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Afternoon. How're tricks?

First, let me thank all those who responded to my question in last week's Zude's Top 4. It's been interesting conversing with you this past week.

The outcome? No going away at Easter. Stay at home.

We all joke about it being like Groundhog Day but if I'd thought when I'd pushed our holiday back a year in March 2020, it would actually become Groundhog Year, you could have knocked me over with a feather.

Anyway, we're luckier than most and have a lot to be grateful for. There have been a lot of positives out of lockdown.

I am going to frame that sentence as I'm tired of saying it.

And if I'm typing it this time next year I'll write Zude's Top 4 in my grundies, al la Gary Lineker.

Our Easter break will now take place in April 2022, and in a sign of the inflationary pressures that are spooking world stock markets this week, one of the cottage providers is trying to apply a 41% price hike.

Which brings me neatly to the week in stocks. To summarise:
  • GameStop's back after a change in CFO, which really should not be enough to see an already overvalued stock double in price in one day.
  • The Teslas of this world have taken one hell of a beating. Actually, Tesla is a bad example as it's unique. A better one would be US megatrend-riding high-quality growth stocks like Teladoc, Square, Skillz, down anything up to 30 per cent.
  • The unloved UK dogs of the FTSE rose up to 30%, aerospace, airlines, retail REITs and travel agents leading the charge.
Is this an acceleration of the rotation-to-value that's been a long time a-coming or an opportunity for active investors to #buythedip in the companies that will shape our future? Or, in a weird way, both?

Or could it be the beginning of a correction across the board as the tech-heavy S+P 500 drags world indices down with it from highs that would have been unthinkable 11 months ago?

Only time, as they say, will tell.

Right, on with the links.


Dave @zudepr
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#1 Some Families Could Get More Than $14,000 in New Covid Relief. It’s Looking More and More Like Universal Basic Income...

Now that's what I call getting your chequebook out.

Rishi, are you listening? Can you hear me Ri-shi? Can you hear me Ri-shi?

Also in all things financial this week:

First, some interesting things written about interesting companies:





Roblox (exciting).

Apple (v. good).

Can governments stop Bitcoin?

What does a Fed president say?

More analysis:

Andy Hart analyses Terry Smith.

The danger of financial influencers with Pete Matthew.

The first in another great series of posts from The Accumulator on Monevator.

Good stuff from The Escape Artist.

Banker on FIRE on money weapons.

This expert reckons it is different this time.

A look under ARK's hood.

Nowt lasts forever (thanks to Monevator for a couple of these, which made my Saturday morning coffee-in-hand reading highly enjoyable).

The financial impact of coronavirus in the US.

#2 In Praise of Cold Calling Your Friends...

An old mate rang me this week. Funny, some people you don't see for a few years and it's like you only spoke to each other yesterday.

#3 Making Kids Media-Smart about Influencer Marketing...

If you have kids, it might be worth showing them these vids.

Also in influencer marketing, I am not telling my children about this, otherwise our next foreign holiday could be to uber-expensive Andorra.

Well done El Pais.

#4 All Roads Lead to Beijing...

The best read of the week, in The Baffler.

A satisfying seven bonus posts in this edition.

On the new moonshot UK funding agency.

Why covid cases are falling so fast.

Herd immunity in April.

What a story.

And to finish, three positive pieces this week on Marginal Revolution, consistently one of the best newsletters I read.

On energy.

GB resurgent.

On chess.

Right, that's all folks. I'm off for a walk in the sunshine.

Have a great weekend. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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