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Entroping Entropy

Where vision is absent, the people decay.

But happy is he who attends to the word. 

Proverbs 29:18 (Author’s translation)


This is about entropy: the tendency of any closed system to drift into disorder. Each new year marks the completion of our little ball’s passage around it’s flaming star, and if you were to remove the energy of the sun from our earth, life would decay, and death would set in. But because this planet is not a closed system, but fed and nourished by the sun that it orbits, it blossoms.


What about you? Is your life a closed system? Does it feel stale and drifting and absent of outside vision? Turn again to the proverb: Blessed is he who attends to the word.


God has a vision for you. And both of those words––vision, and you, I mean ever so deliberately. God has a vision––a specific plan of action and becoming––for you, in the now, the very season of life through which you are moving.


All of us grapple with existing imperfectly and out of step with our ideal of who we would admire in ourselves. We need something from the outside! Something to move us forward through the fog and frustration, and that something is vision. The enlightening word of God.


I wonder, would you consider doing something with me? It may take 10 seconds. It may take a week. Here’s what it is:


Ask God to give you a guiding word for this present season. A single passage of scripture to light your way through the dark and the cold, a vision that is brighter than your minute-by-minute appetites, something to focus your life and keep you spiralling upward.


So go ahead, do whatever you do when you talk to Him, and join me in praying…


Father, your word tells me that if I need wisdom, I should ask you for it, because you’re generous, and will give it to me. (James 1:5) Well Father, I’m asking. Please, give me your wisdom. Grant me your vision. Send me a word for this specific season. I, your servant, am listening. In Jesus name, Amen.


Now open your Bible, and see where God takes you! Happy is he who attends to the word; It is in the spirit of that proverb, that I wish you the happiest year of any year yet!



Pastor Daren Redekopp

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Happy New Year!!!
Let's see what God has for us in 2015!!! 
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