Issue 041. February 9, 2021.
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Clive Parker (Glasgow)

As I write this, I am unsure whether the Darlo match will go on.

Notwithstanding the unpleasant "politics" of whether the season should or shouldn't continue - there's been a lot of snow etc., which might have a bearing!

My own view is that the current National League farce has once again exposed the "haves" and "have-nots" polemic in British society.  

Our own club want the season to continue - safe with the Ben Godfrey money, and our owner sitting on the real estate security of Bootham Crescent.

Chorley too, with their lucrative FA Cup run, want the league to continue.

The "have-nots" are teams that we need to survive in order for there to be a league to compete in. If they struggle to pay their wages etc., with no income, why make them? It's not the result of incompetence. 

It's true that young lads will always want to play football. Equally, they need the facilities and infrastructure to do so. Part of that infrastructure is ambition and hope.

The clubs in our league are part of that infrastructure. As they said when Beeching closed the branch line railways - cut the branches and the trees will wither and die. Ben Godfrey is an obvious example of that. 

I'm sure I'm not the only city fan who - when watching Match of the Day - hopes that Nick Pope will excel for Burnley, and Ben Godfrey for Everton. 

Changing tack slightly, I thank Ray Taylor for including me in the people whose anecdotes he enjoys. Well, here's another one.

One day in the 1980's, I think it may have been New Year. I turned up at Bootham Crescent carrying an axe!

My parents had recently retired down to Weymouth in Dorset. I had a house in Starbeck, Harrogate, which had an open fire.

In those days few of us had central heating. I went to visit my parents by train one weekend, and my father offered me an axe as they were still down-sizing and I had an open fire so needed to chop firewood regularly. So I left Weymouth with an axe in my luggage.

The train timetable meant that I could get from Weymouth to York in time for the kick-off, but obviously didn't have time to go home with the axe first.

I had it in my rucksack, head down, with the shaft protruding out of the rucksack. I thought I could sneak in with it un-detected.

Not to be. I was quickly spotted. So, I went to the office and said to the Club Secretary: "I'm carrying an axe, I don't suppose I can take it into the ground?" 

The office erupted into laughter. He let me leave it in his office, promising that I could collect it at the end of the game.

We often joked afterwards about the potential newspaper headline "Mad axe-man runs onto the pitch at York City" - but it never happened. 

Happy days!
Steve Aldous (Haxby, York)

Further to today’s edition (TOOAB Issue 040), and comments from both Ken Thorpe and George Davidson regarding The green Sport’s Press reminded me of my tale to tell on the same subject.

I got married on Saturday 1st September 1979.

I played both cricket and football for Heworth then and my cricket team, Heworth II’s, were playing away at Boroughbridge.

Our honeymoon that night and some days afterwards was in Grasmere, The Lake District.

So, after the wedding and reception, we set off via Boroughbridge Road! 

After many words from my wife, telling me to continue driving, I stopped at Harry Pannel’s newsagent shop to buy a copy of the green Sports Press. 

Then set off towards The Lake District via a stop off at Boroughbridge CC to see how Heworth II’s were faring! Some things you just have to do!

Further to Ken’s mention of Wilf Meek, yes he was City’s football writer for The Press around this time if not even earlier.

In 1971, I was in the St.George’s under 14’s side that beat Ashfield in the Wilf Meek under 14’s Trophy Final at Bootham Crescent. 

Both events well remembered; great days and great times. 
Donald Horsfield (York)

The mentions of the Green and then Pink Sports Press brings back happy memories.

Anybody who lived in Strensall in the 1970s may remember a local chap, Harold I think was his name, who brought them round the village.  

One of the highlights of Saturday evenings in those pre-technology days.

I still have a few somewhere.
John Lacy (Leeds)

Thanks, Ray Taylor (TOOAB Issue 39) for your memories of The Football Press (green and pink).

We lived miles away from any newsagents when I was a lad so 'hot off the press' purchase was not viable.

Wilf Meek's restrained, but always careful and accurate, reports on York City had to wait until Sunday morning to be read.

The Football Press was delivered, along with the Sunday Express, through our letterbox more than 12 hours after the final whistle. Delayed gratification!

During the 1968/69 football season, my wife and I lived for a year in San Francisco, California.  

As I recall, football-wise, this was not a time of great achievement for our football club, but my Dad dutifully kept me in touch with news of fresh disasters by posting each weekly Yorkshire Evening Press (Football) half the way across the world.

There was a special postal rate in those days (newspaper, or 'printed paper' rate I think it was called). It took a while, but each pink edition eventually arrived in my student mailbox tightly and safely rolled in a specially sealed wrapper.

A little reminder of home in a faraway place during what seemed to be an interminably rainy November and December just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Still, psychedelic 'Love-ins' in Golden Gate Park and getting tear-gassed during a student protest in Berkeley was even more exciting than football at Bootham Crescent during those memorable days of youthful idealism! 
Dennis Horseman (Thirsk)

Richard Atkinson (TOOAB, Issue 040).  I sincerely hope you are right in having seen the last game at our beloved BC.  

In saying that I also hope the City board have second thoughts on the games Hull City reserves are planning to play there.  

In my mind, it is a kick in the teeth for York City fans.  If we want or need the money from Hull let them play at the MX, after all it is touted by the club as being good for income streams.  
Simon Turner (Hornsea)

Seeing the great artwork of Bootham Crescent (TOOAB Issue 040) recalls a football tale.  

Nothing to do with BC, but a lot to do with drawing the ground.

In York's promotion season, when they went up via the playoffs. The season started very well under John Ward.  

Ever the optimist I decided that an away trip to see York at Scunthorpe was doable, as I lived near Bradford at the time.  

My only problem was that I would have to take my elder daughter with me, who must have been 5 or 6 years old. Well, I knew that Scunthorpe had a decent ground, with parking and a seat would be possible, so off we went.

I had previously purchased a good supply of sweets, drinks, etc to keep my youngster amused, as I was not too sure how interested she would be in the game at her early age.  

We got the ground and the game was tight, my daughter, Jen, opened up her bag and got out her crayons/pencils and a paper pad and proceeded to draw Scunthorpe’s ground, complete with advertising hoardings, grass, floodlights, stands -the whole shebang.  

She kept at this all the game until we scored, I think a late winning goal. I wish I had that picture now as it wasn’t bad at all and created a lot of amusement amongst the York fans.

Jen clearly enjoyed her football, although not a York City regular she did attend Man Utd away and then QPR and went to Wembley V Crewe, she took up the game and played in goal for Aberystwyth Town in Wales.

I also recall the Pink sports press. How many times did I do spot the ball and be convinced I had won!  

I used to be a paper boy and deliver the ordinary press, but when York got promoted to Div 2 I bought a season ticket and had to beg to get every other Saturday off to see York.  

When they were away I used to try and get updates, as I went around my round. In particular I recall being amazed to hear that Jimmy Seal had scored away at Arsenal and hurried around my round to get home to see if we could get a famous draw.

As I got older I moved away from York to return in my late 20’s. I started playing for LNE Builders on Hobmoor and took my bike so I could finish the Saturday afternoon game and zoom into town to see the second half at York.  

To be honest it was often very hard to find a late opening turnstile and usually a persistent knock at the gate to the enclosure near the David Longhurst end would result in free admittance.

Abandoned matches!  

I would quite like to hear any BC memories of these, apart from the sad passing of David Longhurst.

I once went to one that was stopped at half-time as it was too icy. Against Lincoln? I had 3 pairs of socks on that day, from then on I never wore more than one pair socks to a game, as I was convinced the match would be abandoned if I did.  

This resulted in very cold feet by half time, so I usually ran out of the ground all the way up Grovesnor Rd and back to warm up!  

Another abandoned game that I recall was at home against Tranmere (I think)  we were at least 3 or 4 up by half time when a deluge called the game off!  

Luckily I think we still won the rearranged fixture.

When Barnsey got his hatrick against Scunthorpe when it was snowing I was convinced the game would be abandoned, luckily for us and Barnsey, it wasn’t.  

Of course there have been many times I have turned up to the ground to only find out the game was off.

I even went to Mansfield once to be told the game was off, another time I was living in Cumbria, so games were not easy to get to, I was heading across the A66 in snowy conditions and the BBC said Darlo v York was off, so I turned around in a bad mood, only for 10 minutes later to be told that was a mistake and the game was on.  This was all in the time before smart phones of course.

I could go on with the many tales I and my family have experienced watching York City.  I am sure we all have many.  

Maybe this is the time to share them with each other as we do not have much York City football to talk about and we are all still locked down!  

So come on everyone lets unburden ourselves of our York City baggage!
John Uttley (Howden)

I would just like to compliment Richard Atkinson regarding his Bootham Crescent painting. (TOOAB Issue 040).

Absolutely fantastic.
Chris Crowcroft (Ludlow)

‘Boreham Wood Ultras’: I went to their ground the last time City played them in the giddy heights of the NLP, a 1-1 draw.

Visiting City fans outnumbered the locals whose hardcore appeared to be a dozen or so lads croaking the inevitable ‘we’re by far the greatest team/the world has ever seen.’

My, how we quaked. Nice playing surface.
Dave King (Corby, Northants)

I feel I must jump to the defence of John Uttley being a little responsible for this discussion.

Firstly, many thanks, John, for your comments and support regards the programme debate.

As you say, I was merely making my views and disappointment, and this excellent site gives us all the vehicle to get our views heard and shared.

I respect everyone who posts here and, yes, I don't necessarily agree but it provides a colourful scene and debate.

My comments, as John's, were not discriminatory or hurtful. As mine were just what I felt as regards the programme issue.

So I have to say, Mr Penman's post was a little sharp and not a little patronising.

As I know, and John Uttley has stated, we all have bigger fish to fry. Football and City give us a much-appreciated focus and distraction.

We all want Josh and our friends to be safe well and happy.

So I was grateful to the club for contacting me and explaining the situation. I can't remember any other club doing that!

In closing, John, you are a star and once again many thanks. Be fab when and as this thing is setting, a beer at the LNER with you would be great and I'd get to shake your hand.

Mr Penman, I'd be happy for you to share this invitation also, as I've said freedom of speech and respect for those words are what we all strive for.

Keep safe and well.

Farsley Celtic 'unwilling' to fulfil York City fixture

By Joe Richardson

YORK City's Saturday opponents Farsley Celtic have said they are "unwilling" to fulfil the fixture.

Joshua Greaves, chairman of the West Yorkshire outfit, strongly indicated last weekend that the Celts would not travel for what would be the first fixture at the LNER Community Stadium.

Farsley have since doubled down on the stance and, in a statement on their website, confidently stated the trip to York and their home game against Guiseley will be postponed.

The Celts said: "Upcoming matches with Guiseley and York City are off.

"Further to our statement published on Friday, we can confirm that our view regarding the recommencement of the 2020/21 season remains the same.

"Therefore, we are unwilling to fulfil the two upcoming fixtures at home to Guiseley this evening and away at York City on Saturday.

"The league resolution and funding issues are yet to be confirmed; therefore, we do not feel that we can continue with the season at this point."

Worries for players 'potentially not playing again this season'

By Joe Richardson  

YORK City boss Steve Watson has spoken of the importance of keeping players’ minds off the ongoing uncertainty around the league season.

National League clubs are currently engaged in a vote that could possibly end the season prematurely as league action at Step 2 picks up again following a two-week suspension.

Despite the resumption, York have not kicked a ball in anger since January 5.

The winter weather has taken its annual toll but, with health and finances on clubs’ minds, a few teams are also refusing to play.

York’s weekend trip to Alfreton Town was called off following a pitch inspection, as was tonight's trip to Darlington. Farsley Celtic are due to visit York on Saturday but have indicated they are unlikely to travel.

City confront the uncertainty by preparing as normal for fixtures, Watson and assistant Micky Cummins have said, but the thought still lingers.

“The players see everything that comes up (on social media),” Watson explained. “It would be very difficult for me to get their minds away from it.

“We’ve got to do our best as a management team to keep them focused.

“One of the reasons why teams want to carry on is that the majority of players in this league have a year’s contract at a time. They’re all looking at next year and winning a new contract to stay at York City.

“They’ve got futures to play for and they’re staring down the barrel of, potentially, not playing again this season and not being able to prove themselves.

“None of these lads, I would think, have made life-changing money where they won’t have to work again after football. These lads have families and mortgages.

“They’ll be nervous about what’s going on and it’s mine and Micky’s job to keep them focused on the game at hand, to try and keep them believing that this will carry on.”

'Possibility' of filling dates when York City's scheduled opposition won't play

By Joe Richardson

STEVE WATSON has not ruled out the possibility of rearranging fixtures to fill dates when York City's scheduled opposition refuse to play.

The Minstermen tomorrow evening (7.45pm) are scheduled a trip to Darlington but Quakers boss Alun Armstrong cast doubt over the National League North fixture in a post-match interview on Saturday.

This coming weekend, York are due to host Farsley Celtic, whose chief executive Joshua Greaves strongly indicated in a BBC Radio York interview that his side would not travel for the fixture.

Meanwhile, other teams who want to recommence matches before the results of the resolutions vote come in have found themselves frustrated by their opposition's steadfast position. Boston United and AFC Fylde have both publicly stated their desire to pick up fixtures again but were not able to play their matches against Curzon Ashton and Guiseley, respectively, at the weekend.

Some observers have therefore proposed that teams who do want to continue be allowed to play off against each other.

"There will be teams who have taken this stance (like Farsley) and there will be teams who we've had postponed games against who we might be able to fit in," Watson said.

"If we know early enough about Farsley, if they've made that stance and they're not going to backtrack, we can see whether we could play a team like Boston or a Fylde."

York also had a blank weekend as their league visit to Alfreton Town was called off following a 9am pitch inspection.

"It has to be right for both parties and there has to be enough time to do it," Watson added.

"Saturday, for instance, there's nothing we could do getting told at nine o'clock in the morning, but this Saturday, that's a possibility. We want to get games as quickly as possible."

York City boss Steve Watson: 'It's beyond frustrating for a team that just wants to crack on'

By Joe Richardson 

"IT is beyond frustrating for a team that wants to crack on."

So said York City manager Steve Watson as he and the Minstermen continue to grapple with the uncertainty surrounding the National League North season.

The 66 clubs of the National League are awaiting the results of the potentially season-ending vote on the resolutions the league issued last Monday.

Between the ongoing debate over funding, a global pandemic and current wintry weather, there are plenty of stumbling blocks between now and the end of the season.

Among them is the question of whether scheduled opposition will play. Darlington boss Alun Armstrong has cast Tuesday evening's fixture in doubt while Farsley Celtic chief executive Joshua Greaves strongly indicated his side will not travel to face York on Saturday.

Last weekend saw the postponement of five fixtures that were due to be contested by teams who have taken a hardline stance on not fulfilling further fixtures.

York's game was undone when Alfreton Town reported their pitch waterlogged following a 9am inspection.

"Our situation is clear," Watson said. "We're raring to go. Everybody at the club and I'm sure everybody supporting the club wants to see the season through.

"As a club - certainly management team and players - is to prepare for the next game.

"'Farcical' is just one word you could use but from our point of view we were prepared to face Alfreton on Saturday and then the minute the game was cancelled, you look to Darlington on Tuesday night and hopefully that's still the case.

"That's all we can do.

"If the game's going to be called off, we would like it to be in time for us to prepare for Saturday's game.

"It's beyond frustrating for a team that just wants to crack on.

"It's ludicrous to be speaking in February 12 games in and still harbouring hopes of fitting in 30 games between now and April, May time.

"Once I'd spoken about Alfreton having a pitch inspection, I said to Micky on Friday night, 'This will be off'.

"I just had that feeling. I'm not accusing anybody of anything. My feeling was that the minute there was any doubt, it would be off.

"We ended up having a practice match at Bootham which, in its own way, was good. We got players back from injury like Owen Gamble. We're still trying to get the two loan lads as much time with the other lads as possible.

"We're hoping and planning for playing Darlo tomorrow night but in the back of our minds we're thinking if it gets cancelled we'll get another training session in."

Darlington v York City OFF

By Joe Richardson

YORK City's trip to Darlington has been postponed following a morning pitch inspection.

The Minstermen were due to travel to Blackwell Meadows for a 7.45pm kick off in National League North this evening.

Darlington have reported a frozen pitch, with snow having fallen on Monday before frost overnight.

A representative from York was in attendance for the 11.30am pitch inspection, Darlington said on Twitter.

The club wrote: "After a pitch inspection this morning by a qualified referee, with a representative from York City in attendance, tonight's home game has been postponed because of a frozen pitch.

"A new date has yet to be arranged for the game."

Referencing uncertainty over whether Farsley Celtic will travel to York for the weekend's fixture, City tweeted: "Today's game against Darlington has been postponed. We go again Saturday...?"

Game against Farsley Celtic postponed

By Dan Simmonite

We have received notification from the visitors that Saturday's game against Farsley Celtic will be postponed.

A statement from Farsley Celtic read: "Further to our statement published on Friday, we can confirm that our view regarding the recommencement of the 2020/21 season remains the same. Therefore, we are unwilling to fulfil the two upcoming fixtures at home to Guiseley this evening and away at York City on Saturday.

"The league resolution and funding issues are yet to be confirmed; therefore, we do not feel that we can continue with the season at this point."

Darlington game this evening called off

By Dan Simmonite

Darlington have announced that's tonight's game will be postponed after an 11:30am pitch inspection conducted by a local referee.

We now turn our attention to Saturday's home game against Farsley Celtic.

Steve Watson: "Something needs to be done quickly."

By Dan Simmonite

Steve Watson and his players are awaiting answers from the National League over the concerns over the continuation of the season and scheduled games coming up.

Speaking on the current situation, the Manager said: “It’s beyond frustrating for a team that just wants to crack on. It absolutely ludicrous to be speaking now in February and still harbouring hopes of fitting another 30 games in between now and May.

“We have got to prepare as if we are going to play and that’s the only way we can do it.”

Watson added: “Our situation is pretty clear and straight forward – we are raring to go and everyone at the club and everyone supporting the club wants the league to go ahead and see the season through.

“As a club all we can do on a daily basis, certainly management team and players, is to prepare for the next game.

“Farcical is just one word you could use but from our point of view we prepared to play an Alfreton side on Saturday, we did all the research and due diligence on their team, we set out to play them.

“The minute the game was cancelled we then looked towards playing Darlington and hopefully that will still be the case.

“We all have opinion on it, but we can’t affect what is happening at other clubs.”

Watson continued: “People in managerial positions sometimes don’t get the say in these positions but I don’t know any managers or football men that would want to stop the season no matter what position they were in.

“If there are genuine monetary reasons why they can’t carry on, then you don’t want clubs to be in that position and fair enough. I’d hate to think it would be a case of anything else.

“If we have a decision quickly, we can still get through the remaining fixtures without going to the degree of three or four games a week.

“Something needs to be done quickly, in the next week to ten days. We need leadership from the very top to take it by the scruff of the neck and make a decision.”

The Manager also put an emphasis on focus within the York camp, with the players carrying on as normal and going above and beyond to use Saturday’s postponement to have an in-house training match to keep intensity high.

“We’ve got to do our best as a management team to keep the focus,” added Watson.

“The majority of players in this league have a year’s contract at a time, they will all be looking at next year and hoping to try and win a new contract and stay at York City.

“That’s going to be in their minds as well, they’ve got futures to play for a lot of these players and they are staring down the barrel of potentially not playing again this season and not being able to prove themselves.”

The team are ready to travel to Darlington tomorrow and Steve Watson is hoping to get back on track in the division and make use of the five games in hand over top club Gloucester City.

Watson said, speaking on the contest: “We done our work on Darlo, we’ve watched their game at the weekend, and they got a very good result and looked very good but they also picked up three injuries.

“Unfortunately for Luke Charman it looked like a bad one from what we saw so we wish him all the best if that’s the case.

“So, we are not one hundred per cent on their personnel, but we know what we need to do and as I’m said before it all boils down to looking at ourselves and being as ready as we can be.

“Now is the time that we really do want to put a run together of games and whenever that may be – hopefully starting tomorrow night.”

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A round-up of news from York City's rival Vanarama National League (North) clubs.
Tuesday fixtures

Alfreton Town v Gloucester City - postponed non-weather reasons
Blyth Spartans v Bradford Park Avenue - postponed non-weather reasons
Boston United v Kidderminster Harriers - postponed frozen pitch
Brackley Town v Southport - postponed non-weather reasons
Chester v AFC Fylde - postponed frozen pitch
Chorley v Spennymoor Town - postponed non-weather reasons
Darlington v York City - postponed frozen pitch
Farsley Celtic v Guiseley  - postponed non-weather reasons
Hereford v Curzon Ashton - postponed non-weather reasons
Kettering Town v Leamington - postponed non-weather reasons
Please check with the club's official website for late changes to fixtures before committing to travel.
Pre-season friendlies

Sat 5 Newcastle United U-23 1, York City 4 (Trialist, Olly Dyson, Rob Guilfoyle (2))
Tue 8 South Shields 3, York City 0 
Sat 12 Whitby Town 2, York City 0
Sat 19 York City 0, Stockport County 1
Sat 26 Notts County 0, York City 3 (Wright, Cassidy, Wollerton)

2020-21 season

York City joined the FA Cup in the 2nd qualifying round and the FA Trophy in the 2nd round proper.

Note: Midweek fixtures are 7.45pm kick off unless stated otherwise.

Sat 3 Warrington Rylands 0, York City 1 (Newton) - Emirates FA Cup 2Q (City receive £3,375 prizemoney)
Tue 6 York City 3, Chorley 1 (McLaughlin, Barrow, Woods)
Sat 10 Farsley Celtic 1, York City 1 (Newton)
Tue 13 Chorley 1, York City 0 - Emirates FA Cup 3Q (Losing club receive £1,875)
Sat 17 York City 0 Brackley Town 0

Tue 10 Southport 2, York City 3 (Newton (2), Bunn)
Sat 28 Leamington 2, York City 1 (Dyson)

Wed 2 Blyth Spartans 0, York City 3 (Woods, Bunn, Cassidy)
Sat 5 York City 2, Chester 1 (Bunn, Wright) 
Tue 8 York City 2, Kettering Town 0 (Newton (2)) 
Sat 12 York City 1, Spennymoor Town 1 (Woods)
Tue 15 Ashton United 3, York City 3 (City lose 3-2 pens) - Buildbase FA Trophy 2R (Dyson, Woods, Redshaw)
Sat 26 Bradford Park Avenue 4, York City 2 (Redshaw, Guilfoyle)
Mon 28 York City 1, Guiseley 0 (King)

Tue 5 Kidderminster Harriers 2, York City 2 (Woods, Newton)
Tue 26 Hereford (a) - postponed

Tue 2 Bradford Park Avenue (h) - postponed
Sat 6 Alfreton Town (a) - postponed
Tue 9 Darlington (a) - postponed
Sat 13 Farsley Celtic (h) - postponed
Tue 16 AFC Fylde (h) - 7pm
Sat 20 Chorley (a)
Tue 23 Boston United (a)
Sat 27 Hereford (h)

Tue 2 Gloucester City (h) 
Sat 6 Brackley Town (a)
Tue 9 Gateshead (h) 
Sat 13 Southport (h)
Sat 20 Chester (a)
Tue 23 Gateshead (a)
Sat 27 Kidderminster Harriers (h)

Fri 2 AFC Fylde (a)
Mon 5 Leamington (h)
Sat 10 Spennymoor Town (a)
Tue 13 Blyth Spartans (h)
Sat 17 Kettering Town (a)
Sat 24 Darlington (h)

Sat 1 Guiseley (a)
Mon 3 Boston United (h)
Sat 8 Gloucester City (a)
Tue 11 AFC Telford United (a) 
Sat 15 AFC Telford United (h)
Tue 18 Curzon Ashton (h) 
Sat 22 Curzon Ashton (a)
Sat 29 Alfreton Town (h)

Promotion play-off series
Sat 5/Sun 6 NLN play-offs 1R
Sat 12/Sun 13 NLN play-offs semi-final
Sat 19/Sun 20 NLN play-off final
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There's Only One Arthur Bottom
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