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Make sure you sign up for Diffusion in Berlin. 2 days of hacking, 17 protocols with a combined 26 million lines of open-source code.

Some people are talking about "altseason”  to refer to a period when tokens other than Bitcoin are thriving. I'm more excited about "appseason": when we see more and more amazing applications being built and used on the world-changing technology within the Convergence Stack and the wider Web3 ecosystem.

It's encouraging to see multiple serious decentralised app stores emerge, making it easier to find DApps and try them out. Shout outs to Blockstack and Status in this regard. Yet statistics show we're still very early in terms of the total number of decentralised applications and their user counts. Increasingly we have the building blocks available to build DApps that are actually worth using, now it's time to build those. And I'm starting to see some clear shoots of spring.

An application area I'm especially excited about is using verifiable claims, with zero knowledge proofs as their back bone, for identity use cases and beyond. Decentralised identity is an integral part of the Convergence Stack, with the Sovrin network as the premier solution to enable it.

Being able to prove attributes about one’s identity with strong trust guarantees, without disclosing those attributes themselves (in zero knowledge), while staying in full control of the underlying data, is a powerful concept. Claims such as “my age is over 18” or “I live in New York City” can solve a lot of real-world data problems and inefficiencies.

To see what's possible with verifiable claims beyond what's traditionally understand "identity", and build apps worth using, we need to build and learn. And that's exactly what a group of students of Imperial College have done as part of Outlier Ventures’ Research Programme. Read all about HealthClaim, which demonstrates patient on-boarding and privacy-preserving storage and exchange of health data. All with the user in control.

When appseason, sir? Right now!

Are you excited yet? Come build with us at Diffusion in Berlin, 19-20 Oct.

Reading : Ethereum Governance 
Listening : Josh-Cordula Grün 
Using : Jitsi 


From The Stack

  • We have a new member in The Convergence Stack - Enigma. They will be a member of the Convergence alliance and join us in our mission to decentralise the web. Read more about how we will be working together in our announcement post - Link
  • Enigma released a new video explaining how secret nodes are used in their network. If you are in Boston, make sure you attend their pre-hackathon meetup on September 5th - Link 
  • Sovrin has announced the teams that have been acceepted for the world’s first self sovereign identity accelerator. Here’s the list of companies disrupting identity - Link
  • Aragon released a new blog post exploring how the team's product can be used to create complex governance systems - Link
  • Agoric and Protocol labs will be hosting a meetup in Spear Tower, San Francisco on the 5th of September - Link
  • Golem Project’s team update on computer graphics imagary is out. It covers news on how the team has been working on tools for verification of computation results and video transcoding - Link
  • Cosmos will be sponsoring a De-Fi oriented hackathon in November. If you believe the next big tool in the world of finance can leverage interoperability, make sure you sign up for it today - Link
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