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Executive Director Report       

YEP,  that's me and some crazy wonderful friends celebrating YOUR generosity. You get a lot of requests for your hard earned money; it can be hard to choose where to give and know it is going where you want. 5000 kids and volunteers will get a medal at their finish line because of YOU. With all my heart- THANK YOU! 

I was watching a video today from
Marie TV, with author Simon Sinek, they spoke about leadership and the WHY? of what we do. There are many reasons why I do Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons, why I jump up and down, why I spend time writing and rewriting, why I ache to do better, to do more. A major WHY for me is the finish line. It truly is the beginning - it's that moment when you've done the one thing you set out to do. No matter what happened on the journey to the finish line, you've done it. You woke up in the morning; you chose to come to the start line, to show up with whatever was going on in your heart and mind and put one foot in front of the other. When I cross a finish line, I hear myself say "I can do more, I don't have to stay stuck in my circumstance." Stuck is what a lot of our kids grow up to feel - stuck in the struggle to succeed, stuck in situations that hold them back. Finish lines lead to an endless path - they represent hard work and passion and perseverance and resilience and focus. Your gifts, every single dollar, help us serve more kids every day.  For all the girls and boys who will put their feet on the finish line this coming school year - thank you thank you thank you. 

-Heidi Boynton, Executive Director
Across the pond to Leeds, UK: These Mini Mermaids are participating in their race day event and discovering #thefinishlineisjusthebeginning!
Video courtesy of Sky 1 Game Changers
Julie O'Rourke

Julie is a mom, former community college teacher, serial volunteer, and Mini Mermaid coach at Mountain Elementary School in Soquel, CA. Here is what she had to say about her experience:

"This was my first year coaching and the first year of Mini Mermaids at Mountain Elementary. I chose to coach Mini Mermaids because I find that when I run, feelings of joy, peace, and confidence flow through me, and it carries over into other parts of my life. I wanted to share those feelings with my daughter and other girls at her school. I was also interested in taking part in a program that empowers girls and gives them tools to build confidence and overcome self-doubt.
I enjoyed all aspects of the Mini Mermaid program. I was pleasantly surprised by how much the girls enjoyed the curriculum and the running. One of my favorite parts of the program was when I told the girls the story of a boy on my high school cross country team named Raj who would find me at the hardest parts of the course and cheer for me and motivate me to push myself to the end of the race. I told them I still think of Raj when I run today, and I encouraged them all to find their Raj to inspire them when they need to dig deep. Raj became our code word for encouragement, and all my girls became "Raj" to a teammate at one time or another when they needed it most. It was a beautiful thing to see! "

Thanks, Julie! Are you interested in coaching? Email us at

Would you like to help us expand? We are looking for volunteers to put up flyers and distribute marketing materials. You can be located ANYWHERE for this opportunity. Please email if you are interested!

Morgan Hill
Sessions begin the week of September 30 and
end at the Morgan Hill 5k on October 16

San Francisco
Sessions begin the week of October 3 and
end at the Mermaid San Francisco 5k on November 1


Thanks to these race partners for our current and upcoming sessions. Mini Mermaids and Young Tritons will discover the finish line is just the beginning because of you.

Mermaid Series
Giant Race

Southern Oregon Runners
Morgan Hill Half Marathon + 5k

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