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So we are testing a new format today. We are always trying to provide interesting content and to tell you about the stuff we care about at Outlier. As I am sure anyone who reads this newsletter already knows, we really care about Convergence and the Stack. We certainly do like to go on about it. It's how we frame pretty much everything we do. All of the work we do with our Incubator, Investments, Alliance, and now Base Camp are directed at building and accelerating the Stack. 

The crypto market is weird. We have early-stage businesses that have a price set by public investors, rather than periodically set by venture capitalists. VCs ask for all sorts of data to accurately value a business. The majority of crypto market pretty much goes on 'sentiment'. Obviously there is foundational work being done on how best to value a token and a token economy, but broadly speaking today price isn't a good proxy for the progress or quality of a project. 

Our aim is share more relevant metrics that we use internally and to share important development and progress. Like the number of dapps, daily average users, lines of code, no of wallets, amount of tokens staked, etc, etc. All sorts of more meaningful data on network health. You will also be treated to a weekly op-ed from me covering stuff that has caught my attention this week. This week we have updates from Haja, Aragon, IOTA, Sovin, Ocean and Fetch. Next week we will bring you updates from other areas of the Stack like Cosmos, Chainlink, FOAM, Rightmesh, Golem, SEED, and others also.   

This week I have mostly been:

  • Listening: Greta Thunberg on the new The 1975 track called The 1975 - Link
  • Watching: The Great Hack on Netflix - Link
  • Reading: Till Time's Last Sand: A History of the Bank of England 1694-2013 - Link
  • Learning: About the challenges of photonic computing - Link  

That's your lot, Lawrence


Haja Networks  - Tools for decentralized databases and applications 

Big news this week from Haja. They have been hiding away for what seems like years and have finally surfaced with some pretty amazing foundational work. They released Ambients, a new protocol for distributed computation. It allows developers to build and run decentralized applications, databases and services in a peer-to-peer network. It decouples data from the underlying platform and network and creates an interoperability layer between different networks and systems. Decentralized applications can use it to build, deploy, execute, and share programs and data in a compositional, verifiably safe, and scalable way. Take a look and then join them on GitHub.  

Sovrin - Portable and private digital identity

Team members from Evernym and The Sovrin Foundation recently wrote a piece on how hubs and agents work together to improve user privacy. In DID systems, hubs are the services that help an identity owner manage data and interact through it while agents are pieces of software that hold delegated keys, exchange digital credentials, and otherwise do an identity owner’s bidding. Read more about the how two interact with one another in Hyperledger's latest blog post.

Fetch.AI - Network for the autonomous agent economy

The team at Fetch.AI has been consistently building a community around the project as the alpha mainnet inches closer to launch. The team has initiated a ride-share focused hackathon targeted at using agents to improve how rides are discovered and payments are made. In terms of code, 11 authors have pushed 22 commits to the main branch and 23 commits to all branches. On the main branch, 347 files have changed and there have been 7,822 additions and 13,265 deletions. Catch the latest updates on the team from their newsletter here. 

IOTA - Network for the machine economy

The team at IOTA has committed a $5 million grant from the community fund towards researching the Coordicide. A move towards removing the DAGs coordinator. The research grant is aimed at deriving the help of individual research organisations towards accelerating the path to coordicide. More on the grant here. They have also released further details on the prototype of the coordinator free version being developed by the research team. More on the project named Goshimmer, recently made open-sourced, here. 

Ocean - Data exchange protocol

Ocean has released details on what the team has been working on during H1 in a recently published report. Trent did a podcast with Insureblocks covering the evolution of the new data economy. We suggest listening it here to better understand the product's use-case.

Aragon - Network for open organisations

Keeping in line with the best in industry standards, Aragon has released their mid-year report shedding light on the team's activities. There has also emerged a proposal that explores how IPFS can be used for file storage for DAOs run by Aragon. For more on how Aragon is evolving, we suggest taking a look at this recently released ecosystem map.  Read more about the team's thesis here to know how they enable governance at the speed of software. 

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