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This week's edition of Zude's Top 4 is en homage to Peter Kay's famous Mum Wants a Bungalow tour.

I don't usually abuse my position as purveyor of the finest-newsletter-in-Scotland-by-a-bloke-called-Dave, but this time is different.

It was brought to my attention this morning (by Zak and Jude) that one of their cousins, Finn, only needed 236 "subscribes" to hit the magic 1,000 subbies number on his YouTube channel.

I say magic number because I am reliably informed by my influencer-marketing mate that crossing this threshold is just that, the crossing of a threshold, and gives one the ability to earn untold riches through YouTube's AdSense programme.

Now I don't want to burst my nephew's bubble so I'm not going to, but I think we're talking more two-penny Mojo from the local newsagents than Fortnum & Mason selection box here; but hey, we've all got to start somewhere.

Finley, without any consultation, or indeed knowledge, of his uncle's SEO-expertise/audiobook-narrating-background, has called his channel "Audiobooks Kids" – and he does what it says on the tin.

Obviously I'm a proud uncle so I would say this, but I rather like the way he brings the characters to life and the droll introductions are comedy genius.

So, why not join me and Jude (subs 765 and 766) in giving Finn the only shot in the arm he's going to get any time soon, he being only 13 and all, and subscribe to his channel.

(I'm impressed, 8,000-plus views on some of his clips and up to 100 comments. Go Finn. Hopefully this newsletter will get your subscriber count "to the moon".) 

Okay then, here's that I've been reading this past week.

I guarantee you'll find something of interest (especially my nephew's YT channel, particularly if you have kids yourself:o).

Until next week.


Dave @zudepr
I Want to Help Dave's Nephew Buy a Two-Penny Mojo by Subscribing to His Excellent YouTube Channel
#1 Back-Up Plans for Living Off a Portfolio...

Another in an excellent series of posts about decumulation from The Accumulator on Monevator.

And Indeedably's running a decumulation challenge on his Sovereign Quest website this month, which is leading to a fair few blog-case-studies from FIRE bloggers.

It's definitely worth bookmarking all these posts and reading the comments if you're planning on retiring any time soon.

Two good ones from BOF.

Barney talks to Cal.

On premium bonds' increasing popularity.

Who are the richest people in the world? Visual Capitalist shows all.

Vlad Tenev, Vlad Tenev, riding through the glen.

Two from The Irrelevant Investor. He loves Clubhouse/Twitter Spaces and has some handy stats lest we all forget that, yet again, this time is not different. (Confusingly, this trite phrase only works until, one day, it is, different, that is.)

Big picture stuff re: one aspect of China's all-important new Five-Year Plan.

On space SPACs.

What goes up must come down. And then go up again (eh, that wasn't in the script).

The lads over at Telescope haven't had a good few weeks. I imagine they've been Zooming each other, crying in their beers...Sea, what were we thinking of. But as they would no-doubt point out, they're in it for the long-term and what's a 30% drop in your model portfolio when that same portfolio's gone up 100-per-cent-plus (and then some) since last March's lows (and has bounced back in the past few days).

Not to be put off, they've decided to start looking at hypergrowth stocks, those $3bn-market-cap-and-below companies with potential to be at least 10-baggers over the next decade. First up is CuriosityStream, which I'd never heard of, but am delighted to learn you can subscribe to for the ridiculously cheap price of $20 a year. Listen to the lads discuss the thinking man's Discovery Channel on their latest podder, highly recommended.

Talking about educational companies, Coursera's going to IPO.

Investment trusts.

H/T to The Investor for this one. Stripe you say? Ackman you say?

Did you buy your kids a Roblox share yesterday? Ben Thompson takes a look under the bonnet. Cathie Wood at ARK filled her boots, buying 500,000-plus of the blighters.

On electric vehicles.

#2 Woods to Lead Beattie Communications MBO...

Following up on last week's issue, Gordon Beattie subsequently resigned his role as chairman of the eponymous company. Now his staff seem to be buying it off him.

Choose your words carefully.

#3 Rishi, You're Better Than That...

Also on all things covid-related:

About time we got some dates north of the border (second article this week from Terry Murden's excellent Daily Business).

Has the pandemic deepened our decadence? Prediction: you ain't seen nothing yet.

New Zealand.

Cracking article on what covid has cost teenagers.

Covid and dealing with burnout.

#4 Dutch Inventor of the Audio Cassette Tape Dies Aged 94...


An unforgettable quatre bonus posts this week for your edification:

Packy on Excel.

Never heard of him, until I read this.

Who doesn't like a good Winston Churchill quote?

Observing the pandemic from a long long way away.

Right, that's all folks. I'm off to read a book.

Have a great weekend. 

Tootle pip.

Dave @zudepr
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