job to make ends meet

Teachers make 19% less than people with similar educations. 

They spend on average $500 of their own money to purchase supplies for the classroom 

Did you also know that 95% of Mini Mermaid and Young Triton Coaches in the United States are teachers??

It stuns us all the time - we will just be over here all soaked in gratitude. 

JOIN US!! Mini Mermaid and Young Triton and hundreds of other kids along with their families and friends as we run/walk together 3.1 miles of fun. It's that time of the year we are looking for new fun ways to make awesome memories with our friends and family. The cherry on top? All the profits benefit  Mini Mermaid and Young Triton Running Clubs. (insert high five here!). 

Run.Sweat.Love. Family 5K-1K Run/Walk   

Lake Cunningham Regional Park
2305 S. White Rd.
San Jose, CA

Sunday, November 17th, 2019
9:45 am 1K
10:15 am 5K
(Expo opens at 8:00 am)

Virtual Category in case you live out of town. 

Register HERE



Heidi Boynton, our CEO/CO-FOUNDER is coming your way October 8th - 15th and she wants to hang with you!! Do you have friends or teachers or a school or a partner that would like to learn more about the awesome impact of Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons? Email Heidi to connect and set up a meeting! We want to make sure EVERY child has access to the incredible messages of hope, perseverance, self-compassion, resilience, and determination in our curriculums and WE NEED YOUR HELP TO GROW! 

Registration is OPEN for all areas and we are stoked to have sessions all over the country already on deck. You can start Mini Mermaids and/or Young Tritons ANYWHERE. We will help you will all the details.

Don't miss out on your chance to get in on these sessions already set:


San Diego 
Sessions begin the week of February 3, 2020, and end at Padres 5k on Sunday, March 15th. 

Santa Cruz County 
Sessions begin the week of March 9th, 2020 and end at Run Sweat Love 5k/1k Santa Cruz, Saturday, April 25th. 

Who can coach Mini Mermaid and Young Tritons?? ANY adult over 18 who passes a background check and is stoked to help kids feel STRONG. 

Ready to get started? Email Allison Pfferkorn, our Program Coordinator by following this link.  

Get your pals, kids, families and friends then get your calendars out and MARK THE DATES - there is so much fun ahead

Run Sweat Love 5k/1k San Jose, Sunday, November 17th. Registration opens on Thursday, September 18th! 

I Am More Than What You Sea Women's Retreat, Saturday, January 25th, Seymour Center, Santa Cruz 4 - 9 pm. Registration opens October 30th with a few spots at a great price. 

Run Sweat Love 5k/1k Santa Cruz, April 18th, 2020 Registration opening in January 
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