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There's always one that got away.

For me, it was that £1,000 I didn't invest in Amazon at the turn of the century.

For others it may be not taking a punt on Argo Blockchain only six months ago (up 5,000% since then).

But most, especially those rare active investors who know their onions, don't share the logic behind their mistakes, tending to focus on the ones that didn't get away instead.

You'll learn more about investing from reading between the lines of Monevator's Weekend Reading newsletter than I care to mention (expertly balanced by his partner in FIme The Accumulator, who lights the way for us mere mortals).

I particularly liked the insight in The Investor's "how I missed out on 4-500k of Tesla gains" post today re: how having a large mortgage weighed heavily on his investment returns between 2018 and 2019 which, if you follow his blog closely as I do, he has no-doubt more than made up for in 2020.

Anyway, I digress...but isn't that what you're here for? A bit of digression.

On that note, here's that I've been reading this past week.

I guarantee you'll find something of interest.

Until next week.


Dave @zudepr
I Fancy a 1-2-1 Consultation With This Guy, So Alluring Are His Digressions
#1 How I Lost £436,957 Trading Tesla Shares...

Also in FIRE land this week:

Really good post from The Escape Artist, and not just because he mentions my book sales:O). Looking forward to his follow-up.

Regrets of the dying.

A nice story about a man who cares not a jot about what others think about him.

Will value stocks rally again? If so, here's some analysis they did earlier.

Will Adidas be the new Nike?

More Elon.

I like Roblox. My kids don't.

Stripe is now worth $95BN.

And Scottish Mortgage investment trust owns a tidy chunk of this as-yer private company.

Here's an interview with one of the two early-thirties Irish brothers behind Stripe.

BOF on dogs and wolves.

What Luke and Albert dinnae invest in.

#2 The Lives of Others...

(Not the excellent film of that name.)

Also in comms:

A planner's handbook.

How the FT makes its moolah.

LinkedIn's new newsletter function.

On micro-influencers.

#3 Stockton's Basic-Income Experiment Pays Off...

It'll be interesting to see how the US's stimulus compares to ours in terms of the strength of our respective economies one year hence.

#4 Learn How Not to Lose...

A financial one, but applicable across the board.

A splendiferous six bonus posts this week for your edification:

Is WFH productive?

Look closely.

Is there anybody out there?

Peak twin?

$12 a year for all the documentaries you can shake a stick at.

This takes me back. A month of wheelies!

Right, that's all folks. I'm off to eat a nice warm, steaming, freshly baked scone with extra-thick cream and strawberry jam.

Have a great weekend. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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