Hello, <<First Name>>

How are you doing today?

Does it feel like Christmas yet?

First, I want to wish you a fantastic yule.

2020 has been a tough one for many so it's important we all kick back, relax and reflect over the next week or two.

2021 will come round soon enough and although no one wants to be locked down or have their liberties curtailed, things could be a hell of a lot worse.

Second, I am writing as Kuenssberg et al fill time in advance of a widely trailed and inevitably delayed EU trade deal.

I sincerely hope the deal can be done and we're able to switch off from all the incessantly important news coming our way at the moment.

Third and last, I'm convinced 2021 will be a year to remember, both collectively and personally.

Here's to the future.

Right, here starteth this Thursday's, this Christmas Eve's, links. 


Dave @zudepr
#1 California Grapples with a Worsening Toll...

Let's start off with the bad news.

Sweden and Japan re: covid.

The new UK variant.

 (On the contrary) Jio guy says covid's a great opportunity.

#2 The Money Identity...


Also on FIRE/investing:

More on money as identity.

Ben Carlson's 2020 investing lessons.

Excellent stuff on returns from different asset classes over the past 10 years.

Cycling and investing.

Great piece mined from Monevator's superb Weekend Reading. I can see this replacing/augmenting index investing in years to come. Almost like active-yet-set-and-forget pick-your-own index investing, brought on by the democratisation of investing through commission-free transactional share trading.

Welcome to the world of pie-copying!

Tyler Cowen's not worried about inflation.

A few things Morgan's sure about.

On unicorns.

#3 Poisoned Just Enough: Why I’m so Optimistic About 2021...

So am I MMM, so am I.

Also, looking back at 2020:

Stratechery's year-in-review.


On hope.

#4 The Best Books of 2020...

From Jason Kottke.

And the rest of the best-ofs:

The excellent Tyler Cowen's picks.

Super Spotify playlist.

What we watched on Netflix in 2020.

The Beeb's Crimbo specials.

One hundred must-see movies.

To finish off with, a nice nine bonus posts this week.

Working from home.

The Red Cross.

Excellent apps.

China naughtiness.

Cool new feature at ProWritingAid.


Graphs and kids.

Brie...a very interesting website.

Cracking cartoons.

Right, that's all folks. I'm off for a family walk around Neilston Pad then a Christmas Eve meal out.

Have a brilliant Christmas.

And most of all, enjoy yourself.

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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