Issue 014. January 13, 2021.
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Ray Taylor (Warrington)

Sensible posting from John Uttley (TOOAB Issue 13). 

For what it is worth, I am of the opinion that the season should be scrapped. 

It seems inevitable that more matches will be postponed due to the virus and possibly ground conditions during the winter. 

Nevertheless, I appreciate that others have different opinions and should be respected. 

Like all City fans, I am desperate to see them play, let alone attend a match.  N

ightmare scenario whereby we have played out last game at Bootham Crescent without a proper farewell, and cannot give the new stadium a fitting welcome. 

We can only hope that in time the vaccine programme begins to take effect and lives can be saved and some sort of normality returns.
John Lacy (Leeds)

Via TOOAB I would like to express my condolences to John Uttley on the death of his children's grandad.

Fortunately, my wife and I have not yet been directly affected by a death or even Covid illness amongst either family or friends. But when Covid comes really close, as it clearly has for John, and many other York City supporters, it shakes us into fully appreciating the reality of the growing dangers we all face.

For this reason, I absolutely agree with John's heartfelt call for a sense of priorities in the world of football at all levels. Health and safety must come first. And certainly, it has to come before football however sad the loss for us fans.

In any case, as the spread of the virus shows little sign of slowing and more and more football clubs and their staff become infected, league and cup competitions at all levels become a lottery and a farce.

Null and void increasingly appears to be the only safe and sensible alternative. 
Dave King (Corby, Northants)

I can only echo many of the views posted here. Let's stop this stop-start season and call it void.

Yes, I know it's not that simple but surely it will allow clubs to start and prepare for what I hope will be a clean season.

Again, I understand the logistics for cancelling are somewhat confusing but isn't this why the FA and various league committees are there?

Yes, I hope that those in the upper tiers of our game realise and support us. In fact, a cancellation of all football might, just might, welcome them into our world and wake the prima donnas up.

I, like many, am living with this on a daily basis and we all have loved ones who are at risk and mentally and physically suffering. Then we see the idiots and the players who just act selfishly and don't care.

Maybe if their families and themselves were to experience first hand they would think twice before hugging and celebrating goals, or partying in Saudi.

Yes, I'm angry at just what I see.

Am I in the minority being somewhat annoyed at the Fylde manager's outburst?

Yes, it's wonderful that the squad have remained clear - I wish no ill health on anyone - but it smacked a little of self-congratulations and putting down other clubs who are suffering. No mention of a get well soon to those.

So let's have some clarity and stop this season. Come back hopefully in August fresh, fit and well.

OK, rant over.

Hoping you all keep safe and well.
John Uttley (Howden) - 1st post

Regarding Malcolm Long's comments (TOOAB Issue 13) I find his comments regarding York City's handling of the Covid situation unwarranted and unfair.

Does Malcolm know the whereabouts of each player? 

It's easy to criticise when you don't have the facts. 

We all know that anyone can test positive for Covid. As Clive Parker correctly stated, it can be caught from a member of the family.

I believe one of our players tested positive after the Southport away game as the virus had been passed on by a member of his family. Unfortunately, that can happen to anyone.

Yes, Malcolm, you are being harsh and ill-informed. 

It is my understanding that we will be back in action at home to Gateshead next Tuesday.

Therefore we will have missed two games (not 4 or 5) unless either ourselves or our opponents fall victim to Covid. Yes, it could even affect our opponents!

I'm sure the National League are aware. 

In my last post, I suggested I was in favour of the season being made null and void as from now. 

I'm sticking with that because I think the health of the whole country comes first. 

It is far more important than what is happening to Bootham Crescent. Yes, we are all disappointed with that, but it depends where your priorities lie.

To even suggest that our club and its players are not doing enough to prevent Covid within our camp is ludicrous at best. 

I'm sure we're all in this together unless you're stupid enough to be earning big money and think the rules are different for you! 
John Uttley (Howden) - 2nd post

Further to my post (TOOAB Issue 13,) there is no doubt that the National League and below should be declared null and void.

Today, we have re-arranged the Boston Away game and the Fylde Home game for February, only to then find out next Tuesday's Home game v Gateshead has now been cancelled due to isolating. 

We now have 3 more games to play in January with 8 scheduled in for February and the season is barely 3 months old! 

The first game at the LNER is now likely to be Curzon Ashton. Or is it?... Bad weather? Another Covid outbreak at a club? could well scupper that. 

At least the programme printers will be busy! 

Playing games behind closed doors appears to have been a waste of time. No income generated and a total risk to the player's health. 

Just null and void now and put health first. 

As I said yesterday, get the vaccines rolled out and start afresh in August. 

Sadly, there are no signs of things improving in the short term. 

The fixture pile-up will do us no favours if it comes to points per game. 

Stay safe.

York City's opening game at Monks Cross delayed due to Covid-19 issues

By Leon Wobschall

YORK CITY’S eagerly-anticipated first home game in their new LNER Community Stadium has been delayed until Saturday, January 30 - after next Tuesday’s scheduled opener with Gateshead was postponed due to Covid-19 issues.

The news comes after the National League North club recently confirmed cases in the squad for the third time in 2020-21 - with backroom staff and players currently in self-isolation.

The developments had put the scheduled home fixture with Gateshead into major doubt and it has now been confirmed that the fixture has been postponed as the date falls during the required self-isolation period.

It is a further blow for York, whose final scheduled game at Bootham Crescent - against AFC Fylde on Tuesday night - was postponed with the club denied the chance of on-pitch goodbye to their home of 88 years.

Earlier, York’s scheduled game last weekend at Boston United had been called off after manager Steve Watson tested positive for Covid-19 last Friday.

On the latest postponement - and delay to their first-ever game at the 8,500-seater community stadium at Monks Cross - a club statement said: “We have received confirmation that Tuesday night’s game against Gateshead will be postponed due to the required self-isolation period of our squad.

“Our next scheduled fixture will be a trip to AFC Telford United on Saturday 23rd January.

“The first game at the LNER Community Stadium is scheduled for Saturday 30th January against Curzon Ashton.

“We wish all our staff, players and families well during this time.”

Planned farewell to York City’s Bootham Crescent scuppered by Covid-19

By Stuart Rayner

In the nearly two decades it has taken for York City to move grounds, there have been grand ideas about how best to say farewell to Bootham Crescent but in the end, the Minstermen have not even been able to play a football match.

Tonight was due to be the night York played at their home of 89 years for the final time, against Fylde in Conference North. Instead, a Covid-19 outbreak has not only seen the match postponed but also thrown their first game at the new LNER Community Stadium, pencilled in for next Tuesday’s visit of Gateshead, into doubt too.

York are awaiting National League guidance on the isolation period their players and staff will have to go through, but it is usually 10 days from the initial contact. The subsequent home match is not due to be until Curzon Ashton’s visit on the 30th.

With the January 2 game against Bradford (Park Avenue) postponed because of a frozen pitch, Bootham Crescent’s final game might have been a 1-0 win over Guiseley on December 28.

But even if the Bootham chapter of the club’s history is closed, for a long time York have been determined to ensure the venue for so many great memories does not disappear without trace, as their previous home has.

There is no indication of the club’s original home but as the club’s stadium development director, one of Ian McAndrew’s jobs is ensuring Bootham Crescent lives on.

For York’s first 10 years they played at nearby Fulfordgate before moving into the home of York Cricket Club in 1932 – not that you would know it now.

“It will be slightly disappointing that because of Covid there’s not going to be the razzmatazz of leaving Bootham Crescent as we had proposed,” says McAndrew.

“A long time ago we imagined fireworks leaving Bootham Crescent, a local band playing or whatever and everybody bouncing, then somebody cutting the tape in a new stadium and thinking, ‘Now we’re here.’

“That bit of excitement about it all has turned more into, ‘Let’s just get there, it’ll be great when we get in.’ We’re looking forward to it. The facilities are fantastic.”

When football grounds finally started to move on in the wake of the 1990 Taylor Report, Bootham largely stood still. That its hospitality boxes overlook a car park, not the pitch, highlight its obsolescence, and shows why chairman Jason McGill has spent the last 18 years working so hard to move the club to a new venue. They will share their new 8,500-seater stadium at Monks Cross with York City Knights rugby league team.

Bootham was no stranger to other sports – as well as rugby league, it hosted the York City Maroons baseball team in 1937 and 1938 after a successful 1934 exhibition game. In the summer of 1988 American football was played there and 30 years later it was even the set of Bollywood film Gold, mocked up as the Berlin Olympic Stadium in 1936.

Since 1932, though, football, has been its primary business, hosting the 2013 Women’s Premier League final and 2016 European Under-16 Championships as well as some famous FA Cup ties. It also has cultural significance to the city, all of which the Minstermen are now working to preserve.

“We’re hoping to retain part of the Popular Stand terracing in a memorial garden and a reference to what Bootham Crescent has done in terms of the culture and history of the city of York,” explains McAndrew.

“We’re 3D modelling the stands so we can hopefully give people the opportunity to see what the ground was like even after it has gone.

“We chose the Popular Stand because it’s on the back wall of the site and it’s got so much history having been used as an air raid shelter during World War Two. There will be flagpoles because of the old system of dropping the flag at five minutes before the end of the match. Some of the structure of the Pop Stand came from Fulfordgate, so there is a little bit of a connection.”

Some elements will move to the new ground, others will stay.

“The clock with the two lions at either side is going into the fanzone, it won’t be in the stadium because it’s got a new scoreboard and it’s not just about York City,” says McAndrew.

“We’ve had long discussions about what belongs to Bootham Crescent. We have five plaques – a commemoration of players who died in the Second World War – and that’s about the club so they are going with us.

“All the ashes and urns will be retained in a memorial area because they’re all about Bootham Crescent. We’ll be keeping some signage and some nice graffiti from 1998 saying ‘York City 2 Manchester City 1’. But the new stadium’s a fresh start. It isn’t going to be cluttered up with Bootham Crescent things.”

As with all football ground moves there has been opposition from supporters, as well as those with wider concerns, but most now seem reconciled to the fact it has to happen.

“In any other sector apart from sports clubs, people just move for bigger and better facilities, don’t they?” says McAndrew, a retired chartered surveyor. “If you lose a pub in a village, I suppose that’s a bit different but there are very few other areas where you have the same emotional upheaval.

“I think fans fall into the new stadium really quickly. Part of the work we are doing is to ensure you can still go back to Bootham Crescent and another generation will be able to take their kids and say, ‘Do you know your granddad played here?’ or went there every week.”

POLL RESULTS: Reader opinions divided on season continuing

By Joe Richardson

OPINION appears divided among The Press readers over whether the National League North season should continue.

On Monday, The Press published an online poll asking whether readers believed the campaign should continue after news of York City's third instance of coronavirus-related postponements.

Just shy of 800 votes were cast across the options "Yes - the season must be decided", "Yes - I enjoy keeping up with York City", "No - the season cannot be completed, safely, in full", "No - we need a proper chance to say goodbye to Bootham Crescent and usher in a new era at the Community Stadium" and "I don't mind. The Government and National League will decide what's best".

The 795 respondents could select more than one option.

Around 45 per cent of the ballot expressed a desire for the season to continue and around 45 per cent backed its curtailment.

The largest share of the vote went to the option "The season cannot be completed, safely, in full", which received a plurality of 35 per cent. Safety concerns were also prevalent in the article comments.

A quarter of votes said the season must be decided while a fifth of responses prized keeping up with the team's campaign.

Ten per cent of responses promoted the chance for fans to be involved at the changing of grounds and nine per cent of votes indicated few strong feelings either way.

A York City spokesperson told The Press: "We want to play football and we want our fans to be with us watching matches live but, of course, the safety for fans, staff and players is our top priority. 

"If the season ends early then the necessary financial help for clubs must be put in place by the governing bodies or some League football clubs may not recover after nearly a year of heavily reduced income."

York City v Gateshead postponed

By Joe Richardson  

YORK City will have to wait until the end of the month to christen the LNER Community Stadium after the Gateshead game has been called off.

A rearranged fixture itself, Gateshead's visit on Tuesday, January 19 was meant to be York's first game at the new stadium.

Games against Boston United and AFC Fylde have already fallen this week because of Covid-19 symptoms and cases with the York squad, and the required coronavirus self-isolation period has now been confirmed to extend over next Tuesday.

The Minstermen's first outing at the ground is slated for Saturday, January 30 against Curzon Ashton, while their first game out of isolation is scheduled for Saturday, January 23 at AFC Telford United.

York City v AFC Fylde rearranged

By Joe Richardson

YORK City's home game against AFC Fylde has been rearranged for a 7pm kick off on Tuesday, February 16.

The fixture was scheduled for Bootham Crescent on Tuesday, January 12. The match is now set to take place at the LNER Community Stadium.

This is the second time the fixture has been rearranged due to positive Covid-19 tests at York, the first postponement falling in the middle of November.

Boston United v York City rearranged

By Joe Richardson 

YORK City's trip to Boston United has been rearranged for a 7.45pm kick off on Tuesday, February 23.

The National League North fixture - originally scheduled for Saturday, January 9 - was called off as a precaution with a York player showing Covid-19 symptoms.

Boston remain sixth in the division, now a point and a game ahead of York after Jordan Thewlis's header earned the Pilgrims a 1-1 draw at Bradford (Park Avenue) on Monday.

Gateshead game postponed

By Dan Simmonite

We have received confirmation that Tuesday night’s game against Gateshead will be postponed due to the required self-isolation period of our squad.

Our next scheduled fixture will be a trip to AFC Telford United on Saturday 23rd January.

The first game at the LNER Community Stadium is scheduled for Saturday 30th January against Curzon Ashton.

We wish all our staff, players and families well during this time.

Games rearranged for February

By Dan Simmonite

We have three new dates for rearranged fixtures in February following the postponements this month.

Tuesday 2nd February - Bradford (Park Avenue) (H) - 7:45pm kick-off

Tuesday 16th February - AFC Fylde (H) - 7:00pm kick-off

Tuesday 23rd February - Boston United (A) - 7:45pm kick-off

We still await news on Tuesday's home game against Gateshead which is in doubt due to the isolation period.

Whitley speaks on time with Scarborough

By Aaron Hindhaugh

Ryan Whitley went to Scarborough Athletic intending to play 'at least 20 games up until January’ but after numerous postponed games and their season cut short, he managed eight appearances and kept three clean sheets.

A York City fan born and bred, Whitley is now aiming to make the number one shirt his own during the second half of the season as City continue the push for promotion.

Despite making only a handful of appearances through no fault of his own, Whitley believes ‘it was really good to get out there and play men’s football’ as he looks to take that experience into his fight for a starting position in Steve Watson’s side.

He spoke about what he learned and why he joined the Seadogs: “It was really good to get out there and play men's football instead of just sitting on the bench. To get experience at a young age is just so vital.

“Scarborough are an ex-league club so when we were playing at home, obviously because of Covid could only have so many fans in the ground but they are proper fans. They’ve been with them from when they were in the league and their Saturday is all about getting three points for their Scarborough.”

It wasn’t plane sailing for Whitley though with Scarborough seeing games being called off due to Covid-19 mainly which hampered his development.

Whitley felt slightly frustrated with the number of postponements, he explained: “Yeah, it was really frustrating because I’ve gone there and looking at the league thinking here we go, at least 20 games up until January and then if I did well, get it extended and I’m looking at 40 games.

“I was thinking this is going to be really good but I’ve only managed to get eight so it’s quite disappointing really but there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Whitley has not been left disheartened by his lack of game time.

“I think I have improved a lot and throughout the games, I’ve made little mistakes like kicking might have been a bit off or I might have missed a cross.

“However, I feel like that helps and you learn from that and you go onto the next game. As a whole, I feel like I did quite well there and proved that I can play at that level.”

Being from York and getting the chance to play for the Minstermen would be ‘thrilling’ for Whitley, he added.

“I’d love it. I’ve said it in a lot of interviews but I’ve been a York supporter since I was nine so I've been watching Michael Ingham for most of it.

“To represent the club, you support and to be that number one would be quite thrilling, I’d love it.

“That’s always a dream to try and be York’s number one and I think with more experience it can be true.”

The last goal at Bootham Crescent

Due to postponements and re-arranged fixtures, York City's last game at Bootham Crescent turned out to be a 1-0 win against Guiseley with the winning goal scored by Josh King.

King's goal will remain the last time York City scored at the Crescent.
Josh King scored the last ever goal at Bootham Crescent as he grabs the winner against Guiseley. Courtesy YorkCityFC via YouTube.
We catch up with news of former York City players, managers and staff.
Former York City player Tom Platt faces another spell on the sidelines after suffering a second hamstring injury in Monday's 1-1 draw between Boston United and Bradford Park Avenue.

He's already missed four of Boston's games this season due to a hamstring injury to his other leg.

Manager Craig Elliott said: "A lot of muscle injuries are happening in this league, I've noticed. Maybe it's because it's stop start, but I think we're not going to see him for a few good weeks now."

* Platt played 47 games for York City between 2011 and 2016, having graduated from the club's youth programme. He completed seven loans to other clubs (including five with Harrogate) while at City. He joined Boston in 2019.
A round-up of news from York City's rival Vanarama National League (North) clubs.

National League North Joint Statement 

When National League clubs agreed in October to start the season playing behind closed doors, this decision was based on reassurances that grants would be provided to compensate for essential revenue lost from fans not returning on 1st October. 
Had these assurances not been provided then many Clubs at our level may have taken the decision not to commence the season. 
Matchday revenue from supporters attending games and its associated income streams are the lifeblood for our clubs. We are grateful to the Government, The FA, and the National Lottery for recognising this and the roles our clubs play in their communities. We thank them for the grant support we have received to date. 
The initial package of £10m was to cover the first three months of the season with the clear understanding that grants would continue until it was safe for crowds to return. There was absolutely no mention of loans at that time. 
As clubs we have worked diligently to comply with elite sport protocols and ensure a prudent approach to financial management based upon the reassurances given in October. 
We the undersigned clubs therefore call on the Secretary of State Oliver Dowden, the Department of Culture, Media & Sport and The FA not to betray the trust National League clubs placed in them by agreeing to commence the season and to ensure the additional £11m in support is in the form of grants not loans. 
Alfreton Town - Wayne Bradley  
Blyth Spartans - Anthony Platten  
Brackley Town – Francis Oliver  
Bradford (Park Avenue) - Martin Knight  
Chester - Andrew Morris  
Darlington - David Johnston  
Farsley Celtic – Joshua Greaves  
Gloucester City – Alex Petheram  
Kettering - David Mahoney  
Kidderminster Harriers – Neil Male  
Southport – Ian Kyle  
Spennymoor Town – Tony Wilson
AFC Fylde

Winger Luke Brennan (19) has been recalled to parent club Blackburn Rovers, ending his loan spell that started in November. He played six games for Fylde but will rejoin Rovers' U-23 squad.

Bradford Park Avenue

Avenue defender Ryan Toulson (35) has avoided long-term injury despite being stretchered off in Tuesday's draw with Boston United. Team mates feared a fracture but Toulson has cuts and is sore, the club reports.


Chorley striker Harry Cardwell (24) could be the target of a six-figure bid from Scottish club Ross County, according to Football Insider. Yorkshire-born Cardwell holds Scottish citizenship and has represented Scotland at U-19 and U-21 levels. His previous clubs include Hull City, Reading and Grimsby Town. He's had loan spells with Woking, Braintree Town and Brighton.


Gateshead have signed South Shield defenders Blair Adama and Dillon Morse on 28-day loan deals as their parent club is unable to play any fixtures at least before March. 

Gloucester City

Former manager James Rowe is reportedly trying to sign defender Gavin Gunning for his current club, Chesterfield. Any deal for centre back Gunning (29) is reportedly dependent on him becoming a free agent as Chesterfield have agreed to not approach more players currently with Gloucester, after Akwasi Asante followed Rowe in November.


The Brakes have signed forward Dan Turner (22) from Hednesford Town. Previous clubs include Port Vale, Hyde United and Matlock Town. Meanwhile, striker Tyrell Hamilton (21) has joined Leamington on dual registration terms from Southern League club Alvechurch.
Please check with the club's official website for late changes to fixtures before committing to travel.
Pre-season friendlies

Sat 5 Newcastle United U-23 1, York City 4 (Trialist, Olly Dyson, Rob Guilfoyle (2))
Tue 8 South Shields 3, York City 0 
Sat 12 Whitby Town 2, York City 0
Sat 19 York City 0, Stockport County 1
Sat 26 Notts County 0, York City 3 (Wright, Cassidy, Wollerton)

2020-21 season

York City joined the FA Cup in the 2nd qualifying round and the FA Trophy in the 2nd round proper.

Note: Midweek fixtures are 7.45pm kick off unless stated otherwise.

Sat 3 Warrington Rylands 0, York City 1 (Newton) - Emirates FA Cup 2Q (City receive £3,375 prizemoney)
Tue 6 York City 3, Chorley 1 (McLaughlin, Barrow, Woods)
Sat 10 Farsley Celtic 1, York City 1 (Newton)
Tue 13 Chorley 1, York City 0 - Emirates FA Cup 3Q (Losing club receive £1,875)
Sat 17 York City 0 Brackley Town 0

Tue 10 Southport 2, York City 3 (Newton (2), Bunn)
Sat 28 Leamington 2, York City 1 (Dyson)

Wed 2 Blyth Spartans 0, York City 3 (Woods, Bunn, Cassidy)
Sat 5 York City 2, Chester 1 (Bunn, Wright) 
Tue 8 York City 2, Kettering Town 0 (Newton (2)) 
Sat 12 York City 1, Spennymoor Town 1 (Woods)
Tue 15 Ashton United 3, York City 3 (City lose 3-2 pens) - Buildbase FA Trophy 2R (Dyson, Woods, Redshaw)
Sat 26 Bradford Park Avenue 4, York City 2 (Redshaw, Guilfoyle)
Mon 28 York City 1, Guiseley 0 (King)

Tue 5 Kidderminster Harriers 2, York City 2 (Woods, Newton)
Sat 16 Gloucester City (h) - postponed
Tue 19 Gateshead (h) - postponed
Sat 23 AFC Telford United (a)
Tue 26 Hereford (a) 
Sat 30 Curzon Ashton (h)

Tue 2 Bradford Park Avenue (h) 
Sat 6 Alfreton Town (a)
Tue 9 Darlington (a)
Sat 13 Farsley Celtic (h)
Tue 16 AFC Fylde (h) - 7pm
Sat 20 Chorley (a)
Tue 23 Boston United (a)
Sat 27 Hereford (h)

Sat 6 Brackley Town (a)
Sat 13 Southport (h)
Sat 20 Chester (a)
Tue 23 Gateshead (a)
Sat 27 Kidderminster Harriers (h)

Fri 2 AFC Fylde (a)
Mon 5 Leamington (h)
Sat 10 Spennymoor Town (a)
Tue 13 Blyth Spartans (h)
Sat 17 Kettering Town (a)
Sat 24 Darlington (h)

Sat 1 Guiseley (a)
Mon 3 Boston United (h)
Sat 8 Gloucester City (a)
Sat 15 AFC Telford United (h)
Sat 22 Curzon Ashton (a)
Sat 29 Alfreton Town (h)

Promotion play-off series
Sat 5/Sun 6 NLN play-offs 1R
Sat 12/Sun 13 NLN play-offs semi-final
Sat 19/Sun 20 NLN play-off final
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