Ashbourne & District U3A Photography Group, photo by Rick Crawley
Dear <<First Name>>,

We are at the time of year when planning for our conference is at the top of our minds. This year is particularly important as the conference will be providing both updates and workshop opportunities on the development plan for the Trust and our work with the movement over the next 3 years.
We are really looking forward to sharing progress with you and to offer some workshop opportunities for you to get involved with the next steps.  Please do go on to the conference  site and book your place
The conference will also give us the opportunity to talk through the progress with the Beacon upgrade and how this is shaping up and the digital opportunities for the Trust.
So do join us for our next exciting instalment

With regards,
Sam Mauger
Chief Executive
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Loneliness Campaign
Are there any Caravan lovers out there?
U3A in the Media

News from the Trust

You Are Amazing 

Last week we celebrated our wonderful U3A volunteers during National Volunteers’ Week.
You might not have realised you are a volunteer but across the movement, members are offering their time to give something back to U3A and are integral to the U3A ethos of “by the members, for the members”. You all make U3A the thriving and supportive community that it is.

For example, Guildford U3A nominated their Chairman, Caroline Sawers,  as their volunteer superhero.  The Secretary, Sonia Ashworth said, “The work she does on behalf of Guildford U3A is extraordinary, and humbling, whilst having a bed ridden husband at home. Our U3A’s success is undoubtedly due to her hard work”.
The Third Age Trust commissioned a video celebrating all the movement’s volunteers.
HGS U3A's Volunteer Celebration

U3As celebrate their Volunteers 

Daphne Berkovi from HGS U3A said, “HGS organised a delicious tea on 11th June, which was ably managed by our two stalwarts, Barbara and Judy. Judy is a magnificent baker and produced the most delicious cakes.

"The volunteers were thanked for all the hard work and contribution that they make to ensure that our U3A is a success. Without their dedication we would not be able to run our U3A”.

If you have held a celebration for U3A volunteers – email Volunteer Officer Eleanor at

Loneliness - Government asks for our help

This year the government is going to deliver its National Loneliness Campaign borne out of recommendations from the Jo Cox Commission on Loneliness - a cross-party group Jo set up herself before she was killed.
What the campaign wants to break down the barriers that surround loneliness which has been proven to cause ill health, both physical and mental.
The team working on the campaign has come to U3A to ask for your help if you have experienced loneliness and have a story to share. Anyone who is willing to stand up and say, "Yes I am/was lonely. This is how it feels”.   These could also be used as an offer to media outlets.

If you would like to get involved then please write a few lines on your experience and send to 

She will only pass details onto the campaign if you wish her to.

Thank you – your help is really appreciated.

National Workshops

“I realised that a U3A’s website being up to date is an important component in running a U3A effectively. It is the means by which the outside world ‘sees you’ and where members get their information"  Trust Volunteer Beryl Shepherd

Carole Chapman and Beryl Shepherd recently ran the workshop – ‘Running your U3A’ in Southampton. The workshop covers Governance and Trusteeship as well as the U3A’s guiding principles and relationship with the Trust.

Things to consider could include:
· It is a good idea to have your constitution available on your website along with any byelaws and standing orders.
· Are there other policies such as complaints, safeguarding and accessibility that you could make available?
· Could you promote Committee and volunteer roles with their role descriptions?
· Is it easy to identify who’s who and how to contact the U3A?

"I’m very happy to offer any individual support on website issues to anyone who would like it”.   Contact
See national workshop programme here

Financial Matters

News Just In ...

Third Age Trust Trading Ltd

The creation of the new trading company means that we needed a new VAT number and a new bank account to manage TAM (Third Age Matters) and merchandise transactions. 

Finance Manager, Kevin Traynor said, "I am pleased to announce that we have a new VAT number and have now been advised by Barclays that we have the bank account.

"Committees will be issued the TAM statement and any payments need to be made to Third Age Trust Trading Ltd”.

TATT Ltd bank details as follows:: Sort code 20-21-80 A/c 03515370  


A growing number of U3As are asking questions about VAT, if you have a query please contact National Office and not HMRC.  It is unlikely that your U3A will need to register.
We hope to have a VAT guidance note before too long but in the meantime here are some key points:
  • All U3As pay VAT on goods/services supplied at standard rates in the same way that we pay VAT as individuals
  • The Trust charges VAT on standard rated supplies such as merchandise, advertising in TAM and Beacon fees
  • Being a charity does not exempt a U3A from paying VAT
  • The threshold for registering for VAT is £85,000 of VATable income and this includes zero rated supplies

Ways to Pay

There have been a few changes in the way U3As and members can pay:

Invoices via email
We have been issuing invoices via email for 12 months now including the latest Beacon licence charges, they are sent to your U3A Treasurer.  A big thank you to all for your early settlement direct to the Trust bank account.

Telephone payments
We are now taking card payments over the telephone for Classified Advertising and some Events.  Shop purchases are not included in this arrangement.

Direct Debit
We have applied through our bank to collect payments by Direct Debit.  With your help this will make processing payments more efficient and reduce costs for both the U3As and the Trust.  We will keep you updated on our progress.


U3A News

Oldest Female Marathon Runner

U3A member, Eileen Noble has become the oldest female runner in this year’s London Marathon, completing her 19th event at the age of 84.

Eileen, a member of Welling U3A in South East London took up running 30 years ago.

Eileen told U3A, “I love running.  It doesn’t cost you much, just the price of a good pair of trainers and you can do it wherever you are. Running helps ease the tension and anxiety.

 “My eyesight has unfortunately deteriorated as I have got older and I now can’t drive. Joining U3A a few years ago has really stopped me feeling isolated.  I am a member of the Freedom Pass Explorers group and I enjoy the outings – I get to go to places I wouldn’t have gone to otherwise”.

"More than a dozen knitters produced some wonderful creations from mermaids to life sized hedgehogs" Ripley & District U3A took up the challenge from Ripley Council to Wool Bomb trees in the Market Place & nearby Crossley Park. 

U3As Spread the Word

Bolsover District U3A (BDU3A) in Derbyshire
BDU3A marked its fourth anniversary with an open day to showcase its groups.

Sarah Wakeford, Committee member said, “The weather was against us but the members rose to the occasion and, as a result, we have gained several new members.  Group Leaders demonstrated their activities and it was a pleasure to meet visitors from neighbouring U3As and to share experiences with them. 

"I’d like to say to all U3As out there to loudly blow your own trumpets and spread the word.  We had a great time doing it”. 

Gilwern U3A, Monmouthshire
Gilwern U3A has celebrated signing up its 100th member by organising an open day funded by a grant from the Third Age Trust.

This proved to be a great success and attracted quite a few new members, and suggestions were welcomed for new interest groups.

Chair Hilary Lipscombe said, “Gilwern U3A has already become a part of village life, but there is still the need for more and diverse interest groups, a problem faced by many U3As.

"If readers can offer solutions to expanding the number of groups then please contact,

News from the Board

Ian McCannah, Chair- Third Age Trust

In this item last month, mention was made of the Trust's medium term Development Plan reaching the stage where early proposals have received Board approval.
The Raising the Profile Working Group - one of three making recommendations - has proposed that, for publicity purposes, our logo will not include the wording "University of the Third Age", unless it has dealings with Universities, Government agencies, research bodies, etc.
The U3A strapline will be Learn, laugh, live.

This new way of publicising the U3A movement aims to reinforce the broad and open nature of the U3A and is a similar branding approach to that associated with bodies such as BBC, BMW, CNN.
Over the coming months, members will notice the re-branding of all U3A material to reflect this new image.
The other two Working Groups are "Learning" and "Developing the Movement"

Development Plan recommendations from the three Groups will be announced to members at the Trust's AGM and Conference in August".

Building Partnerships

Supporting our Veterans

Poppy Quest
The Royal British Legion has contacted U3A to let members know about a sponsored walk - Poppy Quest.

Terri Hyde Events Assistant said, “ Poppy Quest is coming to London, Colchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, Portsmouth and Liverpool in June and July and will be the perfect way to discover the past and present of these historic cities.
This 10km sponsored walk is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Sign up at
The Unforgotten Forces Project
The Unforgotten Forces project is a consortium of 16 organisations; of which nine are Armed Forces charities, six are charities whose client groups include older people, and one is an academic partner. 

The mix of partners gives Unforgotten Forces unique strengths for improving the health, well-being and quality of life for older veterans of 65 years of age and over. 

For further information about the services available for older veterans via the Unforgotten Forces project and how to make referrals for support and advice to any of the partner organisations please visit

Hear My Lips

By 2031, 1 in 5 of us will experience hearing loss. That is 14 million of us at risk. There is no cure, but there are ways to limit the impact of acquired hearing loss. Lipreading is a proven success and everyone who seeks help for hearing loss should receive advice on lipreading.

Kim Snijders from City Lit said, “Unfortunately, there are too few classes and access is a postcode lottery. That is why City Lit, one of London’s leading adult education colleges, launched the lipreading campaign #HearMyLips in its centenary year”.

Find out how you can support the campaign


#Learning Not Lonely

U3As are continuing to use the movement’s impact report – Learning Not Lonely – to draw high profile support and raise their profile in the community. Guildford U3A successfully invited their MP Anne Milton to visit.

Publicity officer Sandi Layton said, “The event was well supported and went well. I tweeted out the event and the Surrey Advertiser, our local Press, published a half a page spread on her visit mentioning the U3A report”.

Keep your stories coming about how you are raising the profile of your U3A


Building Partnerships

University Partnership

Canterbury & District U3A and Kent University showcased a number of joint and individual research projects and celebrated their collaboration at a special event.
The showcase included short talks, presentations and posters, workshops and demonstrations.
Rona Hodges, Research Coordinator for Canterbury U3A said they were very excited by ongoing research with the University.  Sam Mauger also attended and felt it was a great example of what could be achieved from an equal partnership between a U3A and a university.
See coverage of the event on the University Website

Generations Working Together

Glasgow West End U3A has partnered with an MA student (Clara) from the University of Glasgow on the practical part of her Community Engagement qualification. 
Liz Ervine from Glasgow West End U3A said, “ We were fortunate that two of our members were suitable as supervisors due to their previous professional life. Clara joined us with a proposal to conduct a survey and after discussion with the Committee, Clara interviewed  many of our members, attended groups, monthly meetings, ran workshops and generally got to know us very well. 
It has very much been a two way partnership; as a committee we learnt a lot and it was good to have fresh young eyes on what we are doing. Following Clara’s survey our U3A has put in place an action plan to encourage a wider membership.
Is your U3A working with a university or university students.  We’d love to hear about it

Are there any Caravan lovers out there?

Linda Hurl from Cheltenham U3A said,"I started a group for caravan and motorhome owners.

"We have had three outings and the group is growing in popularity with different members volunteering to find a suitable site and people book their own pitch. In true U3A spirit, it is great sharing a hobby with like minded people, seeing new places and learning new things together”.

I would be very interested to know if any other U3As have a group like this? Contact me at


U3A Walking Cricket 

We’ve reported in this national newsletter about the success of Barnsley U3A in developing Walking Cricket – the first group in Yorkshire.  It has inspired other U3As to do the same.
Margaret Marsh from East Dartmoor U3A said, “We are a small U3A with under a 100 members and it struck me while reading the Spring edition of Third Age Matters that it would be good fun to set up a team sport for those of us who were not as agile as we had been in the past.
"Nine U3A members turned up for our first trial Walking Cricket meeting plus one visitor, so we were able to play in pairs.  

"Our cricket loving coach laid out a corner of the local cricket field with rope boundaries.
Despite it being a 'first time ever' experience for all of us, the game went smoothly with a great deal of hilarity. We are keen to follow it up soon and hope our outside games continue to attract members".

TAM Out Now

The summer issue of TAM has articles, news and views with the Sources section in this edition themed on creativity, craft and comedy. 

Lyndhurst & District U3A's Mike Watkin's cartoons are featured. Mike said, “ I drew and painted two new cartoons in the last 10 days.  I'm currently preparing to exhibit my British Bird sculptures at the forthcoming three day New Forest & Hampshire County Show".


U3A in the Media

From Radio to Print

Radio 4 The Archers
U3A has been mentioned this week in an episode of the BBC Radio 4 soap, The Archers. Around 9 mins 40 secs U3A gets a mention.

BBC Radio 4 Living Memory
U3A member, Elsie Beesley has taken part in a episode of 'Living Memory'. Elsie was featured in episode 3 (broadcast on Wednesday the 12th of June.  
Here is a link to the programme where you can also find the other episodes in the series. 
Belfast Telegraph
Northern Ireland secured a large article in on of the biggest papers in the region – Belfast Telegraph.

Exchange Programme

Ruth Keene from the International Committee has let us know about a selection of tours of Angers and Anjou region co-ordinated by Angers université du temps libre (similar to U3A but not an exact equivalent) with a view to a possible exchange with UK U3As. 
There are 4-day and/or 8-day tours of castles and rivers with wine and gastronomic specialities. 
For more details and to express your interest, please contact:  Jeanne BELEN -
Please note that the université du temps libre Angers is closed in July, August and September.

News from Subject Advisers

It's Magic

Mac McKechnie is the new Subject Adviser for Magic and recently secured an article in a local magazine which is sent to 30,000 doormats throughout Barnsley – promoting U3A.

There are lots of new updates on the Subject Adviser pages this month including in Scottish Country Dancing, Genealogy, Play Reading, Magic, Storytelling, Walking Cricket, Research, Tai Chi and Qi Gong, Russian, Creative Writing, Maths and Stats.

Education Events

National Events

Sharing Inspiring Learning
Book your place at National Conference. Together we will be sharing our views, ideas and experience in this year's conference - Sharing Inspiring Learning.

With workshops focusing on lifelong learning, managing new educational resources, finance  for charities, and supporting the growth and development of U3As, there will opportunity to discuss, debate and enjoy the views of colleagues across the movement. There will also be some free time to share interests such as singing, ukulele playing, walking and many other choices. 

Please join us for the conference and enjoy time with U3A members from across the movement.

New Educational Events Now Booking
Two new national Events exclusive for U3A members have opened for booking on the website.  

Regional Events

Everything U3A Guernsey!
You are invited to this event to celebrating U3A Guernsey.

Ian Daish, Convenor said, "There will be performances from our talented choir, our energetic Scottish dancers and our ‘famous’ ukulele group. Displays from our Bridge players and our metalworkers, and from groups including Creative Stitchers, Calligraphy, Drawing, Photography and Woolly Jumpers.

It all happens on Midsummer’s Day June 21st from 2pm at the KGV Centre in Rue Cohu, Castel Let us know you are coming - drop a short email to


Other News

In the autumn of 2017 Peter Dawson married Emma Baillie, both are active members and Emma is leader of the flourishing ukulele group.

In May of this year, the current chairman, Nelson Waters married Barbara Chapman formerly a member of Worcester and Pershore U3A. 

In the photo from left to right, Peter, Emma, Barbara and Nelson.

U3A Celebrations


Eileen Jones celebrates her 100th Birthday this June. She is a founder member of Swansea U3A and continues to be actively involved in the organisation.

Soar Valley U3A celebrated their 20th Anniversary with a garden party
and cake.

In Focus

Manjiang Chen - Lancaster U3A

I knew about U3A from a friend, because I told her I felt alone, she recommend U3A to me.
I feel l have joined a big family with U3A. As a housewife, especially a chinese, the different activities from the U3A make me connect to the local community, and make my life more colourful.
I have been in a painting group and I have led a Pilates group for two years. In my group I try to combine Pilates and Tai Chi exercise together, and manage to let people get maximum relaxation through all the exercises.  
When I hear my students say that their hip or shoulder becomes better or when I see someone can manage to do a movement they could not do in the beginning, I feel very fulfilled.
Sometimes I feel people in my group are just like my children when I witness they become better or stronger, it makes my heart become very soft and cheers me up.
Also it pushes me to keep exercising, my own health improves as well.  Life becomes meaningful and I become stronger—— those are the benefits for a volunteer  leader of U3A Pilates group.

U3A -  I love it.
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