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I read and listened to a lot this week. Here are the best ones:O).


Dave @zudepr
I Fancy a 1-2-1 Consultation With This Guy, So Enthralling Are His Links
#1 The Biggest Investor Mistakes In Today’s Market...

Definitely worth a read, keep your feet on the ground (Banker on FIRE).

And this was good, too, never bet against the US, as they say, particularly when there's trillions of dollars lying under the Government's mattress.

Accounting for big expenses on the journey to FI.

Demographics and investing.

On rising tides.

Also in the field of achieving financial independence (or not) this week:

Another crypto special (thanks to folk for sending me suggested reads/listens/watches):

This struck a chord. Eye-watering.

BTC and other stuff on Tim Ferriss's blog (very long).

A well-argued (if complicated) case.

A great introductory essay (podcast) re: cryptocurrencies.

The fast and the furious (vid).

Crypto PR!

Interesting piece on the person/s behind bitcoin.

Given the quality and humour in his writing I think we can forgive Matt Levine for saying I told you so.

Talking about Elon, a friend of mine wrote a blog post about SpaceX.

The dog one.

Another interesting piece, which makes a case for investing in Coinbase.

Preston Pysh (you wouldn't get away with that surname in Scotland), the long-term value investor turned crypto enthusiast, podder).

Back on to safer ground now:

On Spotify.


On how the big US tech companies got so big.

The future, by Packy McCormick.

On solar power.

Time's 100 most influential companies.

The boys from Telescope Investing get under the bonnet of Twilio. Informative and funny (particularly the shower exchange).

The Wolf of Harcourt Street's ideas for Q2.

#2 Three or Four Hours...

That deep work again. Excellent writer is Burkeman.

#3 Downing Street Disarray...

Do you ever get the feeling that UK politics has been reduced to the travails of two old school-mates? 

#4 Man Fills Bowling Ball with Father's Ashes – Then Rolls the Perfect Game...

What a poignant story.

A lonesome one bonus post this week for your delight and delectation.

The story of the man behind the ESL.

Right, that's all folks. I'm away to do some client work.

Have a great weekend. Enjoy yourself. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr

P.S. Next week there will be no ZT4. Normal service will resume thereafter.
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