Issue 001. January 1, 2021.
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Adam Holmes (BBC Radio York)

Arthurites might like to know that on BBC Radio York tomorrow morning - 2nd January - we’ve got a special half-hour programme dedicated to Bootham Crescent.

It's called Farewell to Bootham Crescent and is a celebration of the ground, the fans, the players and the people who live near the ground.

It’s going to be on 0930-1000. It will also be repeated between 5pm and 6pm on Saturday evening as part of Sharon’s regular Saturday afternoon sport/football programme. 

It will also be available afterwards on BBC sounds – this link should take you to it -

Among the people featured (in no particular order) are Alf Patrick, Keith Houchen, Iain Dunn, Andy McMillan, Jonathan Greening, Daniel Parslow and Guy Mowbray.

It’s a really nice listen and we hope people (not just YCFC fans) will enjoy it.

It will also be played a couple more times at least over the next few weeks, as we prepare for when York City will play their final match at Bootham Crescent.
Ray Taylor (Warrington)

Have not entered to decide my best City Eleven. Too difficult!

Do I select the 1974/75 team that finished 15th in what is now the Championship?  

What about including players who went on to big and better things?  Dave Dunmore (Spurs), John Byrne (QPR), Phil Boyer (Man City), and others like Brian Pollard and Chris Calvert.

There may well be others that I have forgotten. Then do I let my heart rule my head and pick the 1954/5 Cup side with all the wonderful memories they still hold for me.  

Should I include personal favourites such as Paul Aimson, Keith Walwyn, Phil Burrows and Alf Patrick?

Finally, I am of the age whereby I am still not sure what a centre back is, or a wing back, of a midfielder ot a wide attacker!  

To me we should have a right back, left back, centre half, left half, right half, etc. etc.  That said, I will excuse any formation as long as we win!

Best wishes to everyone for 2021. 
Dave King (Corby, Northants)

A very happy new year and, as always, massive thanks to everyone at the club and this newsletter for giving us the opportunity to share our truly irreplaceable thoughts about our club and, yeah, converse with like-minded

If I may share my experience, it was a dreadful night at Bootham Crescent v Leicester in the cup.

We were in the open end opposite Shipton St when the heavens opened big time; everyone who could tryed to take refuge in the what was then the club.

A guy grabbed my brother and me and headed us under cover of the club.

Somewhat concerned, I said to that guy but we are not allowed in there cause of our age.

'Don't be bloody silly, lad,' he said, 'your with me and I'm not seeing you getting soaked through.'

Now, if that man is still with us, that was the legacy of my club as a boy I still have.

Who was Gordon Banks? 

We won 2-1.

I'm still glowing.
Donald Horsfield (York)

In reply to Peter Thorndyke and his query regarding Derek Dougan playing at BC. 

The League Cup tie against Blackburn was played 10/10/1960. Sadly Blackburn won 3-1 and Dougan scored twice with the other one from Chris Crowe. Colin Addison got our goal and the crowd is given as 10,933. 

Like many others, I was very disappointed when it became apparent that no fans would be allowed in against Park Avenue, or indeed for the foreseeable future.

I did wonder though how it is that a very small number of people, socially distanced in a fairly large space and only admitted after temperature checks is now banned but this afternoon I joined the free for all at a large supermarket on one of the shopping parks where social distancing was none existent and number regulation didn’t appear to happen.

Certainly, no temperature checks and most people ignored the hand sanitizers.

The effort City went to so that the games against Spennymoor and Guiseley could have some of us watching was commendable and the stewards were excellent throughout.

Such a shame that it has to end this way.
Alan Hudson (Manchester)

In reply to Peter Thorndyke (TOOAB Issue 373), I can confirm that Derek Dougan played at the Crescent in the early '60s for Blackburn Rovers.

I was still at school at the time and several of us decided to stay at the Grosvenor Road end for the whole game (as we often did) rather than use the tunnel to change ends at half-time.

From memory, Dougan was already quite famous and he was starting his shaved-head period, which made him seem even more threatening. We were quite relentless in our mockery of him. 

Of course, he repaid us by scoring a goal right in front of us. Then, instead of having a go back at us, he just stood there while we were jeering, and cracked a wonderful smile, as if to say “you can make as much noise as you like but we all know who’s really in charge here”.

A few years later I left school and was working in the West Midlands. "The Doog" was at Wolves by then and a gang of us often travelled across on a Saturday afternoon to watch them play.

He had that wonderful skill of being able to hang in the air, i.e. get up before the defender then swivel round to get a bit of extra lift, and he became a legend there, along with Dave Wagstaffe who provided the crosses.
Paul Bowser (Thirsk)

Happy New Year to Josh and Arthurites everywhere. 

Please can I pass on my thanks for the many good wishes received in the last few days since taking on the role of club historian, and for the posts on Arthur 373 from John and Clive. I’ll certainly give it my best shot to build on the legacy created over the years by Dave Batters and many others, as it’s always been really important to me to cherish and record the club’s heritage. 

The thread on recent Arthurs about the best XI ever to face City at Bootham Crescent is a cracking one, and it’s fascinating to see so many memories in print. 

Re Peter Thorndyke’s query about Derek Dougan, I have coincidentally mentioned ‘the Doog’ in the second volume of ‘Bootham Crescent: A Second Home’ which I hope to publish in the spring. 

Dougan did indeed play for Blackburn Rovers against City at BC in our first-ever LC tie back in October 1960, and scored twice for the visitors in their 3-1 win.

He had also previously appeared for Ireland schoolboys against their English counterparts at York in May 1952, the programme that day describing the youngster as having a ‘long raking stride, and good ball control’.

On a quirkier note, Dougan is also credited with ceremonially switching on City’s ‘new’ floodlights (well, new lamps in the pylons at least) against Grimsby in August 1980. All was not as it seemed, however, as is revealed in the book… 

Clive Parker’s comments (TOOAB Issue 373), regarding our fruitless and fogged off visit to Wrexham in February 1984, did indeed bring back memories of an abundance of meat pies.

My ‘scouting about’ was no doubt primarily to ensure I could secure the prized programmes, so the pies were an added bonus of that search I suspect. The fog was so bad that I remember not being able to get back to Thirsk from Clive’s and having to crash the night on his sofa.  

By the way, I have long since kicked the habit of buying two copies of every programme, although this is not a sign of maturity on my part, just that I now shamelessly read everyone else’s copy to retain my own in pristine condition. 

I recall returning to North Wales a fortnight later for the rearranged match, and although my memory is hazy as to whether Clive was a travelling companion the second time around, I can clearly remember Derek Hood having a penalty saved late on in a goalless draw.

It was one of the few disappointments of a wonderful 101-point season, as was the fact that the out-dated programmes were reused from the aborted fixture without even an updating insert…oops, regressing into anorak mode again there! 

Happy days, so let’s hope 2021 brings better times. 

York City have set expectations now, believes Micky Cummins

By Joe Richardson  

MICKY CUMMINS believes York City have set a baseline expectation of performance ahead of Saturday's meeting with Bradford Park Avenue.

Two days after their 4-2 Boxing Day defeat to Bradford, York were dominant in a 1-0 victory over Guiseley in near enough every regard except the scoreline.

With 13 efforts on goal to Guiseley's one, Cummins believes the Minstermen's solidity in defence provided the springboard for their attacking intent - and he wants to see more of the same today.

Cummins said: "The absolute minimum that's expected now is that level of performance in terms of the aggression we showed with the ball - getting forward, runners in behind, competing with and without the ball.

"With that attitude and the approach, the majority of the game will be played in the opposition half so you'd like to think there will be similar occasions of us being in the attacking third.

"Consistency of that level of performance, you'd like to think that we'd create them chances and score them chances.

"Certainly, I think the defensive base that was set up, we looked solid, with Browny in the middle competing well with Kingy and Newts either side, who are an attacking threat as well as defensively solid, I think we looked a whole lot better and it gave us that platform to play the game in the opposition half.

"We've certainly set them standards and those levels so that's the absolute minimum that's expected from now on."

Josh King scored the only goal of the game when he darted in front of the Guiseley defence to deftly volley home a Sean Newton free kick.

"They only had one man in the wall," Cummins explained. "We knew that Newts' delivery was going to go across and round the wall and in front of the first defender, so I asked Josh to stand in front of the first defender, anticipating that they would probably put something in front of him, so anything that was shot low from Newts, Kingy was there to help on."

Bradford's flying Knight feels even more goals will come

By Rowan Newman

BRADFORD (Park Avenue) scored a pitiful 25 goals in 33 league outings last season. With less than half (14) that amount played so far this term, they are only three finishes away from matching that total. A big reason for this is Lewis Knight.

The newfound talisman has already netted double figures in all competitions, four more than when he top-scored in that basement-placed campaign.

What's more impressive is Knight's efficiency, achieving his eight league strikes in only 11 games.

The 22-year-old, who had spent the majority of his 87 appearances in an Avenue shirt out wide, is now becoming the striker supporters were screaming out for in the summer.

Knight credits his teammates for his improvement and is targetting a rise up the leagues in the future.

"It has come out of nowhere," he said.

"I’ve got 10 but I feel like I definitely could have four or five more with some of the chances I’ve had.

"It is always nice to be on a good goalscoring spree but at the same time you are always looking at where the next one is coming from. It is also important to keep grounded and work hard for the team.

"My natural position is in the number nine. I am not the biggest so that has hampered the opportunities I have had up there. But now I have been given them, I have taken it reasonable well."

Knight added: "It is everyone’s goal to play as higher as you can, that is what I am trying to achieve. This season is definitely helping that.

"You never know what is going to happen in football. I am looking for that opportunity and ready to take it if it comes."

An interesting dynamic which emerged during the period between the two seasons is Knight's father, Martin, coming in as director of football.

Lewis discussed what it is like dealing with his dad being behind the scenes, saying: "We tend not to talk about his role in the club. We talk more about the performances on the pitch.

"It is important for me to distance myself from the ins and outs of the club.

"I don’t want the players coming to me for inside information on what is happening. I want them to treat me the same as they have been doing in the last two years as their teammate, not as the son of the guy who is running it.

"I have tried to keep it as professional as I can to separate his side of it from mine. I focus on playing and let him focus on everything in the background.

"It is all about finding that balance. He has not only got his best interests for me as his son but interests for me as an asset.

"It is a bit more difficult for him than me because he has got to treat me the same as everyone else."

The team's results have coincided with the forward's purple patch.

Despite losing against Curzon Ashton last time out, Bradford are only four points off the playoffs after beating the likes of York City and picking up draws at flyers Gloucester City and AFC Fylde.

"It is the stability," Knight explained.

"If you look at the core of players we have got this year it is similar to what we had in my first year when we made the playoffs.

"We have got a strong midfield and defence, good goalkeeper and attacking options.

"We have the right balance. Mark (Bower) and Bosh (Danny Boshell) are key to that.

"The main thing is we are all enjoying being at Bradford and you can tell that in some of the results and performances which we have had."

Avenue's next challenge is facing York once again, only seven days after that 4-2 win at Horsfall.

The last ever game at Bootham Crescent was set to be played in front of 2000 home supporters, until the city got plunged into tier 3 on Thursday.

Knight, who enjoyed the fans' presence in the FA Trophy defeat to Chester earlier in the month, wants another entertaining clash with the Minstermen.

"I took a corner and the Chester fans were giving me abuse. I just started laughing because I have missed it. You miss the home fans, and the away fans giving you grief.

"Both sides know each other’s weaknesses. Hopefully, it will be another high scoring game.

"We want to go there and get the result, but we know it won’t be easy especially with them being at home.

"We are all looking forward to bouncing back from Curzon as we felt it was a missed opportunity to kick on from the York result."

Watch the Bradford fixture LIVE on YouTube

By Dan Simmonite

City are back in action tomorrow afternoon for the first game of 2021. Bradford (Park Avenue) will travel from West Yorkshire for the reverse derby fixture after Boxing Day.

Bootham Crescent will play host to the New Year’s affair without fans as the game was forced behind closed doors due to York moving into Tier 3.

Kick-off is 3pm. 

How to watch

The game will be Livestreamed on YouTube on a ‘pay what you can’ basis.

To help the club keep the livestream on YouTube we encourage contributions to the virtual turnstile here:

Click here to watch the Live coverage from approx. 2:50pm.

Manager’s Comments

Micky Cummins spoke to the press on New Year’s Eve and has said that the Guiseley performance is the absolute minimum for the for the remainder of the season. Click here to read the full interview.

Injury News

Michael Duckworth is available for tomorrow’s game after returning from injury and playing over the Christmas period.

Olly Dyson will also be available after coming off early on Monday with cramp.

Harry Bunn is doubtful and will be assessed before the game.

Owen Gamble, who is returning to fitness, is not available and will continue his recovery over the next few weeks.


Bradford beat City on Boxing Day which proved to be the clubs only win in the past six games. In their most recent result on Monday, they lost 3-0 to Curzon Ashton. Lewis Knight, who scored twice against City, is the club’s top scorer with eight goals which sees him third in the league’s top scorer’s chart.

Bradford (Park Avenue): LWLLD

City sit 5th in the form table with 10 points from the last five games. Sean Newton remains the top scorer with five goals so far this season, followed by Harry Bunn who has three.

York City: WLDWW 

Head to Head

Bradford Park Avenue 4-2 York City (26th December 2020)
York City 2-1 Bradford Park Avenue (1st January 2020)
Bradford Park Avenue 0-2 York City (26th December 2019)
Bradford Park Avenue 1-3 York City (22nd April 2019)
York City 1-4 Bradford Park Avenue (3rd November 2018)

Micky Cummins sets the bar for the season

By Dan Simmonite

Micky Cummins is looking to use the Guiseley victory to set the standard of performance for the remainder of the season.

Speaking on New Year’s Eve, the assistant-manager said: “The absolute minimum that's expected now is that level of performance in terms of the aggression we showed with the ball - getting forward, runners in behind, competing with and without the ball.”

City won the contest 1-0, and could have had many more goals, dominating the play and nullifying the Guiseley threat to just one shot on target in the whole game.

Cummins added: "With that attitude and the approach, the majority of the game will be played in the opposition half so you'd like to think there will be similar occasions of us being in the attacking third.

"Consistency of that level of performance, you'd like to think that we'd create them chances and score them chances.

"Certainly, I think the defensive base that was set up, we looked solid, with Browny in the middle competing well with Kingy and Newts either side, who are an attacking threat as well as defensively solid, I think we looked a whole lot better and it gave us that platform to play the game in the opposition half.

"We've certainly set them standards and those levels so that's the absolute minimum that's expected from now on."

In his post-match interview, Manager Steve Watson credited his number two with the move that led up to the goal, with defender Josh King scoring his first competitive goal for the Minstermen at the front post.

Cummins added: "They only had one man in the wall and we knew that Newts' delivery was going to go across and round the wall and in front of the first defender, so I asked Josh to stand in front of the first defender, anticipating that they would probably put something in front of him, so anything that was shot low from Newts, Kingy was there to help on.”

City now hope to kick-off 2021 in style and seek revenge on Bradford (Park Avenue) who overcame the team on Boxing Day.

Kick-off is 3pm at Bootham Crescent with the game behind closed doors. You can still watch the Livestream on a ‘pay what you can’ basis via YouTube.
A round-up of news from York City's rival Vanarama National League (North) clubs.
Saturday fixtures:

AFC Fylde v Chorley
Alfreton Town v Boston United
Brackley Town v Kettering Town
Chester v AFC Telford United
Curzon Ashton P-P Southport
Darlington P-P Spennymoor Town
Farsley Celtic P-P Guiseley
Gateshead P-P Blyth Spartans
Kidderminster Harriers v Hereford
Leamington v Gloucester City
Spennymoor Town v Darlington
York City v Bradford Park Avenue

Blyth Spartans

Spartans match at Gateshead has been postponed after a positive COVID-19 test at the club. Blyth Spartans management, players and backroom staff have self-isolated. Their January 9 match against Alfreton Town is still scheduled to proceed.

Curzon Ashton

Curzon Ashton's match against Southport has been called off after a Curzon player tested positive for COVID-19.


Guiseley's league programme will be disrupted by postponements of their home game against Curzon Ashton (Jan 9), due to positive COVID-19 tests at Ashton, and their away game at Leamington (Jan 16) due to the Brakes' progression in the FA Trophy.

Kidderminster Harriers

Harriers have signed striker Jason Cowley (25) on loan from Southern League Premier Division Central club Bromsgrove Sporting. He scored 107 goals in 128 games for Sporting before spells at Stevenage and Macclesfield Town. After Town's demise, he returned to Sporting.


The Brakes have extended the loan of forward Taylor Allen (20) in an agreement with parent club Forest Green Rovers. Allen has also had loan spells with Hereford and Gloucester City in the past year.


Two Southport players have been tested for COVID-19 after displaying symptoms. One has returned a negative test while the club awaits the other's result. The side's game at Curzon Ashton has already been postponed due to a positive test at Ashton.
Please check with the club's official website for late changes to fixtures before committing to travel.
Pre-season friendlies

Sat 5 Newcastle United U-23 1, York City 4 (Trialist, Olly Dyson, Rob Guilfoyle (2))
Tue 8 South Shields 3, York City 0 
Sat 12 Whitby Town 2, York City 0
Sat 19 York City 0, Stockport County 1
Sat 26 Notts County 0, York City 3 (Wright, Cassidy, Wollerton)

2020-21 season

York City joined the FA Cup in the 2nd qualifying round and will join the FA Trophy in the 2nd round proper.

Please note: No replays for FA Cup ties in the 2020-21 season.

Sat 3 Warrington Rylands 0, York City 1 (Newton) - Emirates FA Cup 2Q (City receive £3,375 prizemoney)
Tue 6 York City 3, Chorley 1 (McLaughlin, Barrow, Woods)
Sat 10 Farsley Celtic 1, York City 1 (Newton)
Tue 13 Chorley 1, York City 0 - Emirates FA Cup 3Q (Losing club receive £1,875)
Sat 17 York City 0 Brackley Town 0

Tue 10 Southport 2, York City 3 (Newton (2), Bunn)
Sat 28 Leamington 2, York City 1 (Dyson)

Wed 2 Blyth Spartans 0, York City 3 (Woods, Bunn, Cassidy)
Sat 5 York City 2, Chester 1 (Bunn, Wright) 
Tue 8 York City 2, Kettering Town 0 (Newton (2)) 
Sat 12 York City 1, Spennymoor Town 1 (Woods)
Tue 15 Ashton United 3, York City 3 (City lose 3-2 pens) - Buildbase FA Trophy 2R (Dyson, Woods, Redshaw)
Sat 26 Bradford Park Avenue 4, York City 2 (Redshaw, Guilfoyle)
Mon 28 York City 1, Guiseley 0 (King)

Sat 2 Bradford Park Avenue (h)
Tue 5 Kidderminster Harriers (a) (7.45pm)
Sat 9 Boston United (a)
Tue 12 AFC Fylde (h) (7pm)
Sat 16 Buildbase FA Trophy 4R (winners receive £7,500, losers receive £2,000)
Sat 16 Gloucester City (h)
Tue 19 Gateshead (h) (7pm)
Sat 23 AFC Telford United (a)
Tue 26 Hereford (a) (7.45pm)
Sat 30 Curzon Ashton (h)

Sat 6 Buildbase FA Trophy 5R (winners receive £7,500, losers receive £2,000)
Sat 6 Alfreton Town (a)
Tue 9 Darlington (a)
Sat 13 Farsley Celtic (h)
Sat 20 Chorley (a)
Sat 27 Buildbase FA Trophy QF (winners receive £7,500, losers receive £2,000)
Sat 27 Hereford (h)

Sat 6 Brackley Town (a)
Sat 13 Southport (h)
Sat 20 Chester (a)
Tue 23 Gateshead (a)
Sat 27 Buildbase FA Trophy SF (winners receive £15,000, losers receive £5,000)
Sat 27 Kidderminster Harriers (h)

Fri 2 AFC Fylde (a)
Mon 5 Leamington (h)
Sat 10 Spennymoor Town (a)
Tue 13 Blyth Spartans (h)
Sat 17 Kettering Town (a)
Sat 24 Darlington (h)

Sat 1 Guiseley (a)
Mon 3 Boston United (h)
Sat 8 Buildbase FA Trophy Final (Winners receive £60,000, losers receive £30,000)
Sat 8 Gloucester City (a)
Sat 15 AFC Telford United (h)
Sat 22 Curzon Ashton (a)
Sat 29 Alfreton Town (h)

Promotion play-off series
Sat 5/Sun 6 NLN play-offs 1R
Sat 12/Sun 13 NLN play-offs semi-final
Sat 19/Sun 20 NLN play-off final
CLICK HERE to check out our collection of classic York City match programmes at the TOOAB archive >>>>
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