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Happy Friday. Snowy out there.

Well, I've said this before, but this time it's more true than last. This is the bumperest of the bumper Zude's Top 4 ever, with over 50 links for you to feast your eyes on.

It's split into five sections:

1. FIRE, focussing on investing.
2. FIRE, focussing on self-improvement.
3. Comms/books.
4. Covid.
5. Bonus posts (the gems are often found in this section, anything that doesn't fit in to the other themes of the newsletter but nonetheless I find interesting).

So settle back and enjoy yourself this evening or whenever you get a chance to read/listen/watch this weekend.

ere starteth the links.

Dave @zudepr
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#1 Waiting for the Last Dance...

Bubble historian and legendary investor Jeremy Grantham says we're going to burst soon.

The Irrelevant Investor points out that he's said this a few times before (often rightly and often wrongly).

Who do we believe?

I'm very much enjoying reading this writer's daily musings.

For instance, this one, which touches on direct/custom indexing, is the best pithy explanation I've read to-date. I'm sure this trend will divide the FIRE community in coming years, with some arguing, like the author, that it's a a sign that index investing has won the argument, while others opine that it's nothing short of active management. Some even call custom indexing a tidal wave.

I should have named this the predictions section (a dangerous game). But a game we all like to play.

Whither the world economy in 2021?

Bill Gates weighs in.

This guy goes for the whole decade. Megatrends anyone?

Owzabout a bit of bull-run? Here's what you could've won. It goes without saying that past performance is no reliable indicator of what will happen in 2021.

I do like the presenters on the BBC World Service. Proper 1950s received pronunciation accents:O).

Whither remote work?

Whither fintech?

7% annualised after inflation with a shed load of bonds. The guy deserves a medal. (Also on Monevator, great question, great blog post.)

As does The Investor for his brilliant Weekend Reading newsletter, from which I nicked this excellent piece.
A personal story of a quant who runs a multi-factor fund. He's been waiting for his beloved value factor to pay off for donkey's years and as soon as it does, the other factors conspire to nix the overall fund's investment performance. Superb, from the heart. Stick with it! 

Two from BOF, the best of 2020 and a greatest hits piece (in which RESET features).

A few companies now:

Can Boeing recover?

The strategic stuff behind Tesla's rise.

The disaster that is SolarWinds.

Jack Ma, Alibaba and China.

Indeedably's new curated FI/investing blog site. I like it.

Martin with 16 tips on lockdown finances.

#2 Turns Out it's Pretty Good: Waking Up Early...

Not sure my wife and kids would agree, the amount of family movies I've fallen asleep in front of during lockdown.

Also in the new year new start section:

Twenty micro-habits.

NY resolutions that really will make you happier.

Some good, short mindfulness audio clips you can download to your smartphone.

On Calm.

Some great (a proof-read of this issue would indicate everything's "great" in Zude's Top 4 #262) tips in here.

The New York Public Library's most checked-out books of all time.

On email and media.

Making money from podcasts.

He's not the first to say this, and he (Rand) won't be the last.

On events, and again, on events.

#3 Bad News Twitter Thread from Denmark...

An awful story from Sussex.

America and covid. Predictions for 2021.

A dangerous mutation.

#4 The 2010s, Explained in 23 Moments...

Also in the best-ofs section:

Dan Wang's 2020 letter.

Best podders of 2020.

Best movies of 2020.

Lessons from 2020.

A nifty nine bonus posts this week:

Kids ask the funniest things.

The even know when you owe them one by the age of three!

Recommended book for older primary school kids.

India's dark data economy.

How a serial killer was caught.

Investigative journalism at its best (podder).

Winners and losers of the EU trade deal.

Perhaps we should have shown them this.

Is this the end of the Buffet? (No, not that Buffett, in fact, age 90, I believe he's ripe for a comebacktalk about calling it, Colin.)

Right, that's all folks. I'm off to sledge on what is a beautiful, snow-on-the-boughs, sunny day in Glasgow. 

Have a great weekend. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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