Happy Holidays 
from Purpose Aligned Consulting

message from Kerri,


It's been a wonderful first year in business at Purpose Aligned Consulting! 2014 was so successful because of you. I'd like to say thank-you for...
  • The work you do. Building a school in Nepal, bringing books to Haiti's children, or teaching Denver's youth about mental health- I've been lucky to witness the life-changing work my clients are doing. Thank-you!
  • The support you've offered. This year I have been privileged to learn from many smart, hardworking people. Thank-you!
  • The hope you inspire. Sometimes things look bleak. But your work makes the world safer, happier and healthier. Thank-you!
As the year comes to an end, we are making moves for 2015. Here's what you can expect:
  • Educational Offerings. I work as an adjunct professor and am a former teacher. It's no surprise that I am passionate about education. Next year, Purpose Aligned Consulting will role out new learning opportunities. Stay tuned!
  • Increased focus on facilitation and consulting. Building upon a solid background in conflict resolution, community outreach and training, Purpose Aligned Consulting will offer more facilitation, coaching and consulting in 2015.
Take care of yourself this season,
Love Kerri 

Happy Holidays!

Client Corner:

Library for All

Purpose Aligned has been working with Library for All. This ambitious nonprofit built a digital library for the developing world. Their innovative app unlocks knowledge for those without access to books. They curate content in local languages, and readers can adapt the library for their needs. Purpose Aligned has been helping them with grant writing, consulting and coaching. 

To learn more and support their vision of bringing books to 250 million people, check out their website. Watch these folks. 2015 is going to be a big year for them!

  Contact us: I 720.366.6781