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When will the magic money tree stop bearing fruit?

With the news just in that Rishi the Munificent has extended the furlough scheme by another month and another near-trillion stimulus package is on its rapid way through the US legislature and executive, the supply of rosy red juicy apples seems limitless.

And with ultra-low/negative interest rates in prospect for years to come, the poor keep the wolf from the door while the rich see their net worth multiply through the seemingly endless appreciation of world stock markets.

Obviously this cannot continue.

And yes, it is a concern.

As we near the end of what has undoubtedly, in aggregate, been the weirdest year on record, it's perhaps time for a break from news, stock markets, covid et al.

A break from concern.

I, for one, intend to switch off this Christmas.

More time with family, more running with friends, more reading good books.

Aside, that is, from Zude's Top 4, which you'll receive, as per usual, next Thursday and the Thursday after.

After all, what Christmas Eve or Hogmanay would be complete without four links and lots more, created and curated in Glasgow with due care and attention?

You never know, some time between this Thursday's, next Thursday's and the Thursday after's we may even have an EU trade deal.

Wouldn't that be nice?

Right, here starteth this Thursday's links. 


Dave @zudepr
#1 What’s Your Financial Origin Story?...

It certainly shapes us. Good one from The Accumulator on Monevator.

Two interesting posts from two financially independent men.

First up it's Physician on FIRE, outlining in detail where he invests his money (giving up the day job after reaching FIRE seems to have brought out the risk-taker in him).

Next it's Damian at Banker on FIRE, still very much employed. Interesting to see his cash position (albeit it would appear it's a temporary state of affairs due to an upcoming real estate purchase).

Commonalities include small cap, value, property and a few decently sized investments in individual stocks (one a value play in the cruise industry, one to do with their employer, which is a surprises there as Damian is an investment banker).


A like this British podcast. Here the two guys outline their recommended investing resources.

They love what they call mega trends.

An example, for instance would be forecast climate change over the next two generations being good for Russia (as more of their land will become fertile while more of their neighbours' land will be affected by rising sea levels).

On a micro-mega-trend level, there's a burgeoning interest in anime. 

Disney's caning it (so much so that it's putting its Plus prices up by 33 per cent towards the end of February from £5.99 to £7.99 a month).


The pound.

Good one from Morgan Housel.

And this is what his fund invests in.

A sea change?

On happiness.

On leadership.

#2 9 Tips to Launch a Profitable Podcast in 2021...

Also in comms land:

GIF engine optimisation.

How much to charge for a paid newsletter.

Everybody hates Facebook.

#3 The Ultimate Best Books of 2020 List...

Yes, it certainly is. While we're at it:

Fifty books.

Hundred songs.

#4 Honey Bees Use Animal Poo to Repel Giant Hornet Attacks...

For the headline.

A tremulous two bonus posts this week.

For all you Disney (Plus) fans.

What a nice fella.

Right, that's all folks. I'm off to watch some tennis and football, then Peaky Blinders.

Have a great weekend. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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