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Before we start this week a huge congratulations to, our portfolio company for launching their mainnet this week: v1.0.1 - Auriga 1. This is a huge milestone for the team. They join an exclusive club of projects that 1) have launched a mainnet and 2) delivered on time. They continue to prove they are a world-class team building technology and expect to hear much more about next year as developers discover the game-changing functionality of autonomous economic agents. Congratulations again to the team. 

As we put together our 2020 predictions, we took a look back at our 2019 predictions and as always with these things we got some things right and some things wrong. We were directionally right in saying that the industry would professionalise with more institutional money and a flight to quality. But this hasn’t happened as quickly as we predicted. I imagine Amara’s Law is rife in our 2020 predictions too. I am also mindful of Philip Tetlock and the findings of the groundbreaking Expert Political Judgement. In his famous study, he found that experts are worse than “dart-throwing chimps" at predicting the future in their field. So with that mind, it’s likely all of the predictions are completely wrong. Enjoy the first three here anyway, and go here to read all 18! 

1. Games, games, games
Gaming will be the break-out application area in 2020. By the end of 2020 many of the pieces needed for a break-out mainstream game will be there: high-performance platforms; easier to use on and off-ramps for digital assets; and better digital asset storage and distribution tools for gamers. So all that is left is distribution and reaching gamers. This will be accelerated by the ability for gamers to earn credits that can be used in and possibly across games by renting out their GPU and CPU hardware to run computational and rendering tasks which is why we recently began advising Cudo. 
Measure: Valve and/or Epic will launch a blockchain-based gaming service

2. At home, you will be using Telegram
Telegram reaches about 200 million users a month all of whom have opted into a messenger specifically differentiated on privacy and security and many whom have been early adopters of crypto projects. With Klatyn (KakaoTalk) and Link Network (LINE) live, TON (Telegram), Mobilecoin (Signal) and Libra sans stablecoin (Facebook) expected, 2020 should begin to see real usage of blockchain-based platforms. Even if TON has to return funds to US investors as part of a settlement with the SEC, TON and the apps that run on top of the network will find a ready-made audience in a way that Klatyn, LINE and Facebook likely haven’t/won’t. 
Measure: By the end of 2020, Telegram will have the most monthly-active users of any blockchain network. 

3. At work, you will be using Corda
Corda will emerge as the market leader in the enterprise blockchain market.  While consolidating the lead in the financial services market, R3 will continue making inroads into other verticals like energy and telecommunications. Enterprise-friendly services such as training, customer services, and certification programmes will differentiate the platform driving more usage which in turn will drive developers to build for the platform. In 2020, it may not be as sexy as building DeFi apps on Ethereum, but real customers and real money will be made with Corda apps. 
Measure: Corda will overtake Hyperledger, Ethereum, and Quorum by market share and become the market leader in enterprise blockchain. 

Read the entirety of our predictions for 2020 from our blog here. 

Note : There will be no newsletter issues over the next two weeks. We will be back on January 11th with lots more insights and news from our stack. Happy holidays! 


From The Stack

  • Read all about Fetch's mainnet launch from this week here.
    The team has also announced a partnership with Ankr to host their main network nodes- Link
  • Read all you need to know about Cosmos Hub 3 launch over the weekend- Link
  • Tor Bair from Enigma recently published a piece on how decentralised tech can help solve the privacy crisis in 2020 - Link
  • Decrypt's post on how Orbs can be used to tackle foodstamp fraud and track government spends is now live -  Link
  • Chainlink is now working with Synthetix on offering price feeds for foreign exchange and commodities - Link
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